Who is Yoriichi in Demon Slayer and Is He Related to Tanjiro?

One of the most popular anime and manga series of the decade is Demon Slayer. Due to the success of the series, the lead character Yoriichi gained a lot of popularity. He was held in high respect by the members of the corps as the ideal demon slayer – it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to label him a historical figure. In real life, he was the inspiration for many fight dolls since he was the epitome of a demon slayer in every way.

More so, the assumption that Tanjiro and Yoriichi are connected is common among the fans of the Demon Slayer, although this is not the case despite the fact that Tanjiro ended up with those Hanafuda earrings. The earrings, according to Tanjiro, belonged to his father Tanjuro, and they were passed down as family heirlooms. However, a fascinating fact to know is that those earrings belonged to Yoriichi.

Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni?

Twins were considered to be a bad omen during the Sengoku period when Yoriichi and his twin brother Michikatsu were born into the Tsugikuni clan. Furthermore, Yoriichi’s father threatened to kill him because of a peculiar birthmark on his forehead; however, their mother, Akeno, erupted into a rage and stepped in to stop him.

When Yoriichi turned ten years old, it was decided that he would be sent to a temple to become a monk. He eventually grew up in a totally different environment than Michikatsu, with lesser food and schooling and being restricted to a small three-tatami room separate from the rest of the house. As a result of his silence, he was assumed to be deaf. In order for the gods to gift him with the capacity to talk, Akeno made him Hanafuda charm earrings.

Michikatsu generally thought he was pitiful because he was constantly spotted gripping his mother’s side. Despite this, Yoriichi’s brother would sneak around behind their father’s back to see him, even sending him a handcrafted flute as a gift to console him. When Yoriichi was seven years old, he grinned and spoke for the first time, announcing his desire to be a warrior like his brother after being startled by Michikatsu practicing sword swings.

Michikatsu, on the other hand, dismissed this attitude because it was well-known that Yoriichi would be sent to the temple at the age of ten. Nonetheless, one of their father’s men in charge of Michikatsu’s training decided to amuse Yoriichi by showing him a simple posture. After entering the stance, the small kid unexpectedly launched into action, striking four blows against the man and startling his brother, who had never landed one despite his training.

Yoriichi, on the other hand, couldn’t tolerate the sensation of striking someone and gave up his ambition to become a warrior. Michikatsu would frequently inquire about how he hit the man, and he would describe what was most likely an early form of a Breathing Style. He cheerfully told Michikatsu that he would rather play ban-sugoroku board games and fly kites with him than talk about the sword and continue training.

Who is Yoriichi’s Dad?

Not much is known about the popular Demon slayer’s dad. However, from what was gathered, he was a stern man who ruled his house with an iron fist. Unlike his wife, who showed her affection for Yoriichi despite the weird circumstances surrounding his birth, he was not too warm towards Yoriichi.

This explains why Yoriichi went to Michikatsu’s chamber late at night after their mother died of her sickness to tell him the news and say his farewell, intending to leave for the temple – to become a monk as per his father’s wish. He expressed his gratitude to his brother, saying that he would always remember him, and put the flute Michikatsu had crafted for him earlier into his pocket.

Yoriichi had known all about their mother’s illness, how it weakened her left side, and Yoriichi’s numerous attempts to assist and help her walk around, it was subsequently revealed to Michikatsu through their mother’s diary. Yoriichi also rushed away to save his brother since he knew his father would make him his heir and send Michikatsu to the temple.

Despite this gesture of kindness, Michikatsu developed a deep resentment and envy for Yoriichi, who continued to outperform him in every way and showed gratitude for apparently nothing.

Who Is Yoriichi To Tanjiro?

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Contrary to popular belief, Yorrichi and Tanjiro do not share any form of family ties. The widely acclaimed demon slayer in the series is known to have a close friend named “Kamado Sumiyoshi,” who happens to be  Tanjiro’s ancestor. Sumiyoshi may have inherited those earrings as well as Yoriichi’s understanding of the Sun Breath (and Hinokami Kagura).

Since Tanjiro’s ancestor was a close friend of the famed demon slayer, his descendants must have inherited the Sun breathing method from its originator. More so, the earrings that Tanjiro had is believed to have been handed down his lineage from Yorrichi who must have given the jewelry as a gift to the family. Likewise, the close resemblance the pair had even though they lived so many years apart can be attributed to the Sun breathing technique, which was handed down to them over the years.

How is Yoriichi Related to Tanjiro?

This is one of the most often asked topics about the Demon Slayer franchise. Now, the two of them have a lot in common: they have the same earrings, the same opponent, and they use the same Breathing Technique, but Yoriichi actually lived a long time before Tanjiro, as well.

However, though the physical resemblances are coincidental, the earrings and Hinokami Kagura are Tanjiro’s family heirlooms, given and taught to him by Yoriichi, who is close friends with Sumiyoshi, Tanjiro’s distant relative.

Why Does Tanjiro Look Like Yoriichi?

Even though the two are unrelated, Tanjiro Kamado bears a striking resemblance to Yoriichi due to the divine nature of Sun-Breathing. Yoriichi’s only living blood relative is Muichiro Tokito; the Mist Hashira is a descendent of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, Yoriichi’s twin brother, who left behind a child when he became a Demon Slayer and ultimately a demon.

The storyline has it that Yoriichi saved the Kamado family from demons while still a Demon Slayer and remained a close friend of the family. He returned to the Kamados after failing to beat Muzan and seeing his brother’s transformation into a monster. The Kamado family knew they’d never see Yoriichi again when he handed up his Hanafuda Earrings, so they promised to transmit Sun-Breathing on to their successors as a token of their gratitude.

The Kamado males have Yoriichi’s auburn hair, and Tanjiro who has similar hair also wears the same Hanafuda Earrings that Yoriichi formerly wore. While the Kamados were near-perfect in their transmission of Sun-Breathing forms, it wasn’t until Tanjiro that the Mark of a chosen Sun-Breather appeared on one of them.

Although Yoriichi and Tanjiro were both chosen to wield Sun-Breathing, Yoriichi died long after his wife and kid, leaving him with no direct successors. However, Yoriichi and his family have been reborn and are seen in the deep background of a panel as Tanjiro’s own grandchildren head to school in the final chapter of the Demon Slayer manga.

Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni Voice Actor

Despite previously appearing as a voiceless flashback, Yoriichi made his vocal debut in Season 2 of the Demon Slayer anime, when he was voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue. The character as played by Kazuhiko Inoue was the sole reason for the development of Breathing Techniques, which allowed ordinary humans to fight eternal demons. Thousands of lives were saved as a result of this tremendous technique over the years.

Inoue has been one of Japan’s most well-known voice performers since his debut in 1973, which is noteworthy in and of itself. She played a number of early parts in the 1970s, including Anthony in Candy Candy and later Joe in the 1979 adaptation of Cyborg 009.
Inoue’s output in the 1980s included both series that catered to adults, such Oishinbo, and series that were popular with children, like Tenku Senki Shurato. However, some of Inoue’s more recent overseas roles include those of Kakashi Hatake in Naruto, Klarth F. Lester in Tales of Phantasia, Eiri Yuki in Gravitation, You Miyagi in Junj Romantica, Aiôn in Chrono Crusade, and Hatori Sohma in Fruits Basket.

Furthermore, Inoue’s singing is frequently characterized as being comfortable and natural. His broad vocal range enables him to portray a wide range of personalities, from vivacious characters like Joe in Cyborg 009 and Kusanagi in Blue Seed to cold and uncaring ones like Eiri Yuki, to the perpetually hilarious but still incredibly potent wizard Guenter in Kyo Kara Maoh!, to dangerously seductive ones like Aion. Inoue is also known for performing peculiar roles in films like Legendz and Haru wo Daiteita as characters like Nagisa Sawa and Shiron the Windragon.

Is Yoriichi a Demon?

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Yoriichi is a genuine Demon Slayer, not just because of his strength but also because of his somber and compassionate manner. Yoriichi was never a demon. Yoriichi is an illustration of someone who shows how having a cheerful disposition and a tranquil mind helps your life and keeps the darkness from controlling your thoughts and hindering you from doing greater things.

According to what is known, Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the greatest Demon Slayer in history. He was strong enough to attempt to wipe away the lineage of some of the anime’s hardest demons and nearly kill some of them. He is in charge of the development of all Breathing Styles. It’s interesting that this individual had a godlike physique and a natural talent for swordsmanship in addition to being born with the Demon Slayer’s Mark, which is also known as the Transparent World, and the Selfless State.

It would also interest you to know that when he swiftly defeated a trained swordsman as a youngster who had never held a sword before, he was considered an unparalleled genius. Yoriichi would eventually develop the ability to defeat a large number of demons after training as a demon slayer, to the point where his older brother asserted that he could not even compare to him as an adult.

He was able to quickly corner Muzan Kibutsuji as the lone demon slayer, overwhelm him, and nearly kill him before he was able to escape. Despite the fact that he avoided death, Muzan was deeply affected by the occurrence and referred to him as a monster. Yoriichi would then go on to battle Kokushibo, the oldest of his twin brothers who had turned into a demon.

How Did Yoriichi Die?

Despite the fact that he had the Demon Slayer Mark and was supposed to have a short lifespan of 25 years, Yoriichi survived to be 80 years old, although he would eventually go blind. He faces Michikatsu, now known as Kokushibo and Muzan’s most powerful lieutenant, Upper-Rank One, on the last day of his life. He cried, distraught at what his brother had become, and Kokushibo could only express his displeasure at the fact that his younger brother was elderly yet still alive despite the mark.

Yoriichi knew he had to murder him despite his affection for him, and he prepared to give his opponent a strike that was sure to knock him out. When Kokushibo saw that Yoriichi was still the same skillful and powerful fighter as before, his hatred turned to terror as he sensed his doom. The Demon Slayer notified his brother when he was going to attack and then slashed through Kokushibo’s neck before he could even draw his blade.

Kokushibo, enraged at being outsmarted yet again, awaited the next strike. Unfortunately, it never arrived, and Yoriichi died standing up. Angry that his lone chance for a fair fight has passed him by and that the man who nearly murdered Muzan and him is now dead and unbeaten for all time, Kokushibo would strike at his brother’s corpse, only to discover Yoriichi was carrying the flute he gave him when they were both children. Kokushibo took action after being unable to break his bond with Yoriichi.

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