Where Is Shayne From Love is Blind From and Who Did He Propose To?

Shayne (full name: Shayne Jensen; born in 1990) is originally from Wisconsin, U.S. The 34-year-old was one of the stars of the reality TV show, Love Is Blind where he ended up proposing to Natalie Lee.

The couple was one of the strongest couples on the second season of Netflix’s addictive dating reality TV series, Love Is Blind. There were several twists and turns to their story which this article aims to go over, as well as provide insight into the origins of Shayne before his appearance on the show.

Where Is Shayne From Love Is Blind From?

Several reliable sources have confirmed that Shayne is originally from Wisconsin. He was raised by his mother in De Pere, Wisconsin, where he played football and baseball at West De Pere High School. He later moved on to the University of Wisconsin from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration In 2012.

While Shayne is based in Chicago, his De Pere, Wisconsin roots inevitably reared their head following the reality TV star’s rather unique request for just two things to be incorporated into his wedding plans with Natalie: a fountain that streams endless old-fashioned cocktails and a menu that includes cheese curds.

The drinks were meant to be a form of tribute to the star’s late father who passed on in March 2021, and whose favorite drink was the old-fashioned drinks that would fill the fountain. The cheese curds, on the other hand, would form part of a kid’s menu that would also include pizza, hot dogs, and mac and cheese.

Nonetheless, it was a choice that brought a tad bit of friendly banter between the would-be couple in Episode 7 of the second season as Natalie pointed out the fact that her side of the family was not big on drinks and was also lactose intolerant, prompting Shayne to declare that the wedding would be a wild one.

What Is Shayne From Love Is Blind’s Last Name?

Shayne was born Shayne Jansen in 1990. He is one of two children born to the late Wayne Jansen and Karen Jansen. As previously stated, his dad passed on recently but sources close to the 34-year-old have confirmed that he was raised by his mother, alongside a brother named Brent Jansen.

Not much is known about the kind of relationship Shayne’s parents had, but one thing that was made relatively obvious in the handful of episodes his mother and brother appeared on is the fact that the Jansen family is a close-knit one that provides support to every member of the family when needed.

Those virtues have helped the reality TV star thrive in his endeavors first as a personal trainer who earned his license in 2013, and now as a certified real estate consultant who has found a significant level of success in that field of endeavor.

Who Does Shayne Propose To On Love Is Blind?

Shane proposed to Natalie Lee on Love Is Blind. Lee is a 32 year-old Chicago-based professional consultant who was one of the thirty singles who appeared in the second season of the Netflix TV series.

For the sake of clarity, the series Love Is Blind was created with the primary purpose of bringing thirty total strangers, fifteen men and fifteen women, together for the purpose of finding love. They are then placed in purpose-built pods for ten days where they can speak to each other without seeing each other.

At first, they are paired in a speed-dating format but are also allowed to have longer dates should they choose to. Marriage proposals are extended when a couple feels ready to take the plunge and can only see each other after the proposal is accepted. Over the next few weeks, the couple gets to spend time together while also getting to know each other better.

During this time, they also meet other couples from the show as well as each other’s families to plan a wedding. Suffice it to say that Shayne and Natalie went through the aforementioned processes before Shayne popped the question. This was despite the complicated factors of the relationship, a few of which we will explore in the coming paragraphs.

What Happened Between Shayne And Natalie In Love Is Blind?

Shayne and Natalie shocked viewers and other members of the cast and crew of the series by calling off their impending nuptials. The couple who had seemed like the perfect match ended their engagement after a series of arguments that left Lee in tears.

While explaining what led to their split, Natalie revealed that she and Shayne had gotten into a fight off-camera and that the real estate consultant had said some really hurtful things to her, hence the tears. The argument led to Natalie asking Shayne if he had had too much to drink with the latter allegedly responding angrily to the question before telling her that she was the worst thing to happen to him.

When they eventually made it to the altar, Shayne said ‘I Do’ but Natalie refused to utter the same words to seal their union as a married couple. Delving deeper into the reason for the split, Natalie stated that the argument was just the final nail in the coffin of their relationship which had been unstable from the beginning.

Much of this instability was brought on by the difference in communication styles between the couple as well as the love triangle that existed between Shayne, Natalie, and another participant in the show named Shaina Hurley. While Shayne continued to persist that he loved and cared for Natalie, she was under no illusion that his heart might still retain strong feelings for Shaina.

Shayne And Shaina On Love Is Blind

At some point during the second season of Love Is Blind, fans strongly reveled in the idea of Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley together as a couple. The chemistry was undeniable, and the pair seemed to have strong feelings for each other.

Nonetheless, the relationship was not meant to be for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Shaina’s uncertainty about a long-term future with Shayne led the Wisconsin-born real estate professional to cut his losses with her and move on to Natalie. After Shayne had moved on to Natalie, Shaina owned up to the realization that her feelings for Shayne might have been stronger than she gave them credit for.

After failing to get Shayne to reconsider his stance on forging ahead with a relationship with Natalie, Shaina also tried to move on with Kyle Adams. However, the religious differences they had ultimately meant that whatever they had was short-lived.


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