Who Is Radha Hirsch, the Tiger King Doc Antle’s Ex-wife?

Radha Hirsch is famously known as the ex-wife of Doc Antle, an American animal trainer, private zookeeper, and the main character in the Netflix hit series Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story.

Doc Antle, who was the main titular character in the Netflix series, has so far gained recognition for his career. However, his love life also became a topic of discussion following his fame. This eventually put Radha Hirsch, his second wife, to whom he was married for two years, into the limelight. The circumstances surrounding their marriage further raised the curiosity about who she was before and after attaining fame.

Who is Radha Hirsch?

Radha Hirsch is the ex-wife of Doc Antle, who has gained fame as a result of his hit series Tiger King. Meanwhile, Radha Hirsch made it into the series on the second episode of the series, which was titled The Great Escape.

Aside from the fact that she became famous as the wife of Doc Antle through the Tiger King series, Radha Hirsch is a personality that prefers to stay out of the public eye. This is because most of her personal information has been successfully shielded from the public.

Her date of birth would have been part of the information she shielded from the public, but it has been reported by sources that she is 16 years younger than her ex-husband, who was born on March 16, 1960. Following this report, Radha Hirsch’s year of birth should be 1976.

There is no report about where she was born and where she was raised, but we believe she was born in one of the cities in America. Likewise, Doc Antle’s ex-wife has not disclosed who her father is or what he does for a living. However, in the series, the identity of her mother was revealed to be Diane Durchame, but what she does for a living was not disclosed.

Meanwhile, it was disclosed that after her daughter ran away with Doc Antle, she became distraught and lost her job in the process. What she does for a living at the moment has not been disclosed. Furthermore, it wasn’t stated if she was a lone child, as nothing about her siblings was made available to the media.

How Did Radha Hirsch and Doc Antle Meet?

The two met each other for the first time when Radha was about 11 years old at the Ashram in Yogaville. It was stated that her mother, Dianne, usually travels a lot due to the nature of her work, leaving her to stay with the neighbors. At this time, Radha served as a babysitter to Doc and his first wife, Betsy, in Virginia.

Based on the reports, it was stated that she admired him the very first time she saw Doc. This made her begin to spend more time at his house, staying over a few weekends.

Radha Became Romantically Attached To Doc When She Was 14 Years Old

Although Radha had admired Doc Antle ever since she started babysitting their child, they didn’t get romantically attached. However, this didn’t last long, as it was reported that the two became romantically attached when she was 14 years old.

Betsy, Doc’s first wife, also got the wind that her husband was having an affair with Radha. She went on and reported the issue to the teenager’s mother. In other reports, it was stated that Dianna, Radha’s mother, caught them making love. However, she took action knowing the implications of such a relationship.

Dianna, in a bid to separate her daughter from the relationship with Doc, took Radha to a Catholic school outside of Virginia. She thought the decision would help Radha stay away from Doc, but it did not. It was gathered that Doc had driven off with Radha on several occasions while on her way to school. In the series, it was disclosed that Doc will still take Radha to a motel outside of Washington, DC, for a month.

Radha Hirsch Became Doc Antle’s Wife at the Age of 15

Doc Antle and Radha were deeply committed to their relationship, even outside the knowledge of Radha’s family. The Tiger King did not mind that she was still a minor in such a relationship. Reports have it that they went ahead and got married without the knowledge of Radha’s parents.

In the series, Radha Hirsch was just 15 years old when they secretly tied the knot, while Doc Antle was 26 years old. They went as far as faking her father’s signature, which served as an approval that could allow her to get married at that age.

Radha later reached out to her mother, who finally became aware that she was now married to Doc and had no option but to let her go with her choice. Though she let her go, she was affected by her daughter’s decision, which made her lose focus on her job. Meanwhile, Dianna hoped that one day her daughter would realize that she had made the wrong decision.

Radha and Doc Separated After 2 years of Marriage

The couple enjoyed their marriage for just two years before it collapsed. Sources presented different reasons that led to the separation. Some claimed that it was because of Doc’s attitude toward young girls that prompted the push for separation. It was revealed that even during their two years of marriage, he still made out with other young girls.

Others made the claim that Radha Hirsch became fed up with the marriage and the love life and therefore decided to quit. Again, it was also speculated that she must have been a victim of physical abuse from Doc, and that must have prompted the desire to leave the marriage.

Meanwhile, according to the storyline in the series, Radha left the marriage. Her reasons were not explicitly specified in the series. She waited for a perfect day when Doc wasn’t around, packed all her belongings without notice, and left the marriage.

Furthermore, during the time she was married to Doc Antle, they didn’t have any children. Therefore, it was easy for her to abandon the marriage without any hook to hold her back.

Where is Doc Antle’s Ex-wife Now?

Radha left her husband and moved with a friend to California, where she picked up a new life. Not neglecting the fact that she is of a personality that likes to maintain a very low profile, it is quite difficult to determine what she is currently doing.

Meanwhile, because she appeared in episodes 1 and 2 of the Netflix series Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story as Doc’s ex-wife, it is now assumed by many that she is an actress. Radha, however, has not appeared in any other on-screen project other than this particular series and the 1985 series The Great Tiger Cub Adventure.

Currently, Radha Hirsch lives in Arizona, in the Southwestern part of the United States, while maintaining a relatively low profile. She is suspected to have remained single, as there is no available information as to whether she got married to another man or not.


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