William Finnegan – Books, Biography and Facts About The Author

William Finnegan is a journalist and a writer whose work has covered a lot of things including racism, poverty, and politics among many other things. Although he is American, he is famous for his international journalism. He has covered various parts of the world such as Mexico during its political turmoil, Southern African issues including […]

25 Best True Crime Books of All Time According To AbeBooks

We can all admit that true crime stories are very disturbing, however, they are also quite fascinating as they delve into the human mind, particularly into the minds of those who perpetrate crimes. Authors of such books of the non-fiction genre, examine actual crimes, usually high profile and sensationalized murders, detailing the actions of all […]

9 Must-Read Roger Angell Books, Essays & Literary Works

Roger Angell Books are generally among the must-read works for anyone interested in books or materials on sports in general and baseball in particular. He is one of the few individuals who have established themselves as literary icons of high repute. An alumnus of Harvard and one-time Air Force veteran during the World War ll, […]

5 Robert Rosenthal Books and Stories on Psychology and Human Behaviour

Most known for his interests in self-fulfilling prophecies through non-verbal communication, and his extensive research and ground-breaking investigations into the Pygmalion Effect; the influence that a researcher can have on the outcome of an experiment, the effects of teacher’s expectations on students’ academic and physical performance, and the effects of clinicians’ expectations on their patients’ […]

Amy Tan Books, Biography and Facts About The Author

Every writer from William Shakespeare to Harlan Coben, John Grisham to everyone else, has his own style. For Amy Tan, she is probably the most popular when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. Tan is a writer who has received much praise for her works, although she has also been criticized for what has been claimed […]

Grantland Rice List of Books, Essays, Articles & Literary Works

The 1920s in America has most often been described by many historians as the Golden Age of Sports. While the extraordinary athletes of that era, the Jack Dempsey’s, Babe Ruth’s, and Bill Tilden’s of the world, had a say in this being so, a lot has been attributed to the inspirational and heroic writings of […]

7 Must-Read Salman Rushdie Books and Stories

Ahmed Salman Rushdie is an American-British writer originally from India. He was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) India. He is an author and a well renowned religious satirist. Salman is known for controversial stories, magical realism and has been called a magician of words which has won him several awards and the hatred of millions […]

Brian Mockenhaupt List of Books, Works, Study Guides & Essays

Writer Brian Mockenhaupt is a United States Army veteran that now serves as a contributing editor at Outside magazine, and a non-fiction editor at the Journal of Military Experience. His work has been featured on magazines like Esquire, Reader’s Digest, The New York Times Magazine, Chicago, Pacific Standard, Backpacker, and The Atlantic. A former newspaper […]

10 Must-Read Oliver Sacks Books and Literary Works

Before anything else, Oliver Sacks was a neurologist and historian of science. However, he was likewise very important as a writer in the field of neurology. Arguably, there is hardly any writer in history that has captured and explained the drama of humans which is triggered by illness and neurological problems as much as Sacks. […]

7 Best Joan Didion Books You Need To Read Before You Die

Known for her extensive observations of different American subcultures, and her explicit writing on issues surrounding the disintegration of American morals and cultural chaos, award-winning journalist and writer Joan Didion has left an indelible mark on literary journalism as she is revered for her unique ability to capture American life. Her work has received extensive […]