Where Is Doug Marcaida From and What Happened To Him on Forged in Fire?

Doug Marcaida is originally from the Philippines, and he injured himself during an episode of Forged In Fire in June 2017. This made him miss the remainder of the season, but he is back on the show, which has made him a popular personality.

Forged In Fire is a reality competition show on the History Channel. It features accomplished swords smiths battling it out to make the most efficient swords and other edge weapons. It debuted in 2015, and Marcaida has been a judge on the show since its first season.

What is Doug Marcaida’s Ethnicity?

Doug Marcaida is of Asian ethnicity. The accomplished knife designer and maker, and popular TV personality is originally from the Philippines. He spent the first 17 years of his life there before relocating to the United States of America. Filipinos are classified as Asians, and thus Doug Marcaida is of Asian ethnicity.

Doug Marcaida’s Nationality

Doug Marcaida is of dual Filipino and American nationality. He is Filipino by birth, and it is highly likely that he has obtained American citizenship, given the time that he has spent there. Marcaida has lived in the United States since he was 17 years old. In his 20s, he joined the United States air force.

He served in the military for eight years, during which he was deployed in the logistics and cardiopulmonary fields. He later left but has retained a good connection with the military, conducting training for them.

He is also a military contractor. Given all this, the 58-year-old Doug Marcaida must have applied for and obtained American citizenship at some point.

What Happened to Doug Marcaida on Forged in Fire?

Doug Marcaida injured his shoulder during an episode of Forged In Fire in June 2017. He had been carrying out his normal task, which was testing the weapons that were produced by the contestants.

In this particular instance, he struck a heavy blade against a dry, rubbery ballistics dummy, but the blade wasn’t so sharp. This resulted in a shock and an impact that injured the rotator cuff in his shoulder.

The injury forced Doug Marcaida to seek medical help, and he later underwent surgery to repair what had been torn. This forced him to miss numerous episodes of Forged Fire and his brother RJ as well as a fellow judge, had to step in to fulfill the tasks that he performed while he was out.

Did Doug Marcaida Have an Injury?

Doug Marcaida injured his shoulder, specifically the rotator cuff, during an episode of Forged In Fire in June 2017. The injury was quite a serious one that made it difficult for him to lift things or freely move his arms. It could have well meant the end of his TV career, and so he sought specialist help for it. Within a year, he had fully recovered.

Doug Marcaida was treated by an accomplished sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Christopher Brown, based in Canandaigua, New York, and he left a public testament on the doctor’s website.

Marcaida described Brown as a true professional and specialist and thanked him for the work he did for him. He also described him as a blessing and praised his honesty. Marcaida has been able to go back to work on Forged In Fire, and fans continue to see him on their screens weekly.

Was Doug Marcaida Arrested?

Doug Marcaida was not arrested, and neither has any judge associated with Forged In Fire been arrested. Some people have, however, been arrested for their activities that are remotely connected to the show.

In December 2017, a 51-year-old New Yorker named John Gomes, a plumber, and father of two, decided to practice what he had been seeing on Forged In Fire. He unintentionally set off a fire that destroyed three residential buildings and damaged 28 others. No one was killed. He was charged with arson and reckless endangerment.

Also, in January 2022, a man was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska, for stealing a weapon manufactured on Forged in Fire by a past contestant named Garrett Elting.


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