When Does Elena Become a Vampire? Does She Turn Her Humanity Back?

Elena Gilbert, also known as Elena Salvatore, is the protagonist of the supernatural drama series, The Vampire Diaries. In the television adaptation of the book of the same name, which premiered in September 2009, Elena becomes a vampire in the first episode of the fourth season. Elena also turned her humanity back on in the 21st episode of the fourth season.

Elena Gilbert undergoes a significant supernatural transformation in The Vampire Diaries, transitioning from human to vampire to human again. Her relationships with the Salvatores, as well as her mysterious lineage as a Petrova doppelgänger, caused her life to undergo many changes.

When Does Elena Become a Vampire? Does She Turn Her Humanity Back?
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Does Elena Become a Vampire?

Elena Gilbert became a vampire (completed her transition) in season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. She never wanted to become a vampire and dreaded the idea. However, after she drowned in a lake due to a car accident, she, unfortunately, turned into a vampire after three seasons of fighting for her humanity – and losing several loved ones in the process.

What Episode Does Elena Turn Into a Vampire?

Elena fully turned into a vampire in the first episode of The Vampire Diaries’s fourth season, which is titled Growing Pains. In this episode, following the car accident in the season three finale, Elena wakes up the morning after the accident to discover that her worst nightmare has come true: she died with Damon’s blood in her system and must now drink human blood to turn into a vampire or she will die.

Stefan promises Elena that he and Bonnie will try every possible solution to fix the situation. Still, Damon is furious at his brother for allowing Elena to die in the first place.

Bonnie pays a high price for attempting to change Elena’s fate, while Damon takes out his anger on Matt.

Who Turns Elena Into a Vampire?

Due to the circumstances that led to Elena becoming a vampire, she was not turned by anyone in particular. Elena was turned into a vampire unintentionally. Three people were involved in how Elena became a vampire; Damon, Doctor Meredith, and Rebekah Mikaelson. 

Doctor Meredith injected Elena with Damon’s vampire blood to heal her from a brain hemorrhage, Damon didn’t know his blood was injected into Elena, and the Blood of Damon in Elena means she could turn into a vampire if she died with his blood in her system. This is because, to become a vampire, your human self must die with vampire blood in it.

So, when Rebekah, who didn’t know that Elena had already been fed Vampire blood, causes an accident, Elena dies from the accident with vampire blood in her. This causes Elena to regain consciousness after dying, coming back as a vampire in transition. She then had to drink human blood to complete her transformation. Because it was Damon’s blood that turned Elena into a vampire, she became sired to him.

How Does Elena Become a Vampire?

The events that led to Elena becoming a vampire began in season three. Elena suffers a brain hemorrhage, initially misdiagnosed as a concussion, and begins to die. To save Elena, Doctor Meredith fed her Damon’s blood to heal her from the brain hemorrhage because vampire blood was the only way to heal her. (Doctor Fell stocks up vampire blood to help patients).

She had to choose between being driven to Damon or Stefan to say her goodbyes, and at the time, Klaus had been “killed,” which meant that all vampires descended from his bloodline would die, including Damon and Stefan. Elena, however, chooses to say good-bye to Stefan.

While Elena and Matt were driving, Rebekah stepped in front of the car, and Matt swerved off the Wickery Bridge, crashing into the water. Rebekah Mikaelson, unaware of the vampire blood in Elena’s system, causes the accident that kills her.

Stefan arrives to save Elena after their car sinks into the water, but Matt is unconscious, and Elena tells Stefan to save Matt instead. Elena drowns before she can be saved. She went into transition after her body was recovered from the water due to the vampire blood in her system.

When she regains consciousness in the first episode of Season 4, she has transformed into a vampire, albeit in transition. Elena, who never wanted to be a vampire, had to choose whether or not to drink blood in order to complete her transformation. However, to save her life, she eventually did, thus fully transforming into a vampire.

Does Elena Stay a Vampire?

No, Elena doesn’t stay a vampire. After becoming a vampire in season 4, she becomes a human again in season 6, episode 20. In this episode which is titled I’d Leave My Happy Home For You, Elena takes the cure and becomes human again. Recall that Elena never wanted to become a vampire. So, even when she became a vampire and accepted the life of a vampire, she never stopped longing to be human again.

Elena finally gets what she wants when Damon agrees to take the cure with her, thereby giving up his vampirism to pursue a human life with her because he had always wanted her to have the human life she always dreamed of.

When Does Elena Turn Her Humanity Back On?

Following the death of her brother, Elena turns off her humanity in episode 15 of season 4. However, she turns her humanity back on six episodes later when Damon and Stefan take drastic measures to make her turn it back on in episode 21 of Season 4. In this episode which is titled she comes undone, Damon threatens to kill Matt in front of Elena unless she turns her humanity back on.

Damon goads Elena and even snaps Matt’s neck in his quest to get Elena to turn her humanity back on. This finally works because when Elena learns that Matt didn’t actually die, her emotions all come flooding back, revealing that her humanity has been turned back on.

Does Elena Die in Vampire Diaries?

Yes, Elena Gilbert dies in Vampire Diaries, and she finally dies as a human after dying four times in total.  The first time, she died after she was drained of her blood by Klaus. She then comes back to life after her father, John Gilbert, sacrifices himself in her place.

The second time she died, as previously stated, Elena was dying from a brain hemorrhage, but she got healed by Doctor Meredith using Damon’s blood. Unfortunately, she finally dies when Rebekah causes an accident that makes her drown. However, despite Elena dying, she is eventually resurrected. Due to the Vampire blood in her system when she died in the river, she didn’t stay dead but woke up and transitioned into a vampire.

Elena dies for the third time in an explosion in order to destroy the travelers. She, however, comes back after making it to the other side. Later in the series, in season 6, after she finds a cure and becomes human again, she falls into a cursed coma and then wakes up in season 8 after Bonnie breaks the curse.

For the fourth and final time, after waking up from the cursed coma, Elena dies again in the series finale. This time, after living a long and happy human life with Damon, she dies of old age and reunites with her family in the afterlife.

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