Who Are Tengen Uzui Wives and What are their Names?

The names of Tengen Uzui’s wives are Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma. Tengen Uzui is a Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and a major protagonist in the anime fantasy horror series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Although he said his reason for having three wives is because he is flamboyant, pointers reveal that Tengen’s family has a custom of polygamy where fathers pick their sons’ wives when they turn 15, although in Tengen’s case, instead of his wives being picked out for him by his father as is tradition with his shinobi family, one of his wives, Suma, approached him herself.

How Old Are Tengen Uzui’s Wives?

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Tengen Uzui is a 23-year-old Ninja married to three female ninjas who are all between the ages of 19 and 21. Suma, the youngest of Tengen’s wives, is 19 years old. Hinatsuru, the oldest wife, is 21 years old, while Makio is 20 years old. The age gap between Tengen and his wives is not so much.

Why Does Tengen Uzui Have 3 Wives?

The exact reason why Tengen Uzui has three wives has not been fully explored, although Tengen asserted that his choice of three wives is because he is flamboyant. However, Tanjiro said in the outro of episode 12 of season 2 that the Uzui family practices polygamy and that when a male family member turns 15, the family head chooses three brides for the man based on their compatibility.

Aside from Hinatsuru and Makio, Suma was the only one to approach Tengen at first without getting chosen. Tengen has the utmost respect for each of his wives, all of whom are exceptional Kunoichis.

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Since the Hein Era, polygamy has been practiced, and it continued during the Edo Era when huge wars and other calamities devastated everyone’s lives, including the lives of the Shinobi. At that time, polygamy was viewed as a way to increase the number of warriors in a family so that they could withstand the harsh realities rather than merely having more wives.

Later, during the Taisho Era (the time setting of the anime), continuing the polygamy tradition was no longer necessary, but the Uzui Clan still practiced it. For the sake of his family, Tengen abided by his clan’s custom and married all three of his wives almost at the same time.

A look at Tengen Uzui’s Wives and Their Personalities


  • Age: 21
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Violet
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Height: Average

Hinatsuru, also called Hina, the oldest of Tengen’s wives, is a calm, kind, and nurturing character. Her family is second only to the Uzui family and ranks, and she was raised as a fearless Kunoichi who is strategic in battle, as seen in her confrontation with Gyutaro and Daki in the Entertainment district arc.

Hina loves her husband and is also compassionate toward him.


  • Age: 20
  • Hair Color: Black and yellow
  • Eye Color: light brown
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Height: Average

Makio is a distant cousin of Tenzen Uzui. She is the middle wife by age and is considered violent, brash, and boisterous at times. When it comes to Suma, Makio has little or no patience for her as she berates Suma for being cowardly, as seen when the wives fought an underground cavern.

However, despite her somewhat harsh personality, when it comes to her husband Tengen, Makio has a soft spot for him.


  • Age: 19
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Sapphire
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Height: Short

Suma is the youngest of Tengen Uzui’s wives. Although she is bisexual, Suma overtook her younger sister, who was meant to be Tengen’s wife, by approaching Tengen herself when she barged into the marriage interview.

Suma tends to be overdramatic, cowardly, and showcasing a damsel in distress personality. She exaggerates her emotions and is usually fearful, and lacks confidence in dangerous situations. Crying comes easily for Suma, and when arguing with her co-wives, she irritates them, especially Makio, with her immature acts.

Who Played Tengen Uzui’s Wives in Real Life?

Created by Koyoharu Gotouge, the popular anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba‘s had Tengen Uzui’s three wives make an appearance in the Entertainment District arc season 2 storyline of the anime.

The second season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba debuted in December 2021 and ended in February 2022. This season saw the appearance of Tengen’s wives. The wives were played in real life by Nao Toyama, Shizuka Ishigami, and Atsumi Tanezaki.

Atsumi Tanezaki Played Hinatsuru

Born on September 17, 1990, voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki played Hinatsuru, the oldest wife of Tengen Uzui. According to Atsumi, her decision to pursue a profession as a voice actress was influenced by Sailor Moon.

She was inspired to become an actress by her performance in episode 45 of the TV anime, “Sailor Senshi Dies! The Tragic Final Battle”. She moved to Tokyo and left Oita Prefecture, where she had been studying acting casually, to enroll in a training school with the money she had earned from her job.

Atsumi has been on the show since season 2, which aired in December 2021 and ended in February 2022. Despite receiving very little screen time as the gentle Hina, the current arc’s plot has been driven by her disappearance and the disappearances of Uzui’s other wives.

Atsumi Tanezaki, a Japanese voice actress who has appeared in many anime series, provided the voices for the characters Mujika in The Promised Neverland, Arisa Uotani in Fruits Basket, and Juno in Beastars.

She received the Best Supporting Actress award at the 14th Voice Actor Awards in 2020.

Shizuka Ishigami Played Makio

Born September 24, 1988, Shizuka Ishigami is the voice of Makio. The Japanese voice actress is now connected to Pro-Fit, although she was formerly connected to 81 Produce. Shizuka also performs under the Alias Mei Hanazono in adult visual gaming publications. She is most recognized for her voice work as Ch’en in Arknights and Ikuno in Darling in the Franxx. She initially intended to pursue a career as a mangaka, but she changed her mind after auditioning for a voice role in a video game.

Shizuka has been on the show since season 2. Her character as the headstrong Makio was remarkable, and despite being one of the new entries’ minor characters, as well as one of the lesser-known voice actors in the show, fans may still be familiar with Japanese voice actress Shizuka Ishigami’s work as she is additionally well-known for her roles as Nat in the promised neverland and as Ikumi Mito in Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma.

Nao Toyama Played Suma

Born March 11, 1992, Nao Toyama is a Japanese voice actress, singer, and the voice of Suma, the youngest wife of Tengen Uzui. She is one of the supporting actresses in the show, interpreting wonderfully her damsel in distress character. Nao has been on the show since it aired in December 2021.

Also well-known for playing the lead roles of Kanon Nakagawa in The World God Only Knows and Chitoge Kirisaki in Nisekoi, Nao is also an Arts Vision affiliate singer who is currently associated with the company INTENTION. She made her vocal debut on February 1, 2017, with the release of the Flying Dog record label’s double A-side song, “True Destiny / Chain the World.” The song “True Destiny” served as the anime series Chain Chronicle-Haeccelitas no Hikari’s ending theme, and “Chain the World” served as the opening theme for the film version.

In her second year of junior high school, she fell in love with acting and decided she wanted to become a voice actor while scripting with a friend of a classmate who also wanted to be a voice actress. Her parents gave her permission to enroll in a voice acting training facility as a reward for her careful preparation for the college entrance exams. She joined the Arts Vision company after completing three years of studies at the Japan Narration Actors Institute and passing the audition. She began attending as a freshman in high school.

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