Meet Charles Flenory and Lucille Flenory – Big Meech’s Parents

Big Meech’s Parents are Flenory and Lucille Flenory. Big Meech was the co-founder of The Black Mafia Family, one of the most organized drug empires in the United States of America. While his mother, Lucille, is still alive, his father died in 2017.

Big Meech’s parents are featured in the Starz original drama series titled “BMF.” Charles’s character is played by actor Russell Hornsby while Lucilee’s character is played by Michole Briana White. The show delves into the criminal life led by the Flenory brothers and their eventual encounters with the law.

Who Is Charles Flenory, Big Meech’s Father?

Big Meech’s father was known as Charles Flenory. Unfortunately, there is limited publicly available information about him, including his age. It is only known that he was a native of Detroit, Michigan, who made a living as a truck driver.

Charles played a role in providing proper parental guidance to his children – Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. However, the family faced financial challenges, and so his sons got involved in criminal activities as a means to secure their own financial stability.

Big Meech’s father was not initially aware of what his sons did for a living. When it later came to light that they were drug dealers, he distanced himself from their criminal activities, but still showed support to them, even after they were arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Who Is Lucille Flenory, Big Meech’s Mother?

Lucille Flenory is the mother of Big Meech and Southwest T. There are varying reports regarding what she did for a living. While some publications have described her as a homemaker, others say that she worked minimal jobs to help provide for her family.

Regardless, Lucille was a deeply devoted Christian who tried to raise her children right. She, however, faced various challenges in doing so, as her son Big Meech was once found with a firearm in their home and she and her husband had to evict him in order not to lead her other son astray.

Lucille exhausted every possible means to steer Meech away from the streets, and when the law eventually caught up with him, she distanced herself entirely from any connection to his drug empire. Nevertheless, she did not completely abandon her sons as she continued to advocate for their release.

Big Meech’s Parents Had Two Other Children

Details of exactly how and when Big Meech’s Parents, Charles and Lucille Flenory, met are not known. However, we know that they had three children. Their infamous son, Big Meech, officially known as Demetrius Edward Flenory, was born on June 21, 1968. Their other kids are a son named Terry and a daughter named Nicole.

Terry was born two years after Meech, on January 10, 1970. The brothers were very close and they attended the same high school in southwest Detroit, a place plagued by decay and hardship. By their teenage years, Big Meech and Southwest T began establishing one of the most influential crime families in American history.

They started by selling cocaine on the streets in their hometown before moving across different states in the US. Law enforcement revealed that they had over 500 members in the country. The brothers later started feuding, which led to their separation – Southwest moved to Los Angeles while Big Meech remained in Atlanta, their major distribution center.

The law eventually caught up with them in 2005 and they pleaded guilty to running a criminal organization. They were sentenced to 30 years in prison for their crimes.

Where is Charles Flenory Now, Is he Still Alive?

Charles Flenory is dead. The father of Big Meech and Southwest T died in July 2017 after suffering an undisclosed illness. He passed away while his infamous sons were still incarcerated. Charles is believed to have been in his 70s at the time of his demise.

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