Who Is Goku’s Wife in Dragon Ball Chi-Chi?

Chi-Chi, also written as Chichi, is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox King in the Dragon Ball anime series. For most of the series, she is also the wife of Goku, the main protagonist, and the mother of Gohan and Goten, two of the greatest warriors in the series.

Chi-Chi’s relationship with Goku began in the most unusual way, but it blossomed over the years as the couple, who got married at a relatively young age, learned more about each other. A unique character in the series, there is more to Chi-Chi than just being Goku’s wife. This article explores different aspects of her personality and life in general.

Goku’s Wife, Chi-Chi, is a Physically Appealing Woman

In most of the scenes she appeared in in the Dragon Ball series, Chi-Chi’s character is depicted as a beautiful light-skinned woman of average height. Her curvy physical frame, coupled with her long, straight black hair, which reached the middle of her back, and short square bangs with black eyes, makes her one of the most physically appealing women in the series.

As a young child, Chi-Chi was primarily decked in a blue bikini outfit coupled with pink boots and gloves, a pink helmet, and a green cape. It became her signature outfit until the Piccolo Jr. Saga, when she changed to a Chinese outfit known as a cheongsam. The cheongsam came in blue, and she combined it with red pants, an armband, shoes, white socks, and a red sash.


Chi-Chi’s dress in the first part of Dragon Ball Z consisted of a purple dress that had an orange cloth tied on top and a yellow sash. Her hair was pulled up in a high bun. Her outfit changed to a purple uniform with pink sleeves and pants with the same hairstyle in the Androids Saga.

Goku’s wife wore different unique outfits throughout the series, including a light purple martial art uniform with light blue sleeves, a blue sash, light purple pants, and blue martial arts shoes in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, a pink cheongsam with a blue sash, light blue pants, blue socks, and purple shoes, in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.

In rare deviations from her usual combination of blue, purple, and pink ensembles, Chi-Chi has also been spotted in yellow, white, red, and green combinations during specific special episodes throughout the series. Her relatively small chest area is most likely the reason her husband, Goku, decided against using her to bargain with Old Kai to unlock Gohan’s potential.

Chi-Chi’s Personality Altered Throughout the Series

Chi-Chi as a baby had a timid personality, and according to the series, her mind was often preoccupied with the identity of who she would end up marrying. Her soft and pure-of-heart personality, which enabled her to ride the Flying Nimbus, was in direct contrast to her status as the daughter of the Ox-King, who held a reputation for instilling fear in those around him.

Goku Chi-Chi

Even as a young fighter who possessed incredible skill, she was often scared during the fighting but always found a way to defeat her opponents with her tears. Just like many of the characters in the series, Chi-Chi’s personality changed as the series progressed, but she is shown to have retained the core of her personality as a pure-hearted kind soul.

As an adult, particularly a married one, and a mother, Chi-Chi’s personality took on many forms, including nagging, controlling, overprotective, and tough. Still, those personality traits were essentially stirred or triggered by good intentions. She is also depicted as a quintessential family woman who loves her husband and kids and would not think twice about laying down her life for them if need be.

In terms of her fighting abilities and powers, Chi-Chi’s scorecard paled in comparison to those of the other members of the Z team, but she was nonetheless one of the most powerful women in the world in the series.

Chi-Chi and Goku Got Married at a Very Young Age

Chi-Chi met Goku for the first time as a teenager while she was on her way to retrieve the Bansho Fan from her father’s old mentor Master Roshi. Before running into the Saiyan hero, her journey had been an eventful one that included killing a dinosaur and falling for the fake proclamation of love from Yamcha, who had only told her he loved her after seeing what she had done to the dinosaur and being scared that she would do the same to him.

With her back turned, Yamcha ran away from her. Not long after her ordeal with Yamcha, she runs into Goku on his Flying Nimbus, with the latter telling her that the Ox-King had instructed him to take her to Master Roshi. She agreed, and they soon set off for Roshi’s destination.

Goku Chi-Chi

Goku’s remark about her outfit, after he patted her genitals with his foot to determine her gender, set her off, and she angrily pushes him off the Nimbus. However, that act convinced her that he might be in love with her, and she subsequently falls in love with him.

As first dates go, Chi-Chi’s first date with Goku is a little bit unusual in the sense that she manipulates him into it by asking him to think of the most pleasurable thing to do and then convince her to go along with it. For Goku, that was fighting, and after the two of them got into it, they seemed to become even closer.

While recounting the events of that first date to her son Gohan, Chi-Chi remarked that it was a great first date. After the events that occurred during the 23rd World Martial Arts Competition that saw Goku and Chi-Chi reconnecting, the couple eventually exchanged marital vows with Chi-Chi dressed in her mother’s dress.

Chi-Chi had her first child Gohan when she was only 20 years old, and later their son Goten came along after the events of the Cell Saga arc.

Chi-Chi and Goku’s Union in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super

It is no longer a surprise that Chi-Chi and Goku had the weirdest of marriages. Goku’s naivety made him think that his promise of marriage to Chi-Chi was a promise to get some food together.

Goku Chi-Chi

After being set straight in the events that led to their eventual marriage towards the end of Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super series saw the couple settle into the routine of a traditional family, with Chi-Chi attempting to ensure that her kids with the Saiyan hero would at least become more educated than their father, and Goku trying to put a sword in Gohan’s hands whenever he got the chance.

Sometimes his antics did not go down well with Chi-Chi, who hit out at him for being a lousy husband and an absentee father. Nonetheless, she wore her love and affection for Goku and their kids on her sleeve. Suffice it to say that while Chi-Chi’s union with Goku had its challenges, they were one of the more steady couples in the series.

Did Goku and Vegeta Switch Wives?

Goku and Vegeta did not switch wives, at least not realistically, but their wives joked about switching husbands. Beyond their joke about it, they executed the trade for the duration of the evening.

During the final series of episodes of the Peaceful World Saga in Dragon Ball Z, Bulma, Vegeta’s wife, hosted a party, and as usual, Goku was late again. Chi-Chi’s reaction to his tardiness was unsavory, to say the least, and Bulma was worried as well.

Amid their concern for Goku’s whereabouts, Chi-Chi presented the idea that they switch husbands, and when Goku arrived, they did, at least for the duration of the party.


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