Who Dies in Black Clover?

Several characters have died in Black Clover, including the likes of Licita, Morgan Faust, Lemiel Silvamillion, Megicula, Zagred, and Zenon Zogratis.

While all these characters have met their demise, the anime/manga series avoids killing the more important characters, such as Asta, Yuno, and Noelle. Even when one of them dies, it soon turns out that they are not really dead, and they come back to life through one means or the other. Such an occurrence has annoyed some fans of the series, but Black Clover still retains massive followership globally.

Does Yuno Die in Black Clover?

Yuno does not die in Black Clover despite battling devils, zombies, and fellow human beings. Yuno is one of the major protagonists of Black Clover. An orphaned boy with magical powers, he dreams of becoming the Wizard King someday, and this makes many go up against him.

Yuno battles the likes of Catherine and Lucifero and helps to defeat them. He also battles and kills Ragus, an arrogant royal knight who fires multiple arrows at him while they are supposed to be fighting a mutual enemy.

Yuno also survives a zombie attack as well as their powerful spell that sucks everyone away. He is nearly killed on several occasions but survives them all.

How Does Yuno Die in Black Clover?

Yuno could die at the hands of any of the fearsome enemies that he has to face in Black Clover, but as pointed out, that is yet to happen. Yuno remains very much alive. However, in the recent past, rumors have surfaced on the internet that the creator of Black Clover, Tabata, may have intended for Yuno to die in episode 7 of Black Clover but later ditched the plans.

It was pointed out that if this had happened, it would have changed the direction of Black Clover radically. Asta, pained by his pal’s death, may have become a much darker personality

Does Julius Die in Black Clover?

Julius was killed by Patry/Licht in episode 93 of Black Clover (episode 93 covers chapters 145-147 of the Black Clover manga). Patry/Licht is the leader of the Elves who possesses Sword Magic and also the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a group of rogue mages bent on decimating the Clover Kingdom.

In episode 93, Julius and Patri are battling over the coveted magic stones when Patri pierces Julius with a light sword. Julius doubles over, and after some minutes of writhing on the ground, he passes.

Julius doesn’t stay dead for long and revives himself with magic that he has preserved for several years. He comes back to life as a 13-year-old boy and works with the knights to protect the Clover Kingdom. It later emerges that a villain known as Lucius also possesses the body of the 13-year-old, and he puts Julius’ soul to sleep.

Does The Wizard King Die in Black Clover?

The Wizard King (real name – Lemiel) dies twice in Black Clover. The first time that the Wizard King dies in Black Clover is in episode 117 of the anime and chapter 203 of the manga. Lemiel is desirous of peace between the human kingdom and the magic elves and arranges a marriage between his sister and Licht, head of the elves.

On the day, Licht is possessed by the demonic Zagred, who wants to kill Lemiel and cause trouble. Licht and Lemiel battle it out, and Lemiel defeats Licht. He is, however, mortally wounded, and his servant named Secre seals him off. The deal is to awaken him if Zagred comes back again.

Zagred comes back after five centuries to trouble the Clover Kingdom, and the Wizard King is awakened. He joins hands with the likes of Asta and Yuno to defeat Zagred. After that, the Wizard King finally dies in episode 120 of Black Clover anime (Chapter 214 of the manga).

Truth About Noelle Black Clover’s Death

Noelle does not die in Black Clover, but she is nearly killed in her battle with Megicula, a devil that is responsible for all curse-based magic. Noel initially battles Megicula, who inhabits the body of Vanica Zogratis in the Heart Kingdom, and is nearly killed. She survives and spends time training. Her second battle with Megicula is in the spade kingdom. This time around, Noelle is able to stab Megicula in her devil’s heart and kill her.


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