Who Is Fred Benson From Stranger Things and Does He Die?

Frederick “Fred” Benson, played by American actor Logan Riley Bruner, was a recurring character in the fourth season of the American science fiction horror drama TV series Stranger Things. He was a student at Hawkins High School who also worked on the school’s newspaper.

Fred Benson later died in the series. His death was orchestrated by Vecna, who, more or less, killed him by snatching his mind. Vecna pushed Fred to the front of a burning car before taking him up in the air, taking his eyes, snapping his bones, and letting him drop lifeless to the ground. His death was almost reminiscent of Chrissy’s, another recurring character who fell victim to Vecna’s mind-control powers. This left a lot of fans with mixed feelings regarding the death.

Who Plays Fred in Stranger Things 4?

The character Fred Benson was portrayed by the American actor, writer, and TV personality Logan Riley Bruner. Bruner was born on July 26, 1997, to Mark and Michelle Bruner, in New York City, United States. His birth sign is Leo, and he is an American citizen by birth.

His dad is a businessman, while his mom is a homemaker. Logan rarely discloses information about members of his birth family, including his siblings. As such, there is very little information about them.

Sources close to the actor are yet to confirm where he received his high school diploma, but he graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in unknown disciplines while honing his acting skills.

It is noteworthy to point out the fact that Fred Benson made his acting debut as a five-year-old boy when he appeared in the television movie One Day in May as a mystery child.

However, he only became a regular on the cinema and screen acting scene at the age of fourteen, appearing in short films, feature-length movies, and TV series such as Dream Lover (2011), Solomon Grundy (2012), Army of God (2016), Vox Lux (2018), FBI (2021), and several others.

Not surprisingly, Logan Bruner’s dedication to his craft has helped him amass a significant net worth believed to be around $2 million. It is also significant to express the sentiment that Bruner’s career as an actor further caught the limelight following his appearances in 9 episodes of the science fiction horror drama TV series Stranger Things.

Having been introduced in season 4, in 2022, Bruner assumed the role of Fred Benson at the age of around 25, a piece of information that depicts the fact that there is an age difference of about seven to nine years between Bruner and the character he portrays.

What Did Fred Do in Stranger Things?

Based on the storyline for the TV series, actor Bruner portrayed the character of Hawkins High School teenager Frederick “Fred” Benson. Also called Freddie at times, Logan Bruner’s character was, according to the showrunners, born sometime between 1967 and 1969, which made him somewhere between ages 16 and 18 at the time of his untimely death in 1986.

Aside from being a student at Hawkins High School, Fred was also a journalist for The Weekly Streak, his high school’s newspaper. In addition to being portrayed as a stereotypical 1980s nerd, Fred was also portrayed as a witty yet kind-hearted personality who earned respect and confidence of classmate and fellow journalist Nancy Wheeler, who was always willing to let Fred tag along on important journalistic assignments such as the investigation into the murder of Chrissy Cunningham.

Despite his display of incredible level-headedness while embarking on these assignments, Fred has always been racked by guilt for his role in the murder that took place following the accident he had in 1985.

Who Did Fred Kill in Stranger Things?

Fred Benson was responsible for a fatal accident that claimed the life of another Hawkins High School student in Stranger Things. The series did not, however, name the student Fred killed.

The accident left a scar on Benson’s face, but he ran away from the scene to escape punishment. However, the character has been tormented by details of the accident in his mind by a creature from the Upside Down world known as Vecna.

As observed by several Stranger Things followers, Vecna is a being that gains control of his victims through their minds. She gets into the head of her victims by making them relive the horrible things they did, as well as mirroring the pain those they have hurt went through to her victims.

Does Fred Die in Stranger Things?

Fred Benson became the second victim to die at the hands of the Upside Down creature Vecna, following her murder of one of Fred’s schoolmates, Chrissy Cunningham. It is quite significant that Fred and Chrissy experienced the same mental trauma and died just about the same way, a fact that Nancy noticed during her investigation into both murders.

A year on from Fred’s involvement in the accident that took the life of one of his schoolmates, the precocious teenager tagged along with Nancy as they tried to get to the root of Chrissy’s murder. They set off on their quest the morning after the championship game, and on their way, it was obvious that Fred was bothered about something, and his worry brought on several bouts of headaches.

On their way, the pair were stopped by a cop, and at that point, Vecna put visions of the cop pointing out that Fred was responsible for the death of his classmate the year before in the teenager’s head. The experience was horrific and traumatic, to say the least, hence the headaches.

When they arrived at the trailer park, which was the scene of Chrissy’s murder, to investigate the murder further, Nancy proceeded to learn more about the incident from Eddie Munson’s uncle after he had pointed out that his nephew could not have murdered Chrissy.

Somewhere along the line, Fred was lured away from Nancy and the group by the visions of the accident the year before placed in his head by Vecna. When she eventually succeeded in gaining complete control of his mind, she proceeded to kill him in the same horrific manner in which she had killed Chrissy.

Benson was made to float in the air as his limbs were snapped and bent. Next, his eyes were gouged out, and blood flowed from the sockets, and in the end, his lifeless body dropped to the tarmac.


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