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Why Stay Away From the Book of Enoch? Facts and Reasons Christians Reject it

The major reason Christians reject the Book of Enoch is because it is not a part of the biblical canon or a book in the bible....


Who is Lee Asher and Is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend

Lee Asher is not married, nor is it known if he has been married to anyone in the past. He is single and doesn't...

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Meet Tommie Lee’s Kids Havalli Lee and Samaria Lee

Tommie Lee's kids are two daughters named Havalli Lee and Samaria Lee. Havalli Lee was born in 2007, while her older sister Samaria was born four years earlier in 2003. The identities of Havalli and Samaria's fathers are unknown to the public. Tommie Lee's relationship with her children makes up part of her storyline on the Love & Hip Hop reality TV show. Her journey as a mother has also been a subject of discussion on the VH1 show, where she started off as a...