Who Plays Pope in Outer Banks and Does He Die?

American actor Jonathan Daviss plays Pope in Outer Banks. His character does not die despite some close shaves with death, and he will still be seen in season 4.

Outer Banks is a hit TV series that Netflix released on its platform in 2020. The show focuses on a group of teenagers as they hunt for long-lost but valuable treasure, contending with armed and dangerous people in the process. The group of teenagers are termed the pogues and Pope is the brains behind their operation, helping to figure out clues and similar things, etc.

Who is Outer Banks Jonathan Daviss?

Outer Banks’ Jonathan Daviss is a fast-rising American actor who is most popular for his role on the hit TV show. Daviss was born on the 28th day of February 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. He is of African American ethnicity. He hails from what is described as a large but tight-knit family comprising his parents and his three sisters.

Jonathan Daviss grew up in the town of Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas, and attended Conroe High School. He did typical high school stuff such as playing football and taking AP classes. He also went the extra mile to check out acting inspired by a love for movies from an early age.

Jonathan Daviss landed his first role at the age of 14 in one single episode of a TV series titled Revolution. He did other minor works until getting his big break in Outer Banks as Pope. Daviss has since gone on to land more roles. He has also landed endorsements with the likes of the Armani beauty brand.

How Old is Pope from Outer Banks in Real Life?

Pope from Outer Banks is 24 years old in real life. Pope is portrayed by Jonathan Daviss who was born on 28 February 2000. Unlike most of his other Outer Banks co-stars, Daviss is age-appropriate for the role that he portrays. Pope and the other pogues are 16-year-old teenagers, and when Jonathan Daviss was cast to play Pope, he was age 18.

By the time filming started, he was 19. When the show was released in 2020, he was 20 years old, meaning that he was only four years older than the character he played. Daviss has since gone on to reveal that he identifies with the character he plays as they share many similarities and face the same pressures he has to deal with in real life.

Does Pope Die in Outer Banks?

Pope does not die in Outer Banks, but he finds himself in several life-threatening situations as he assists the pogues in the treasure hunt. One of them is in season 2 episode 8, when he goes to a church to look for a treasured artifact in form of a gold cross. He is stung by wasps as he tries to retrieve the cross, and his friends have to intervene with the appropriate medicine to stop his allergic reaction.

In season 2 episode 10, Pope is once more on the hunt for the cross, and he and the pogues follow their detractors, Ward and his son Rafe onto a boat. Fights break out between the two groups and Pope jumps into the water as Rafe fires some shots at him. He is unhurt and makes it to a lifeboat which the pogues ride to a deserted island.

Pope is still very much alive. He will be seen in Outer Banks season 4, where he will be going away to school. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as he has always been brainy. He took AP classes and even had scholarship offers.

Does Pope Go To Jail in Outer Banks?

Pope does not go to jail in Outer Banks, although he is involved in some acts that break the law in a bid to assist the pogues. For instance, in season 1 episode 4, he sinks a boat belonging to Topper, one of his detractors. The issue is reported to the police, and his pal JJ decides to take the blame and is taken into custody. Pope also causes an explosion with a gun in season 2 episode 9 of Outer Banks, but the cops are not involved, and he goes scot-free.


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