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52 Spectacular Non-Fiction Books You Need To Read

While fiction books get most of the love and attention in the literary world, there are many spectacular non-fiction books that deserve as much attention. These books not only resonate with book readers all over the world but they are also captivating because of the lessons they offer and the insight they provide into the author’s life.

15 Nonfiction Books That Became Movies With Fascinating Stories

From regular movies to Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, and more, each year, we are seeing more books that are turned to great movies. While the big screen is dominated by the adaptation of fictional books, there are also many nonfiction books that became movies and they have so much to deliver, probably even better than fiction.

15 Best Book Subscription Boxes and Services Online

Finding solace and escape in a literary world is not uncommon; due to this need, writers, readers, and lovers of literature always try to find the next best book to lose themselves in. This is why there’s a huge demand for the best book subscription boxes and services online.

20 Best Netflix Original Movies, Series, and TV Shows

Over the last few years, Netflix has spent billions of dollars to put itself at the forefront of the media streaming business. It has done so by building an extensive catalog of movies, series, and TV shows that would cater to the preference of any of the service’s subscribers around the world. The streaming service has further put more emphasis on producing in-house content, known as Netflix Original.

20 Best Amazon Prime Original Series, Movies, and TV Shows

In an era where Netflix is dominating the movie streaming world, others like Hulu and Amazon are working hard to keep up the pace. Just as there is the Netflix Original which are contents originally produced by Netflix and which you will not find on any other platform, there is also the Amazon Prime Original Series, movies, and TV shows.

10 of The Hottest New York Times Bestselling Books

What’s better to read for a lover of books than the New York Times Bestselling Books? Once it makes it to the list, it is a bestselling book in the United States and always, that makes it a great book for anyone to read.

10 Anthologies and Collections To Add To Your Shelf

Whether you are a short story lover or that of good essays, or poetry, there are certain anthologies and collections that you should definitely have on your shelf. Some of these books have been able to define the genres in many exceptional ways.

10 Best Surround Sound Movies You Need To Watch

So you have spent the big bucks on getting a surround sound system and now you are looking for films to try it out. The truth is that while you will get above the average performance as regards the audio with the system, getting the best surround sound movies would do the trick much better.

20 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

Due to the popularity of the genre, there has been an influx over the years of great science fiction books, most especially in the 20th century, the golden age of science fiction. With that being said, here are the 20 best science fiction books that stand out the most.

20 Most Popular Children’s Book

Over the years, numerous authors, some more famous than others, have written various children’s book that has gone a long way in helping the development of children’s vocabulary while also teaching them a moral or religious lesson.

Top 10 Products, Tools and Gadgets for Everyday Cooking

While cooking might be a delight for many, it can also be an undeniable chore for others. However, with certain products, tools, and gadgets, cooking has never been easier.

25 Best True Crime Books of All Time According To AbeBooks

We can all admit that true crime stories are very disturbing, however, they are also quite fascinating as they delve into the human mind, particularly into the minds of those who perpetrate crimes. Authors of such books of the non-fiction genre, examine actual crimes, usually high profile and sensationalized murders, detailing the actions of all the people involved.