Who Plays Zion in Ginny and Georgia? Meet Nathan Mitchell and Kyle Bary

Canadian actor Nathan Mitchell portrayed adult Zion Miller in Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia, while American actor Kyle Bary portrayed teenage Zion in Ginny & Georgia.

Ginny & Georgia hit the airwaves in February 2021, and the series is stacked with several high-quality cast and crew, including Sara Waisglass, Jennifer Robertson, Scott Porter, Raymond Ablack, and Brianne Howey. While the aforementioned actors secured the spots of several main characters, one recurring character, Zion, was almost as integral to the show’s storyline as others. This article explores the lives and personalities of the two actors, Nathan Mitchell and Kyle Bary, responsible for bringing the character to life on the big screen.

Who Plays Young Zion in Ginny and Georgia?

Teenage Zion Miller is played by American actor Kyle Bary. Born on May 22, 1993, 31-year-old Kyle was born and raised in the United States even though the exact location of his birth is unknown. He is one of two children born to Diane Britt-Smith and Derrick A. Butts and was raised alongside an older brother named Derrick J. Smith.

Details of Kyle Bary’s early formal educational background remain unknown, but he attended Virginia Tech University, from where he graduated in 2015. He made his acting debut in 2017 in the series Bull and has also appeared in other silver-screen productions, including The Oath, where he played the role of Brian, and Our Kind of People, where he was cast in the role of Quincy Dupont.

Nonetheless, Bary further caught the eye of the public with his masterful performance, albeit in a recurring role, in the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia. He was tasked with the responsibility of embodying one of the show’s integral characters Zion Miller. Kyle’s portrayal of a teenage Zion Miller appears to have set him in good stead for future movie roles.

So far, the series has been split into two seasons of ten episodes each, and Kyle was privileged to appear in six of the first season’s ten episodes. He first appeared in the Pilot of the series before further appearing in It’s A Face Not A Mask (Ep. 2), Lydia Bennett Is Hundo A Feminist (Ep. 4), Boo Bitch (Ep. 5), Check One, Check Other (Ep. 8), and Feelings Are Hard (Ep. 9).

Who Is The Adult Zion in Ginny And Georgia?

Adult Zion in Ginny and Georgia is portrayed by Canadian actor Nathan Mitchell. Nathan was born on December 6, 1988, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and is of Trinidadian and Jamaican descent. Not much is known about his birth family as well as about his formal educational background, even though he seems sufficiently educated.

Mitchell began his acting career in 2007 when he appeared in the recurring role of Jeffrey in three episodes of the series Aliens in America. Since then, he has built a career for himself as an actor, earning credits for his performances in movies and TV series such as The Marine 5: Battleground (2017), Scorched Earth (2018), Falling Skies (2011), Rush (2014), and The Boys (2019 – 2022).

His involvement in The Boys essentially launched his career to new heights and helped him land the role of the adult Zion in Ginny and Georgia. Mitchell’s portrayal of the father of Georgia’s child Ginny has been nothing short of remarkable, given how well he has acquitted himself of the demanding responsibilities placed upon the dynamic character he portrays.

How Old Is Zion In Ginny And Georgia?

Zion in Ginny and Georgia is 37 years old. According to the biographical information provided by a reliable source on the series, the character Zion was born on December 4, 1986, a fact that he is around four years older than Georgia, who is portrayed as a 30-year-old woman in the series.

There is not much age difference between the character and Nathan Mitchell, the actor who plays the role of adult Zion. As has been made quite clear, Mitchell was born on December 6, 1988, and this statement of fact means that he is just about two years younger than the character he plays.

On the other hand, the biographical information and the timing of Zion’s first contact with Georgia, who became a mother at 15, also suggest that teenage Zion would be around 19 years old when he impregnated Georgia. This means that Kyle Bary, the actor who portrays a teenage Zion, is more than a decade older than the version of Zion that he portrays, having been born on May 22, 1993.


What is Kyle Bary’s Age Compared To Nathan Mitchell?

Kyle Barry is 31 years old compared to Nathan Mitchell, who is 35 years old. When one considers the dates of birth of both Kyle Bary and Nathan Mitchell, it becomes quite clear that the actor who plays the role of a teenage Zion is only about five years younger than the actor who plays the role of an adult Zion.

This reality is in stark contrast to the portrayal of the age difference between the two versions of Zion in the Netflix series, which stands at a whopping fifteen years.

What Episode Does Zion Come in Ginny and Georgia?

Zion was first introduced to Ginny and Georgia’s audiences during the show’s pilot episode, which was released on February 24, 2021. Since then, both versions of the character have appeared in sixteen of the twenty episodes of the series so far, including six of the ten episodes in season one and all ten episodes of the second season.

According to several sources, though, adult Zion has had more screen time than teenage Zion, with Mitchell taking to the role like a duck to water.

How Tall Is Nathan Mitchell Compared To Kyle Bary?

According to several sources, including celebheights.com, Nathan Mitchell stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188cm). Compared to Kyle Bary, who is reportedly 5 ft 10 inches (177 cm) tall, that is a significant height difference of three inches.

The character Zion is portrayed as having the same height as the actor who portrays the male version, and given that the average height of a 19-year-old teenager in the United States is around 5 feet 9 inches (176 cm), it is safe to say that teenage Zion is at least an inch taller than his mates were.


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