Where Was 1883 Filmed and Where Can You Watch It?

1883 was filmed across several locations in various American states, but the primary locations were Texas and Montana. The American Western drama TV miniseries created by Taylor Sheridan is available to stream on Paramount+.

Anyone who has seen Yellowstone is familiar with the lengths John Dutton, portrayed by veteran American actor Kevin Costner, will go to to protect his ranch, and 1883, which serves as the first of several prequels to the series, perfectly explains why his ancestors gave up a lot to claim the land. Let’s delve into the making and streaming of the miniseries, which has garnered critical acclaim.

Where was 1883 Filmed in Texas?

1883 was filmed in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Granbury, all in Texas. As previously stated, most of the scenes in the miniseries were filmed in Montanna and Texas, where a new, permanent Western town with 26 structures was built at the Yellowstone ranch.

The scenes, which took place in urban centers in the series, were filmed in the aforementioned Texas cities as well as some of the rural scenes, which were also shot primarily in Texas but also across several choice locations in the United States. The Dutton ranch scenes were filmed at the real Chief Joseph Ranch, which is located in Darby, Montanna.

As expected, the contrast between the Texas heat and the bitter Montana cold posed a series of challenges for the cast and crew, all of whom had to deal with the contrasting weather conditions of the miniseries’ two primary filming locations. None more so than lead actress and country music star Faith Hill, who claimed that the filming of 1883 was one of the most challenging projects she had been on.

It is important to elucidate the fact that some of the locations which were chosen for the filming of the series were chosen for strategic and authenticity purposes.

For instance, the Fort Worth location, nicknamed Cowtown, was chosen as the headquarters of production primarily because of its history of being the main hub for cattle business in that area, a legacy that has been preserved by the continued presence of many of the old stockyards.

Some other secondary locations are Santa Fe, New Mexico, Abiquiú, New Mexico, and several other New Mexico locations, including Galisteo and Lamy.

When was 1883 Filmed?

Filming of 1883 began in August 2021. Significantly, the title of the miniseries, which tells the story of how the Duttons came to own and settle on the Yellowstone ranch, has nothing to do with the timing of the development and filming of the miniseries.

Development began in February 2021 after Taylor Sheridan signed a five-year deal with ViacomCBS and MTV Entertainment Group following the success of Yellowstone. The show was initially meant to be called Y: 1883, but the showrunners evidently changed their minds.

Where was Episode 9 of 1883 Filmed?

Episode 9 of 1883 was reportedly filmed in the state of Oregon. At least, that’s what that episode of the miniseries aims to convey with scenes that show the Duttons and their family traveling with a group of German immigrants. While the Duttons ultimately wind up in Montana, at that point in the show, they and their traveling companions are still looking ahead to arriving in Oregon.

The penultimate episode of the miniseries deals with the confrontation between the Duttons and the Lakota tribe and also shows them briefly taking refuge in a US army fort before the hostilities are diffused.

Where to Watch 1883

You can catch all ten episodes of 1883 on Paramount+. The TV premiere of the series was initially broadcast on CMT. However, since the first episode of the show, 1883 has always been streamed on Paramount+.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you have the Paramount streaming service on your device, you can stream 1883 with the best quality. Below is a select list of where one can stream complete episodes of 1883.

  • United States: To stream 1883 in the United States, subscribe to Paramount+.
  • United Kingdom: The same goes for viewers in the UK.
  • Australia: Aussie viewers can also stream on Paramount+
  • Argentina: Also available to watch on Paramount+.
  • Japan: Asian audiences, particularly those in Japan, can only rent on U Next.
  • Those without Paramount+ in countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Portugal, and Spain can stream the series on Sky Showtime.

Is 1883 on Paramount Network?


The first episode of 1883 was televised on Paramount Network but was subsequently moved to the network’s streaming service Paramount+ in a bid to promote the show much like they had done with the Mayor of Kingstown.

It would appear that the tactic was deployed effectively because the streaming service remained the go-to spot for viewers to enjoy the series.

Is 1883 on Peacock?

As seen from the list above, there is no indication that one can stream episodes of the Yellowstone prequel on any other platform aside from Paramount+.

Given that the first three seasons of Yellowstone stream on Peacock, it’s completely logical for fans of both shows to seek out the satisfaction of streaming 1883 on Peacock. However, that is not the case, and the reason for this development could be down to a few issues, including licensing deals.

How Many Episodes are in 1883 Season One?

1883 has a total of 10 episodes with a runtime between 44 and 67 minutes. The series followed pretty much the same trajectory as that of Yellowstone, which has around five seasons of roughly 10 episodes each, except for seasons one and five, which have 9 and 14 episodes, respectively.

Like Yellowstone, the episodes in 1883 are well-written to captivate the attention of anyone who has the time to see it through. The scenes come alive and fulfill the expectations of viewers the world over.

Is 1883 Over?

The 10th and final episode of 1883, the first scintillating prequel of the Yellowstone series, aired on February 27, 2022. It essentially drew the curtains on roughly two months of fun for viewers of the series. The series was originally released on December 19, 2021.

Will There Be a Season 2 of 1883?

In terms of the title, there is no season 2 of 1883. However, there is a sequel under the title “1923.” It premiered on Paramount+ on December 18, 2022, and currently has around eight episodes.

It is also the third installment of the Yellowstone franchise and follows a generation of the Dutton family in a period of great travail. The series was renewed for a second season of eight episodes in February 2023 and promised to be just as thrilling as those that have come before it.


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