What Is Nezuko Demon Form and How Tall Is She?

Nezuko Demon Form transformation happens after being bitten by Muzan Kibutsuji at the beginning of the Demon Slayer manga. Nezuko’s normal height is 5 feet 0.2 inches, but she develops the ability to shrink or increase her physical size after getting the demon form.

Nezuko is one of the major characters in the Demon Slayer manga, anime, and films. Demon Slayer focuses on the mission of a young lad named Tanjiro to get rid of the demons that attack human beings.

Nezuko is Tanjiro’s sister, and when she becomes a demon herself, this impacts the way that he views demons. He works to find a cure for her as well as kill the evil ones. Nezuko’s transformation into a demon influenced the whole plot of Demon Slayer and contributed to its raving success.

Nezuko Transformation

Nezuko transformed into a demon at the very beginning of the Demon Slayer manga/anime. Before this unfortunate turn of events, she was just a normal 12-year-old girl living with her mother and her siblings in a village located in the mountains. She was a sweet, kind, and caring girl and often looked after the younger ones.

She had a gentle demeanor, wore a kimono, and packed her black hair in a knot at the base of her head. The gentle Nezuko later transformed into a demon following an attack by the demon king and the progenitor of the demon race, Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan Kibutsuji bit Nezuko and transformed her into a blood-sucking demon.

Nezuko Full Demon Form

Nezuko undergoes both physical and behavioral changes after transforming into a demon. Though she still wears her trademark pink kimono, her hair is no longer packed in a simple knot but is rather free-flowing and down her back. Her eyes, which were previously red in color, also turn pink in color, with tiny veins popping out as an indication of an aggressive nature.

Nezuko also acquires a taste for killing and human blood in her demon form. However, due to some reasons, one of which is her close bond with her family members, both dead and alive, she does not fully transform into a cold-blooded demon. She still retains some emotion and so is willing to go to lengths to make sure she doesn’t hurt humans, most of all her beloved brother, Tanjiro.

Nezuko secures her mouth with a piece of bamboo so that she will not bite humans. She also takes deep stretches of sleep so that she can regain her strength naturally rather than by sucking blood as other demons do.

Nezuko Awakened Form

Nezuko reached her awakened form, also known as the highest level of her demon form, during a fight with a 113-year-old villain known as Daki. This fight took place in the entertainment district arc of the Demon Slayer manga and season 2, episode 13 of the anime series.

During the fight, Nezuko and her brother Tanjiro faced off against Daki and found it quite hard to defeat the high-level demon. Tanjiro was left quite bloodied and injured, while Nezuko was even far worse.

Daki used his razor belts to cut off Nezuko’s limbs and nearly cut her body in half. While writhing in pain on the ground, Nezuko sees her beloved brother so wounded. This makes her remember how her family was slaughtered, and she loses control. She goes berserk, thus moving into her awakened form.

In her awakened form, Nezuko becomes quite tall, and her body transforms from a child into that of a curvaceous lady with her cleavage popping out the front of her dress. She develops a short single horn that pops out of her forehead.

Vine-like patterns, which are red and green in color, cover Nezuko’s body from the chest down, as well as her hands and legs in her awakened form. On her face and neck, several vein-like patterns appear, which are not only meant to be physical but to indicate how berserk she has gone.

Nezuko’s Demon Form Powers

Nezuko’s awakened form doesn’t just reflect in physical or bodily changes but also in her powers and abilities. This adds to what she already had when she transformed into a demon. Here is a breakdown of Nezuko’s demon powers and abilities:

Regenerative Ability – Nezuko can regenerate her body with ease. As such, even when her limbs or her entire body is cut off during her fight with Rui and Daki, respectively, she can recover and heal quickly.

Blood Demon Art and Blood Manipulation – Nezuko also has blood demon art and blood manipulation abilities. With the former, she can generate pinkish flames and deploy them in a battle against her demon opponents; with the latter, she can still control her severed limbs, use them to fight and then rejoin them to her body so that she can heal and recover completely.

Physical Prowess – Asides from her powers, Nezuko also has physical abilities such as immense strength and hand-to-hand combat skills. She is also quite good in basic martial arts and uses various kicks, such as dropkicks, spin kicks, and flying kicks, to knock her enemies out.

Why is Nezuko So Strong?

Nezuko is so strong because of her unique nature. She may be a demon, but she has abilities and advantages that other demons do not have. For instance, she trained herself to make do without human blood. As such, she can retain her strength and fight against her opponents, while the normal demons have to drink human blood routinely if they are to have any strength.

Again, while other demons have to avoid the sun lest they burn to ashes, Nezuko is resistant to the sun. This makes even the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji, envy her, and he starts seeking a way to kill her so that he can gain that ability for himself.

Another thing that makes Nezuko so strong is her regenerative ability. The fact that you have cut her limbs off or cut her body into two does not guarantee that you have killed her. She can still fuse her body parts together and regrow limbs, thus literally rising from the dead to continue her fight.

Nezuko is also not a trained fighter and uses sheer force to fight, thus making her a formidable opponent.

What is Nezuko’s Height?

Nezuko is 5 feet 0.2 inches tall. This makes her one of the shortest characters in the Demon Slayer universe. Her brother and the likes of Inosuke and Zenitsu are all 5 feet 5 inches tall. Nezuko is, however, taller than the likes of Rui and Shinobu Kocho, who are 4 feet 5 inches and 4 feet 11 inches tall respectively

However, Nezuko’s height does not remain static in Demon Slayer. Her demon transformation gives her the ability to shrink or increase her sight. Also, during her awakened form, she is visibly taller than 5 feet 0.2 inches.

Does Nezuko Become Human?

Nezuko became human again in the penultimate chapter of Demon Slayer manga. She and her brother, as well as other members of the Demon Slayer Corp, face off against the demon king and his horde of murderous demons.

Though it is a tough fight, they are able to triumph in the end, and she then transforms into a human. She also uses her blood to turn her brother, who is bitten and becomes a demon, back into human form.


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