Meet Kinigra Deon’s Kids, Husband and Family

Kinigra Deon has three kids – two daughters named Ari Baby and K’Mila Rose Washington and a son whose name is unknown. The YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and model is happily married to Reggie Washington, a successful entrepreneur who owns multiple Hookah lounges across America.

Inside Kinigra Deon’s Family

Kinigra Deon is a YouTube sensation known for her engaging comedy videos featuring her family. She was born on November 28, 1988, in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. While details about her family are limited, they occasionally appear in her content.

Kinigra is happily married to Reggie Washington, a notable figure with a substantial Instagram following of over 20k. Reggie, who often makes appearances in Kinigra’s videos, is associated with Merienda Lounge, Luxe Ultra Lounge, and 30/40 Hookah Lounge in the United States.

Other members of Kinigra’s family include stepdaughter and YouTube star Arii Babyy, younger daughter K’mila, and a baby son whom she recently welcomed into the world.

How Many Kids Does Kinigra Deon Have?

Kinigra Deon has three kids. The YouTube star is a devoted mother, proudly raising two daughters and a son, who occasionally features on her reality TV series, “Krown Family.” Her love and commitment to her children shine through as she shares the joys and adventures of family life in the public eye.

Who Are Kinigra Deon’s Kids? 

Kinigra Deon’s kids are three in number, two of whom she shares with her husband, Reggie Washington. The couple’s oldest child is Kinigra’s stepdaughter, Ari Baby, Reggie’s teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

Their second child is K’Mila Rose Washington, who was born on November 27, 2021. Since her birth, K’IMila has been a delightful presence in her parents’ social media posts and has even made appearances on the family’s reality TV series.

The youngest of the Deon-Washington family is a baby boy. While the couple is yet to reveal his name, Kinigra shared a heartwarming moment on Instagram on November 23, 2023. The post features a touching picture of K’Mila carrying her younger brother on her lap, with Kinigra expressing admiration for K’Mila’s role as a loving big sister. This snapshot provides a glimpse into the warmth and joy that defines Kinigra Deon’s family life.

Who Is Kinigra Deon’s Daughter? 

Kinigra Deon’s daughter, K’Mila Rose, who was born on November 27, 2021, has grown into a delightful 2 year-old. This charming youngster has garnered quite a following on her dedicated Instagram account, boasting 55.9k followers. The account features adorable snapshots capturing K’Mila’s precious moments alongside her parents and siblings.

Beyond pictures, K’Mila has her own YouTube page, where heartwarming videos showcase the love showered upon her by family members, amassing an impressive 84.9k subscribers.

Kinigra’s other daughter is Ari Baby, her husband’s teenage daughter from a previous relationship. Kinigra’s genuine affection for Ari Baby is palpable, evident in the youngster’s frequent presence in Kinigra’s videos. Through her vlogs and social media platforms, Kinigra beautifully intertwines the joys of motherhood and stepmotherhood, portraying a blended family filled with love and togetherness.

Does Kinigra Deon Have a Son? 

Yes, Kinigra Doen has a son. The popular YouTuber delightedly announced her pregnancy on June 20, 2023, through an Instagram picture showcasing her baby bump. In a family photo shared with fans on October 5, 2023, during a professional shoot, she excitedly revealed that she was expecting a baby boy, captioning the image with “baby boy 👑.”

Fast forward to November 23, 2023, the YouTuber, now a mother of two, heartwarmingly posted a picture of her children. The picture featured K’mila carrying her newborn brother, accompanied by the caption, “Mila is such a good big sister.”

Is Kinigra Deon Married?

Yes, Kinigra Deon is a married woman. While we know that she has been married to Reggie Washington for quite a while now, the exact date of her marriage is currently unknown. Reggie is prominently featured in Kinigra Deon’s pictures and videos, portraying a loving father to their three beautiful children.

Who Is Kinigra Deon’s Husband? 

Kinigra Deon’s husband is Reggie Washington, a successful businessman who owns Merienda Lounge, Luxe Ultra Lounge, and 30/40 Hookah Lounge in America. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Reggie is an active philanthropist, collaborating with Kinigra on various charitable projects over the years. Their solid relationship is marked by mutual support, frequently attending events together and extending helping hands to those in need.

Kinigra Deon’s Sister

Kinigra Deon has an older sister named Mesha Deon. Not many details are known about Kinigra’s family, but it is confirmed that her older sister, Mesha, is married.

Does Kinigra Deon Have Other Siblings? 

Kinigra Deon has two older siblings, including Mesha. While we know about Mesha, the other sister remains unnamed. Both of Kinigra’s sisters are married, adding to the familial connections within their middle-class upbringing.


How Old Is Kinigra Deon? 

Kinigra Deon is 35 years old as of 2024. She was born on November 28, 1988.

What Is Kinigra Deon’s Daughter’s Name? 

The name of Kinigra Deon’s daughter is K’mila Rose Washington.

Is Kinigra Deon Arii’s Mom? 

Kinigra Deon is not Arii’s biological mother, but she has warmly welcomed and embraced Arii as her daughter.

Where Does Kinigra Deon Live?

Kinigra Deon resides in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and three children.

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