Truth About Harris Faulkner’s Illness: Does She Have Cancer?

Harris Faulkner does not have any illness, including cancer. All indication available to the public suggests that even though the American media personality has lost some weight in the recent past and had some medical issues, she is in good health. 

Born on October 13, 1965, and now 58 years old, Faulkner rose to fame thanks to her career as a journalist, which she started in 1992. In the years that followed, she worked with many other media houses, including WDAF-TV and KSTP-TV. She is currently with Fox News Channel, where she hosts Outnumbered, and is celebrated for clinching six Emmy Awards.

Does Harris Faulkner Have Cancer?

Harris Faulkner does not have cancer or any other terminal illness, as far as public records are concerned. Although there have been speculations across the internet that she might be battling a sickness, which is likely cancer, this has not been confirmed by anyone close to her.

The claims that she might be having cancer began a few years ago, in 2016, when the American newscaster and television host revealed that she lost her mom to Cancer. According to her, her mom lost her life to lung cancer, and before the sad incident, they were very close and inseparable.

Her mom, Shirley Harris, was first diagnosed with the condition in September 2016 when it was uncovered that she had fourth-stage lung cancer. She did not live long after that before she died, as the aggressive tumor had already affected her lungs and kidneys. She announced that because of the loss, she was going to be away from Fox News for some time to prepare for the funeral.

Harris Faulkner’s mother was not the first person that the media personality had lost to cancer. In September 2016, she revealed that she had lost her aunt, Mary, to breast cancer.

As a result of the loss she has suffered, Harris has been putting efforts towards raising awareness of the disease as well as providing support for those suffering from it. She has also contributed to various cancer-related causes.

Faulkner once revealed that together with her husband, Tony Berlin, she is dedicated to fighting all forms of cancer with better therapies and answers. Some of the associations they have supported include the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps in the fight against breast cancer as well as the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer.

The aggressive activities of the Fox News host towards raising awareness about cancer have got some to wonder if she is a survivor of the dreaded condition. However, she has never been diagnosed with any form of the disease.

Does Harris Faulkner’s an Illness?

No, Harris Faulkner does not have a known illness. The Fox News host has been very active for a long time without taking any time off for health reasons, which is a clear indication that she is in good health. The only known time that she was absent from work was some years ago when she lost her mom and then recently in 2023 when she stated was away briefly to take care of what was believed to be a minor health challenge.

Fears and concerns were raised about the TV personality because she seemed to be losing some weight of late, causing followers to speculate if she might be suffering from an illness that she has kept away from the public.

Harris made it known in March 2023 that she had just returned from a medical procedure, but she did not specify further what might be wrong with her.  In the post, she also thanked the Lord for the success of the procedure, followed by emojis of praying hands and a heart. That was the last time she revealed anything about her health.

Does Harris Faulkner Have Health Problems?

Harris Faulkner does not have any health problems as far as public knowledge is concerned. The multiple Emmy award-winning anchor has never made any revelations of any serious health issues that she may be suffering from, apart from a couple of times when she shared health-related posts.

The first time she made any post relating to her health was on her social media when she revealed that she had a cold a few years ago. After that, the next time she shared anything relating to her health on Instagram was when she made revelations about the unknown medical procedure she had, which was successful.

To date, Harris Faulkner’s health has remained a serious topic for her followers on social media, even though there has been nothing significant to suggest she is not in good health. That is except for the weight loss of the TV host, which has also caused some buzz on the internet.

This, however, could as well be linked to the healthy living adopted by the media personality. In an interview she granted many years ago, she revealed that she was always exercising and walking to lakes, most especially when she was in Minnesota, even when it was freezing.

She was also born to a mother who was once a model and maintained great looks and slim body build. She has also inherited the same body structure as she has almost always been a slim woman and tall woman who is blessed with beauty.

What Has Happened to Harris Faulkner?

Harris Faulkner has faced several challenges in the last few years. This began with the loss of her mom in 2016. This was followed by the loss of her dad, Ret. Lt. Col. Bobby R. Harris in 2020 and then her ill-health in 2023.

During the ill-health of her mom, Faulkner took the role of a caregiver. She was always there to take care of her mom, who would tell her to go and help someone else. While caring for her mother, Faulkner revealed that she had to seek help because she was getting isolated, and it was affecting her mental health.

Apart from the things that happened to her parents, the only other thing that has happened to Harris Faulkner is in relation to her health. As indicated, she revealed that she had a medical procedure that took her away from her job for a brief period in 2023.

In as much as there were rumors that she might be suffering from cancer, she has never made any revelation on what procedure she had and what she might be suffering from. That said, it is very unlikely that she has cancer.


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