Tom Bissell – Books, Biography and Facts About The Author

To some people, Tom Bissell is just another geek who has a natural way with words and is able to earn a living as a journalist and writer. This is because the 2010 Guggenheim Fellow has extensively written about the importance of video games in newspapers like The New Yorker, and also contributed to the […]

Barbara Ehrenreich Books, Biography and Facts About The Author

Barbara Ehrenreich is a veteran American journalist and political activist who built a reputation as a muckraker; someone who attacked established institutions and leaders. The self-described myth buster is also a celebrated columnist, essayist, and author whose work has appeared in various publications across the country. She is, however, best known for writing non-fiction stories […]

Who Was Pauline Kael? Here are Facts You Need To Know

Known for her highly opinionated and comical reviews that differed greatly from those of her peers, American film critic Pauline Kael was certainly ahead of her time as she was one of the most influential film critics of her era. Her distinctive writing style and influence can greatly be seen today in the work of […]

Christopher Hitchens Books, Biography, Wife and Kids

Christopher Hitchens was a prolific writer who authored many books on a lot of things including philosophy and religion. He was also a media personality, an orator, and critic whose work in the area of literature, religion, and social critiquing gained fame for him in different parts of the world. With both English and American […]

David Leonhardt – Bio, Facts About The American Journalist

It seems farfetched to comprehend but some of the best journalists in the world today do not have degrees in the field. That is exactly the case of American journalist David Leonhardt, who is best known as a columnist for The New York Times. The Yale University graduate has held several ranking positions in the […]

Thomas Lake – Biography, Facts About The CNN Journalist

After having made the rounds as a reporter for various newspaper outlets across the United States, and then as a writer for the renowned sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, award-winning writer Thomas Lake has been able to find a home at CNN Digital, where he has been able to continue to show the excellent writing ability […]

Martin Amis – Biography, Books, Facts About The British Novelist

Named by The Times in 2008 as one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945, Martin Amis is a novelist best known for writing Money (1984), London Fields (1989), and Yellow Dog (2003). The James Tait Black Memorial Prize recipient, who has twice been listed for the Booker Prize for Fiction, has also dabbled […]

Susan Orlean – Books, Biography and Facts About The American Journalist

After first harboring the hopes of attending law school and making something out of her law degree, Susan Orlean abandoned that career path to do something she said she always wanted to do. The Ohio native had longed to become a writer of long stories about interesting things rather than news stories about short-lived events, […]

5 Reasons We Will Never Stop Talking About Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, the world seemed to stop moving for a while. This was because almost everyone felt connected to him in a way or two, from those making use of MacBook to iPhone, iPad, and many other things he contributed in inventing. Described as one of the greatest inventors to have […]