Who Dies in Euphoria?

So far, at least six people have died in Euphoria, the HBO American teen drama TV series. These Euphoria deaths include Robert Bennett, Vincent van Gogh, Mouse, Custer, Ashtray, and an unnamed male S.W.A.T. officer who met his end at the hands of Ashtray.

Euphoria has been the most tweeted about TV series in recent times, and it is easy to see why. The show, which features multiple-award-winning actress Zendaya in the leading role of Ruby “Rue” Bennett, a teenage drug addict who is fresh out of rehab and struggling to find her place in the world, explores several American societal issues ranging from child abuse to toxic positivity. Inevitably some of the show’s characters have lost their lives in this battle to find themselves, and this article talks about them in detail.

Does Anyone Die In Euphoria?

Around half a dozen characters on the much-loved HBO series Euphoria have lost their lives. The circumstances surrounding their deaths may differ, but it does not detract from the fact that the show mirrors the life expectancy of some of the young people living in the present American society.

As previously alluded to, the show examines the lives of several teenagers in the fictional town of East Highland, California. The shoe depicts the majority of them as trying to make sense of their existence while dealing with issues like strains of love, loss, addiction, child abuse, drug abuse, toxic relationships, toxic positivity, hookup culture, social media, mental illness, codependency, infidelity, relapsing, repressed homosexuality, sobriety, human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, toxic masculinity, drug dealing, dating violence, and grief.

While the show is centered around dealing with teenage issues, some of the older characters, like Robert Bennett, the father of one of the main characters Sue Bennett, have also joined the list of the dead in the series. Although, it must be pointed out that his death occurred off the screen, unlike some of the other characters who have died.

Who Dies in Euphoria Season 2?

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When the second season of Euphoria drew to a close on February 27, 2022, at least four characters, including Ashtray, were confirmed dead. Suffice it to say that the death toll in season 2 of Euphoria essentially doubled that of the first season, a tragic but relatively unavoidable sequence of events that adds to the jeopardy that has become associated with the show.

Below is a comprehensive list of everyone who died in Euphoria season 2.

  • Mouse
  • Custer
  • Unnamed SWAT officer
  • Ashtray.

Does Fez Die in Euphoria?

For now, Fez remains one of the show’s more likable characters who has not been killed off by the showrunners. Born Fezco “Fez” O’Neill, the character was portrayed by actor Angus Cloud. Fez is a local drug dealer with a very close relationship with Rue.

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Despite being a drug dealer, his character is described as having a heart of gold, hence the affection he receives from the show’s viewers. While he is still alive, Fez does come close to being killed. In the season 2 finale, the police raid the drug dealer’s house, and a shootout ensues.

During the raid and subsequent shootout, Fez is shot and falls to the ground with blood pouring out of his sides. He looks on as one of his accomplices is killed. However, the last viewers see of Fez is being rolled over, handcuffed, and led out of the house while nursing what can now be considered non-fatal injuries.

Nonetheless, we have seen characters die off-screen in the show, and there is nothing that suggests that it may not be the same for Fez. We just have to wait for season 3 to answer the question about whether Fez survived the gunshot wounds he sustained during the SWAT raid on his home.

Did Ashtray Die in Euphoria?

Essentially, Ashtray (full name: Ashtray O’Neill, portrayed by actor Javon “Wanna” Walton) was the last character whose time on the show came to an end after he was shot in the head and killed by one of the cops who raided Fez’s home.

For a little more background on the character, Ashtray was Fez’s unofficially adopted little brother and was also a drug dealer. He was in the house when SWAT visited them. Just before that, his reckless stabbing of Custer in the throat had led to the latter’s mouth being covered by Fez to prevent him from drawing any form of attention with his screams.

After suffocating Custer with his hands and watching him bleed out, Fez asked Ashtray to run away so he could take the fall for that murder. Ashtray refused and instead locked himself in the bathroom. While in there, he stepped into the bathtub with guns drawn in anticipation of a gunfight that might ensue.

When the cops breached the apartment, Ashtray opened fire on them through the locked bathroom doors. The SWAT team returned the favor, and soon everything became quiet. When they broke through to the bathroom, Ashtray tried to take out another cop but was shot in the head, a shot that proved to be fatal for the character.

Does Rue Die in Euphoria?

Rue Bennett (portrayed by Zendaya), one of the series’ main characters, does not die in Euphoria, at least not in any of the seasons to date, and there is nothing that suggests that she could be adding to the death statistics in the series.

Season 2 of Euphoria begins with a lot of crazy events, such as Rue battling with a strong drug addiction which she manages to hide from everyone in her life. Somewhere along the line, fans and viewers of the show have theorized that the addiction could ultimately lead to her demise.

For now, though, the character whom some have argued is the series’ main cast member is very much alive. Knowing how HBO operates, it is not inconceivable that they end up killing off Rue and have her narrate the rest of the show from beyond the grave.

Does Jules Die in Euphoria?

Jules Vaughn does not die in any of the first two seasons of Euphoria. The character whose teen version is portrayed by actress Hunter Schafer (11-year-old Jules was portrayed by actress Clark Furlong) is another of the main characters in the series.

She moved to East Highland with her dad after her parents divorced and quickly became immersed in the storyline of the series. The season 2 finale saw her sitting alone in tears at the end of Lexi’s play after she had professed her love to Rue, with the latter walking away after planting a kiss on her forehead and not responding to the profession of love.

Since she was last seen alive, it is safe to assume that she has not kicked the bucket.

Does Cal Die in Euphoria?

Cal Jacobs (portrayed by Eric Dane) is still alive but was arrested by the police at the end of season 2. Cal is Nate Jacobs’ father, who is characterized as strict and demanding with a double life. He disappeared in episode 4, and for the longest time, viewers wondered where he might be hiding.

The season finale provided that answer as Cal was seen hiding in one of his warehouses, where he hung out with a much younger crowd. Nate tails him to his hideout and brandishes a loaded gun on his father, threatening to exact revenge on him for his despicable underage sexual escapades with Jules. Nate doesn’t get to use the gun, though, as the police arrive to lead Cal away in handcuffs.

Is Lexi’s Dad Dead in Euphoria?

Given that he became a drug addict sometime in season 1 of the series, one cannot rule out the possibility that Gus Howard, Lexi’s dad, is dead. The last anyone saw of him was when he sneaked into Lexi and Cassie’s house to recover some goods.

Before that, his marriage to his daughters’ mother had ended in divorce for unknown reasons, and his drug habit had developed after a severe accident.

Does Cassie Die in Euphoria?

Cassandra “Cassie” Howard (portrayed by Sydney Sweeney) is still alive. She is Lexi’s older sister with a sordid sexual history. The season 2 finale saw her make a huge scene by attacking the actress portraying her in Lexi’s play after seeing a moment of her past played out on stage.

This behavior draws Maddy’s ire, and she proceeds to beat up Cassie. After the dust settles, both Cassie and Maddy are seen sitting side by side as Cassie tells the latter that Nate had broken up with her. Maddy shows no empathy and tells Cassie not to worry and that it was just the beginning before walking off.

How Did Mouse Die in Euphoria?

Mouse (Meeko Gattuso) was killed by Ashtray after the latter hit him with a hammer on his head, killing him instantly. Mouse and his associate Custer had visited Fez’s home to find out about a recent raid on the house. Ashtray had lost it and attacked Mouse leading to his death.


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