When Does Jinbei Join the Crew of The Straw Hat Pirates?

Jinbei joined the Straw Hat Pirates crew in Episode 90, Season 20 of One Piece. Prior to that time, he and Luffy, the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, had fought side by side, and he had saved Luffy’s life. Luffy immediately asked him to join his crew, but he turned him down until he had severed all ties with another pirate’s crew known as Big Mom.

Jinbei is a Half-Fish Half-Man Creature

Jinbei is one of the major characters in the One Piece manga as well as the anime series. He is described as a half-man, half-fish, specifically a blue whale shark creature. Jinbei is quite strong and boasts several abilities and powers.

He can speak a language that fish can understand and can get them to help him and his pals out of dangerous situations. He can also manipulate water as if it were something more solid. Jinbei has a sumo wrestler-type body, huge fangs, gills, and webbed feet and hands. He wears traditional Japanese kimono.

He Variously Belonged to Whitebeards, Big Mom, and Sun Pirates Crews

Jinbei hails from Fish Man Island and is determined to do all that he can to protect the island and maintain peace there. To achieve this purpose, he joined and fought in Fish Island’s Royal Army. He later joins the Sun Pirates crew.

After reaching an agreement with the World Government, Jinbei disbands the Sun Pirates crew in exchange for immunity for himself and fellow members of the group. He is also made a Warlord, i.e., a pirate that the World Government recruits to fight on his behalf.

Jinbei works for the World Government for some time before ditching them to join The Whitebeards Pirates. The Whitebeards are dedicated to protecting Fish Man Island, and when the government battles them, Jinbei calls it quits as a Warlord. Jinbei fights for the Whitebeards Pirates, and when the leader named Whitebeards dies, he joins the Big Mom Pirates.

He Later Joined Luffy’s Pirates Crew – Straw Hat

Jinbei encountered Luffy when the latter stormed the Impel Down Prison to rescue his brother, Ace, who is a second-division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Jinbei is also incarcerated in the same prison and joins the brothers to get out. He also helps them as they try to escape the enemies coming after them and even saves Luffy’s life.

Luffy is super impressed by Jinbei’s abilities, and they part on good terms. After some time, Jinbei asks for Luffy’s help in defeating a certain group of pirates who want to overthrow the legitimate leaders of Fish Man Island.

After they had achieved success in this regard, Luffy asked Jinbei to join his Straw Hat Pirates. This was in Season 15, Episode 52 of One Piece, but Jinbei turned him down because he had already aligned himself with Big Mom Pirates. Jinbei is obviously a loyal fellow whose word is his bond. Therefore, he finishes his tasks and obligations with Big Mom Pirates before finally joining Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates.

What Episode Does Jinbei Join The Crew?

Jinbei joined Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates crew in Season 20 Episode 90 of One Piece titled “A New Member! ’First Son of the Sea’ Jinbei!”. It is the 981st overall episode in the series, which has 1000 episodes and counting and was originally aired on July 4, 2021.

Upon joining Luffy’s crew, Jinbei rose to assume two important positions in the crew. He served as their helmsman, responsible for navigating their vessel. He is also a senior officer in the straw hat grand fleet.

As a member of Straw Hat Pirates Crew, Jinbei immediately proved his mettle. He helped Luffy and his pals fight against enemies such as Orochi as well as The Queen. They also fight against persons who have been turned into ogres by a new plague unleashed by the queen. Jinbei will still be a prominent member of Luffy’s crew heading into the 21st season of One Piece.


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