What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Owen Wilson’s nose was broken twice before he started his career as an actor. He first broke his nose during a fight as a teenager at St. Mark’s High School in Dallas, Texas. The second time his nose broke was during a football game.

Apart from the word “Wow,” Owen’s spectacular catchphrase, which he says in almost every movie he has starred in, the award-winning actor’s unconventional nose is his trademark. It is no surprise that it has been a subject of discussion for years, and although the star comedic actor’s confidence is top-notch, he remains unbothered about his nose.

Owen Wilson’s nose looks very asymmetrical. At first glance, something seems off at the bridge of his nose. It has a distinct bend, with one nostril appearing to be oversized.

What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose
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Did Owen Wilson Break His Nose?

Yes, Owen Wilson broke his nose. The award-winning Hollywood actor, who is famous for his comedic roles, had revealed that he broke his nose long before he became famous. Questions about how he broke his nose and what happened to his nose are some of the most asked questions on Google. It is, therefore, safe to say that Owen Wilson has a famous nose.

How Did Owen Wilson Break His Nose?

Owen Wilson broke his nose during a fight at St. Mark’s High School in Texas. He, however, got expelled from the high school for stealing his teacher’s textbook and cheating with it in an exam. After he completed high school at Thomas Jefferson High school, he was admitted to the university of Texas. During an intramural flag football at the university, he got his nose broken again, thus cementing his signature crooked nose.

Owen Wilson Before Broken Nose

What Happened to Owen Wilson Nose
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Despite his asymmetrical nose, Owen Wilson is considered attractive and good-looking. However, fans have often wondered what he looked like before his nose got redesigned.

In 2015, the charming actor’s “Growing-up” black and white photographs were shared on Twitter. In one of the photographs, which appeared to have been taken during his final years in high school, his nose was straight and unharmed.

It is also hilarious that the star’s nose has a fanbase account on Twitter named “Owen Wilson’s Nose.”

How Many Times Has Owen Wilson Broken His Nose?

Owen Wilson has broken his nose twice. Although he doesn’t spend time talking about his nose, he has revealed in interviews that he broke his nose during an intramural flag football in the University of Texas after it had already been previously broken in high school during a fight.

Some reports have speculated that he broke his nose again during a motorcycle accident that caused him to land on his nose, but that has not been confirmed. In a recent 2022 autocomplete interview, the star did not confirm breaking his nose in a motorcycle accident.

Did Owen Wilson Do a Nose Job?

No, Owen Wilson didn’t do a nose job. Despite rumors that he has done a nose job to fix his nose, the actor recently starred in Marry Me, a 2022 movie, and his nose is just as it has been ever since he became famous. The 55 year-old is comfortable with his looks and has not publicly divulged any plans to fix his nose. Instead, he believes his nose wouldn’t have been great if it wasn’t broken.

Why won’t Owen Wilson Get His Nose Fixed?

Owen Wilson is wealthy enough to get a nose job, but he has refused to do so. Fans have wondered why the Marry Me star won’t fix his nose, but Owen Wilson has maintained that his nose is part of who he is. According to him, his nose would not have been that great if it hadn’t been broken.

Moreover, Owen Wilson is the face of a £20 million advertising campaign for a specialist Sofa retailer, Sofology. Landing such a gig with his peculiarly shaped nose proves that his nose doesn’t hinder him from clinching high-paying gigs or bagging movie roles.

Despite rumors that he has had a rhinoplasty to fix his nose, Owen Wilson’s nose still remains the same. The actor has maintained that he is not bothered about his nose. Therefore, he is not getting it fixed anytime soon.

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