How Old Was Taylor Lautner in Twilight and Sharkboy and Lavagirl?

Taylor Lautner was 16 years old in Twilight and 13 years old in Sharkboy and Lava Girl. The latter marked his first lead role, but it was Twilight that made him a breakout star.

Now 32 years old, Lautner is a major staple in Hollywood and continues to work hard to go beyond his Twilight fame. He has been featured in movies such as Run The Tide, Grown Ups 2, Abduction, The Ridiculous 6, and Home Team. He has also appeared in TV series such as My Own Worst Enemy, Scream Queens, and Cuckoo.

How Old was Taylor Lautner in Twilight?

Taylor Lautner was 16 years old in the first Twilight movie, which was released in 2008. It was a hugely successful film that went on to birth a successful franchise, and as such, they were four more films.

By the time the last Twilight film came out in 2012, Taylor Lautner was 20 years old, meaning that he had dedicated not less than five years of his life to the franchise. Thankfully, he was well rewarded for his efforts as the film catapulted him to global stardom.

Taylor Lautner’s Age in the First Twilight

Taylor Lautner was 16 years old in the first Twilight film released in 2008. His character is, however, a 15-year-old boy named Jack Black who belongs to a Native American tribe known as Quileute.

Black is quite friendly with Bella Swan, portrayed by Kristen Stewart. His friendly affection for her eventually develops into stronger feelings, and this serves as the basis of some of the major conflict throughout the movie, especially in view of Swan’s relationship with Edward Cullen, portrayed by Robert Pattinson.

Taylor Lautner’s Age in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Taylor Lautner was 17 years old in the second Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which came out in 2009. His character Jack Black also grew a year older and is now 16 years old. But that is not the most important change. Jack turns out to be a shapeshifter who can turn into a werewolf, and the actor portraying him has to have the body to do a convincing job.

Prior to that time, Taylor Lautner had a good physique but nothing impressive. Therefore, the producers of Twilight initially planned to get another actor to portray the role of Jack Black in the second film. Taylor, however, got to work to stop that from happening. The determined young man worked hard in the gym and piled on 30lbs which he sculpted into muscled arms as well as an eight-pack torso.

By the time the second Twilight movie hit the cinemas, what most fans, as well as Lautner’s costars, were talking about was his muscles. The filmmakers, however, made it known that he brought so much more than that to the table. They pointed out that the fact that the movie went on to become a huge success at the box office, grossing $709 million on a budget of $50 million, was down to his mercurial acting since he had to take on a much more significant role.

How Old was Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, released in 2010, is the 3rd film in the franchise, and Taylor Lautner was 18 years old in the movie. His character is also in his late teens, and just like before, his love for Bella takes center stage. He goes to great lengths to convince her to choose him over Edward, but all this fails.

Even though she admits that she loves him, she maintains that her heart belongs to Edward. Jacob Black is none too happy with this, but he nevertheless does all that he can to protect Bella from antagonistic persons, even if it requires joining forces with Edward and his vampire family.

Taylor Lautner’s Age in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I

When Breaking Dawn Part I came out in 2011, Taylor Lautner was 19 years old, an age that was in the same range as the character he portrayed (Jacob Black is around 18 years old). On the screen, his character has to make peace with Edward and Bella’s relationship and even attends their wedding.

He is, however, enraged by anything that threatens Bella’s life, including her plans to turn to a vampire as well as the fact that she gets pregnant with a half-vampire, half-human child that can potentially kill her. He battles Edward over this fact. They later join hands to save Bella, and he imprints on her child named Renesmee.

Lautner’s Age in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

Taylor Lautner was 20 years old in the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part II, which came out in 2012. His character is, however, described as physically looking like a 25-year-old. Of course, his ripped physique means that he can pull this off convincingly. In the story, he does not age any longer, and his life mate, Renesmee, who was born when he was in his late teens, is able to catch up.

How Old was Taylor Lautner in Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Taylor Lautner was 13 years old in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, the superhero adventure film which came out in 2015. In the movie, he portrays a half-boy half-shark hybrid who was raised by sharks after his father died. He has a great love of the ocean and joins hands with Lavagirl to help a young boy named Max make some of his dreams come true.

Sharkboy’s age is hazy, but he is obviously in his mid-teens, which means that Lautner was age appropriate for the role. Beyond just his age, his martial arts skills also helped him to do a great job in what was one of the few works that he did before gaining his breakthrough on Twilight.

How Old is Taylor Lautner Now?

Taylor Lautner is currently 32 years old. The American actor was born on the 11th day of February 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lautner spent his formative years in Michigan, where he became quite skilled at karate. His karate skills eventually led him to the movie world.

Taylor Lautner made his first movie appearance at the age of 9 in the 2001 Japanese action/ sci-fi movie, Shadow Fury. His first TV appearance came at the age of 11 in an episode of the Bernie Mac Show in 2003. Lautner gained his career breakthrough at the age of 16 in Twilight.

He won his first film career award at the age of 17. This was in 2009 when he received the award for Male Breakout Performance at the Scream Awards. Of course, it was for his portrayal of Jacob Black on Twilight.


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