Where Is Alaska Daily Filmed and How Can You Watch It?

Alaska Daily was primarily filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia, in Canada. Its filming locations also spanned several cities in Canada and Alaska in the U.S.A. The investigative drama is available for you to watch on ABC Network and Hulu Plus.

ABC’s Alaska Daily is an American crime drama television series that aired from October 6, 2022, to March 30, 2023. Created by Tom McCarthy, the show stars Hilary Swank as Eileen, a journalist from New York who moves to Anchorage, Alaska, to start over and seek personal and professional redemption. Eileen joins a local daily newspaper in Anchorage, where she works with Roz Friendly to investigate and publish reports on the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Alaska.

Alaska Daily sheds light on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) epidemic, which has affected Indigenous communities in Alaska and across North America. The show’s focus on this critical issue has been widely praised for bringing attention to the crisis and sparking important conversations about the need for justice and action.

Is Alaska Daily Filmed in Alaska?

Despite its name and setting in Anchorage, Alaska, most of the episodes of the ABC series were not filmed in Alaska. Only one episode was reportedly filmed in Anchorage, Alaska. Instead, the majority of the show was filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, which served as a stand-in for Anchorage due to its similarity in climate, scenery, and architecture.

Production of the series began in August of 2022 in Burnaby. Despite not being filmed in Alaska, the show has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of Alaskan culture and challenges.

Where Is Alaska Daily Filmed and How Can You Watch It?
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List of Alaska Daily Filming Locations

Filming for Alaska Daily took place in a total of nine cities spread across two countries. The majority of filming for the show took place in Burnaby, a city in British Columbia, Canada. The production of the series spanned multiple locations in the USA and Canada, including British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Alaska. 

Where Is Alaska Daily Filmed and How Can You Watch It?
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Below is a List of all the Places Alaska Daily was Filmed:

  • Dettah (Canada)
  • Vancouver (Canada)
  • Richmond (Canada)
  • Delta (Canada)
  • Burnaby (Canada)
  • New Westminster (Canada)
  • Surrey (Canada)
  • Squamish (Canada)
  • Anchorage, Alaska (U.S.A)

Is Alaska Daily Based on a True Story?

Alaska Daily is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative series Lawless. Many of the storylines in the series are inspired by real events chronicled in Lawless. Written by Kyle Hopkins, a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica, Lawless was a series of articles that featured interviews with survivors of sexual assault and exposed the systemic issue of sexual violence in Alaska. However, the main characters of the show and the cases depicted in the series are fictional.

Lawless exposed the high rate of sexual violence against indigenous women in Alaska due to a lack of law enforcement. The investigation was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

The creators of the show used Lawless as a stepping-off point for their series by drawing from the real-life experiences of survivors and the investigative work of journalists. The show aims to shine a light on a crucial topic and contribute to the continuing discussion about sexual abuse and justice.

Where To Watch Alaska Daily

If you are interested in watching Alaska Daily, there are several options available to you through streaming services. Because it’s an ABC original, the series is available on the ABC network. It is also available to be streamed at ABC network’s streaming service at ABC.com and Hulu Plus.

Additionally, you can stream Alaska Daily by renting or purchasing episodes through iTunes, FuboTV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, or Vudu. For people in New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the show is available on Disney+. The options listed provide a convenient way to enjoy the show at your leisure.

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