What Happened to Frank on American Pickers? Is He Coming Back?

Frank is no longer co-host of American Pickers, the popular antiquity show on History Channel. He was let go in late 2020 and is not coming back again.

This is because the production company does not factor him into their future plans. There are also health complications that he has suffered from 2020 to date. This development has saddened fans of American Pickers, and they remain hopeful that so long as Frank makes a full recovery, he will one day come back to American Pickers, even if it is for a brief cameo.

Did Frank Leave American Pickers?

Frank left American Pickers in 2020. The last time that he co-hosted the show was in March 2020, and since then, he has not resumed his co-hosting duties in the show. The show has, however, moved on without him.

American Pickers is a TV series in which Frank Fritz and his partner Mike Wolfe traverse the length and breadth of America, scouring for rare artifacts and treasures. They sell some of their finds and also keep some in their personal collection.

American Pickers debuted on January 18, 2010, and Frank was a pioneer co-host alongside Mike Wolfe. He consistently appeared on the show as it was renewed for every successive season until 2020. The show has continued without him to date, and he is no longer a host.

Why Did Frank Leave American Pickers?

Frank left American Pickers because he was fired. Although the production network did not use this particular language, it was essentially what they did. Frank did not quit American Pickers of his own volition but was rather let go by the producers, who declared that he did not factor into the show’s big picture. They also made it clear that they had no plans to bring him back.

Frank’s departure from American Pickers was wrapped in a lot of uncertainty. At first, he struggled with health issues, and around 2020, when the show went on a hiatus as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, he took some time off.

However, when filming resumed several months down the line, he wasn’t yet feeling his best, and the show had to go on without him. He probably planned to get back to work once he was fully recovered, but the show’s producers made it clear that this was no longer an option.

When Frank Fritz was let go from American Pickers, his co-host, Mike Wolfe, paid him tribute. Wolfe wrote on Instagram that he had known Frank for so long and that he was like a brother to him. He described their journey as one filled with highs and lows and blessings and challenges but stated that it was rewarding. He revealed that he would miss Frank but prayed for the very best for him in his next journey.

Is Frank from American Pickers Sick?

Frank, the former co-host of American Pickers, has had several health challenges over the years, including Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. Frank has suffered from Crohn’s disease for several years now, but he revealed his diagnosis in 2013.

He revealed that the disease had caused him to lose weight but that he kept it at bay with measures such as physical exercises and healthy foods. In 2020, Frank not only had to contend with the effects of Crohn’s disease but also a back injury that required surgery. Furthermore, the covid-19 pandemic also took a toll on his immunity.

All this made him take a step back from filming American Pickers, and he is still a long way from making a comeback as he has additionally suffered a stroke. Frank suffered a stroke at his Le Claire, Iowa, home in June 2022. Luckily, a friend discovered him and radioed for help. He was later taken to the hospital for care.

Frank’s condition was quite serious for some months. In fact, a friend of his had to file for a conservatorship to become his legal guardian. The filing specified that Frank couldn’t make financial decisions for himself.

The filling also made it clear that the TV personality’s decision-making was so impaired that he could not provide himself with food, shelter, clothing, or medical care without injuring himself. The stroke was also said to have affected his ability to communicate.

How is Frank Fritz Doing after his Stroke?

Frank Fritz is slowly recuperating after the stroke he suffered in July 2022. He had to spend several months in a rehab center, but he was able to move back home in 2023, which is a measure of the progress that he has achieved, even if he is not fully recovered.

News reports show Frank’s house has been outfitted with ramps, rails, and safety bars to make it easier for him to get around. He can’t still shop or cook for himself; a friend does that for him. His friend also takes him to places that he needs to go to, such as his therapy sessions.

Where is Frank from American Pickers Now?

American Pickers’ Frank is currently in his Le Claire, Iowa, home and is focusing on his recovery and getting stronger daily. His stroke has taken a toll on his health as well as his finances. A November 2022 report has it that his expenses come to $28,000 per month and $273k per year.

This has eaten deep into his $6 million net worth and is further complicated by the fact that he has made only about $60,000 per year since he was let go from American Pickers. There have been reports of a default in paying taxes. His conservatorship attorney has also claimed his fees. It is all a bit grim for Frank Fritz, but the most important thing is that he makes a full recovery.

Is Frank Fritz Coming Back to American Pickers?

Frank Fritz is not coming back to American Pickers anytime soon, especially as a co-host. He may be asked to make a guest appearance and or stand in as a host due to old memories, but it won’t go beyond this. The makers of American Pickers have formally let him go. There is also the fact that the stroke he suffered from has greatly impaired his abilities.

Frank Fritz is not happy with the way he was treated by American Pickers and has placed some of the blame on his co-host, Mike Wolfe. According to him, the producers of the show tilted it towards Wolfe 1000%, and he didn’t complain but happily played second fiddle. He guessed that Wolfe probably had an issue with him and wanted to perhaps replace him with his brother Robbie Wolfe who was already a member of the supporting cast on the show.

Frank Fritz also accused Mike of not checking in on him for two years despite knowing of his back troubles and surgery. Wolfe initially did not respond to these allegations, but when Frank suffered from his stroke in July 2022, he was forced to say something. Wolfe wrote on Instagram that this was not the time to set the record straight but rather the time to pray for Frank to make it through. He declared that he loved his former co-host and asked people to keep him in their hearts and thoughts.


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