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Experience, learn, improve…life is all about getting better.

Byliner.com is a comprehensive resource for learning how to live better through books, guides, and experiences. Become more productive, and build great communication skills required in your daily living; all without missing the fun things that life brings.

Here at Byliner, we understand that individuals can build themselves up through acquiring the right knowledge and our goal is to fill that curiosity by sharing the right information, inspirational tips, and ideas applicable in a number of fields that can result in your personal skill development, bridging communication gaps, and learning effective strategies for self expression under diverse circumstances.

Today, armed with our top priority of adding value to the perspective of life, we bring to our esteemed readers, useful articles that provide interesting insights on books, communication, lifestyle, inspiring and creative individuals. We try our hardest to ensure that every relevant angle is well explored.

Editorial Policy

We want Byliner.com to be a valuable resource, accurate, and trustworthy. In order to achieve this, we work with well-trained and seasoned researchers, writers, editors and reviewers chosen and vetted for subject-matter expertise.

We work with a team of experienced writers who research and write with the reader in mind, providing our users with valuable, useful and informative content in a way that is both user-friendly and relevant.

We are deeply committed towards fair and unbiased reports in every content we publish; therefore, we subject each of our articles through a multi-tier, multi-layered review process.

Fact Checking

Further to this, an editor (who is an expert in that particular field) is mandated to perform a thorough fact-check of each article, review sources and reference links, quotes, and statistics. Also, our reviewers provide a critical layer of review, ensuring the integrity of the content before it gets published. On the other hand, our statistics and guides are updated from time to time to ensure the information we have is not only current but also accurate.

We aim to differentiate ourselves and stand out as number one in the niche we operate in and get known as a trusted and respected platform.

Corrections, Updates, and Deletions

We take every measure necessary to ensure that the content we publish is accurate at the time of publishing, however, given how dynamic the digital media space is, if there is a need to make a correction to an article after it has been published, we do not hesitate to effect the change, irrespective of how negligible it might seem. We are straightforward, very cautious, and are guided by our editorial ethics in the information we publish.

Our team

Chizzy Onukogu


Chizzy is an avid reader and editor who likes to paint picture with his words, taking over every reader's imagination in the process. He is a proponent of intentional living and finds writing interestingly therapeutic.

Princess Ada


Princess is a seasoned researcher and human interest journalist who believes that writing provides a way to fulfils a higher purpose. She finds her inspiration from the people she meets along her journeys and the places she visits.

Nedu Ndubueze


Nedu is an ardent writer and has written across various channels. He sees writing as a means of exploring and sharing perspectives and inspiration.

Tyna Ginikanwa


Tyna has written for a number of publications and has acquired a wealth of experience. She brings her natural-born problem solving skills into her writing to the end that you find easy strategies to improve your overall well being.

Iyke Legend


Ikenna is a passionate writer and editor. He is a self-proclaimed reader and loves music, hanging out and exploring the outdoors when he is not working.

Linda Nwadigwe


Linda is a lifestyle writer and editor with a unique specialty in detail oriented investigative gigs that task the mind while keeping the reader entertained.

Mex Dez

Mex is a tech enthusiast and an entrepreneur who has embarked on a number of successful projects. His philosophy is that positively conscious, intentional living is one of the necessities for thriving in the modern world.