50 Unique First Communion Gifts For Boys


The idea of getting a first communion gift has become as accepted as the ceremony itself. The first communion in the Christian faith took place during the last supper of Jesus with his twelve disciples before his death on the cross. The story, which was well detailed in the book of Mathew chapter 26, tells of how He fed his disciples with bread and wine which symbolized his body and blood. He also commanded them to do it often in remembrance of him after his death. This ritual has since become one of the holy tenets of the Christian faith referred to as the holy communion. It is how Christians worldwide remember the life he lived on earth before he gave himself to save the world. After the death of Jesus, his disciples took up the ritual and celebrated it as a full meal and sometimes a banquet, just like Jesus did. Over time and as the population of Christians multiplied, the first communion has gone from being a full meal to strictly sharing bread and wine.

The first communion is a milestone ceremony for Christians in general but even more so for the catholic community. The ceremony is now mostly used to celebrate the first time a child or an adult receives the Sacrament of the Eucharist, better known as the holy communion. The auspicious occasion has evolved to include sharing and giving gifts to help children better understand the importance of coming to the lord’s table besides wearing their best clothes and having a party. These gifts are thoughtful totems and items of faith that will help children remember their first communion dear and cherish their faith in God.

In The light of the above, choosing a first communion gift for boys can be quite tricky because even though the thought matters, the gift also needs to be something that will boost the boy’s faith in God. Take a look at these First Communion gift ideas for boys.

What Is a Good First Communion Gift?

First Communion Gift

Choosing a good first communion gift is key in ensuring the child you are giving it to will have a memorable day. Your gift needs to be every bit as exciting as it is religious so that the child does not get carried away playing with the gift and forget why he got the gift in the first place. This means that not every regular childrens’ toy can serve as a good first communion gift. The above notwithstanding, a child cannot possibly grasp the importance of the first communion in its totality, so you would be walking a fine line between getting something exciting and religiously relevant.

In addition to the above, whatever gift you are getting for a boy’s first communion must also have a personal touch. For example, if the boy loves fight games or action figures, you can get him a Transformers Bumblebee Robot Light Camaro Racecar Night Light Side Table Lamp. A gift like this has a personal touch, is appropriate for children, has the right religious undertone, signifies strength, and will surely excite a boy. Other interesting gifts you can get a boy for the first communion include a Boy Bisque Porcelain Figurine, a Nickel Cross Rosary Box, a White Tie and Hanky Set with Cross, a Dinosaur Night Light for Kids, Jesus Loves Me Resin Stone Musical Water Snow Globe, Praying Boy John 6:35 Resin Stone Keepsake Box.

At What Age Does a Boy Have His First Communion?

Traditionally, the catholic church celebrates the first communion for children between the ages of seven and thirteen. This is believed to be the age range when a child’s reasoning can completely understand the importance of partaking in the holy eucharist as opposed to having it at infancy when it would have no meaning to the child. Other faith communities like the Methodist and some Anglican churches refer to the first communion as confirmation for children of ten years and above. However, it is often not as big a ceremony as in the catholic church for these other denominations.

There are a host of other reasons why the first communion is celebrated in a big way for children. First on the list is the biblical belief that children are pure in heart which is a necessary condition for partaking in the body and blood of Jesus. If, for any reason, a person crosses the age bracket and does not get around to having their first communion, they can still do it as an adult.

What Is The Best First Communion Gift From Godparents?

A godparent plays many roles in a child’s life, from standing in as a substitute parent during their baptism to celebrating their life milestones alongside their actual parents and loving them just as much. Because the first communion is an important rite of passage for children, it is one of the best times for godparents to celebrate their godchildren and shower them with gifts that their parents would ordinarily not give them. Let’s face it, the godparent’s job in the modern-day setting involves spoiling their godchildren silly.

Unlike all other people, a godparent is allowed to give religious or just totally mindblowing gifts. If you are a godparent and are wondering what to get your godson on his first communion, you might want to consider getting him an Intercession Wall and Table Wood Cross Crucifix and teach him to kneel before it in prayer whenever he has an issue that he needs to talk to God about. If he is already into sports at that young age, a year-long seat at his local baseball stadium should do the magic. If he is an avid reader, go with a first edition of his favorite book. You could also go with a Bible Journaling Kit With Gel Highlighters And Pens and teach him how to record his Christian beliefs and experiences.

Is Money An Acceptable First Communion Gift For Boys?

First Communion Gift

Gifting an adult with money for any occasion where you are unsure what to buy is a totally acceptable norm since they can decide what they prefer. But is it the same for a child? Is it really appropriate to gift a child with money during their first communion? Those in favor of gifting money argue that the parents can put it in fixed savings for the child to cash when they are old enough. Others argue that the first communion is a sentimental ritual and should attract gifts a child can relate to.

The arguments have been pretty compelling for whatever side you are for, but it remains the discretion of the person giving the gift to decide what they want to give depending totally on how well they know the child in question and his needs. So yes, money is a totally acceptable first communion gift for boys. In This regard, you can get him a Blue Double Whale Ceramic Piggy Bank for Boys.

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