What Is Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Age and Why Did He Leave Family Reunion?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey is a 17-year-old American actor and model born on December 9, 2006. He is most famous for his role in the popular Netflix sitcom series Family Reunion, where he plays Shaka McKellen, the older son of the McKellen family. Russell-Bailey’s role in the show was, however, cut short as he did not return for season 3. The reasons for his absence are still unknown today.

Family Reunion isn’t the only show the young actor is famous for, as he has also starred in movies and TV shows such as Criminal Minds, GiantsRaven’s HomeThrowback Holiday, and many others. Isaiah began his acting career at the very young age of 12 when his mother still accompanied him to movie sets. His mother, who was once a dancer for famous artists during her career, fueled Isaiah’s passion for acting and dancing, as the boy is reported to be a talented dancer as well.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Age

Isaiah Russell-Bailey is 17 years old as of 2024. He was born on December 9, 2006, to Brittany Perry-Russell and Howard Bailey Jr. in Los Angeles, California.

Isaiah was only 12 years old when he got his first role as Young Kevin Winters in the 2018 CBS drama Criminal Minds, where he appeared in one of the show’s episodes. Later, he graced the screens of other shows and has continued to dazzle the world with his talent and skills. So far, Isaiah has appeared in ten movies and TV shows, and in all, he delivered splendidly.

With a career most people his age in the industry would envy, Isaiah is moving steadily toward becoming even greater, especially as he’s set to appear in his breakout role as Caleb Channing in the Disney-Plus sci-fi movie Crater, where he stars alongside American rapper, Kid Cudi. This only shows how much effort and zeal the young star has, despite leaving many in the dark about his abrupt absence in Netflix’s Family Reunion.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Birthday Dates

Year Day Age
December 9, 2024 Monday 18 years old
December 9, 2025 Tuesday 19 years old
December 9, 2026 Wednesday 20 years old
December 9, 2027 Thursday 21 years old
December 9, 2028 Saturday 22 years old
December 9, 2029 Sunday 23 years old
December 9, 2030 Monday 24 years old


Why Did Isaiah Russell-Bailey Leave Family Reunion?

The reasons for Isiah Russell-Bailey’s departure from Family Reunion are unknown. Neither Isaiah himself nor the cast or the director, Meg DeLoatch, have said anything to shed light on the matter. His not being on the show had come as a surprise to many, as no statement was made prior to the change. And it was even more shocking when it was revealed that Isaiah’s character hadn’t been replaced.

Netflix had only repositioned the show’s narrative by introducing a new character, Tyson, to fill Shaka’s absence, and the reason for this “overnight” change was due to Shaka being sent away to boarding school to concentrate more on his studies. This hadn’t gone down well with fans of the show, as many simply wanted Shaka McKellen back, as the character was known for his pranks and mischievous nature. But that wasn’t what made him lovable among viewers.

Shaka McKellen is Moz and Cocoa Mckellen’s oldest son. He’s portrayed as smart and witty with his pranks and was a bit of a thorn to his parents. However, when he’s not trying to make his parents regret their life choices, he will be seen serving as a band-aid to their woes and stepping up for his younger brother, Mazzi. But sadly, that will no longer happen, as Shaka is said to begin boarding school at the start of the third season, down to the fifth.

Film studios often change their cast if they are found unfit or unable to continue, bringing in new faces that would take on that role. But this isn’t the case for Shaka, as he’s still made to be a part of the show, even though he won’t be returning from the said “boarding school.” Season 5 is the final part of the family drama series, which will see the end of the story behind it and the end for the characters in it, including Shaka McKellen.

So, why had Netflix cut him out in that manner? Perhaps no one will ever get to learn of it.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Movies and TV Shows

Isaiah Russell-Bailey made his acting debut in 2018, at the age of 12, when he played a young character named Young Kevin Winters in the CBS drama show Criminal Minds. In the same year, he appeared in another CBS crime drama called S.W.A.T, where he played Young Dee. 

Isaiah also played Burton in Disney’s Raven’s Home. This was in 2019, at the age of 13, and in the same year, he put more smiles on people’s faces around the country when he took up the role of Shaka McKellen in Netflix’s family drama Family Reunion. Since then, Isaiah has found the most love among viewers of his performance.

Family Reunion was the one show that truly brought out the light in Isaiah, making people who watched him fall in love with his character and acting. So much so that when he left the show without prior notice or statement following his absence, only a few people wanted to see the show anymore. They called it “unfair,” as one of their favorite actors was no longer with them.

People spoke about his absence from the Netflix show, asking if the person behind Shaka was all right. Isaiah came out of his hiding and declared that he’s working on a new film with American rapper Kid Cudi in collaboration with Disney-Plus. This is truly proof that Isaiah is doing great things as an actor and is expected to continue pushing the boundaries with the support and love he gets from his parents and fans alike.

Movie Year Role
Criminal Minds 2018 Young Kevin Winters
Giants 2018 Young Malachi
Raven’s Home 2018 Burton
S.W.A.T 2018 Young Dee
Throwback Holiday 2018 Justin
Family Reunion 2019 Shaka McKellen
Family Reunion: Christmas 2019 Shaka McKellen
We Can Be Heroes 2020 Rewind
Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event 2020 Shaka McKellen
Crater 2023 Caleb Channing


Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Height

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s height is 5 feet 5 inches. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years as the young actor still has a lot of growing to do. Regarding his weight, he weighs around 114 pounds or 52 kg.


What is Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Age in 2024?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey is 17 years old as of 2024. He was born on December 9, 2006.

Who is Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Mom?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s mother’s name is Brittany Perry-Russell. She’s an actress and dancer who has worked with many stars during her career, both on set and on stage.

Who is Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Dad?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s father’s name is Howard Bailey Jr. He is a rapper with the stage name Chingy.

Who is Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Sister?

Isaiah Russell-Bailey reportedly has a sister, but her identity is not known to the public.

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