Is Jamie Dutton Gay and Does He Have a Girlfriend in Yellowstone?

Jamie Dutton is neither gay in Yellowstone nor in real life. In Yellowstone, Jamie’s ex-girlfriend is Christina, his assistant, and he later begins a relationship with Sarah, a business executive. In real life, Wes Bentley, who potrayed Jamie Dutton, is married to a film producer named Jacqui Swedberg, and they have two kids together.

Is Jamie Dutton Gay in Yellowstone?

The Yellowstone character, Jamie Dutton, is not gay. However, he has raised eyebrows with his lifestyle, including a period of celibacy. Back in Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 2, Jamie’s sister, Beth (with whom he is often at loggerheads), accuses him of being gay, but he makes it clear that he is not gay.

He also scathingly adds that the reason he is celibate is that he does not want to get someone pregnant and mistakenly pass on the gene that produced Beth. Jamie Dutton may not be married, but he is definitely not gay, as he has been romantically involved with two women in the course of the series.

Jamie Dutton Had a Relationship With His Assistant, Christina

One of Jamie Dutton’s past girlfriends in Yellowstone is Christina. She was his assistant during the time that he was running for Attorney General of the state of Montana as well as his campaign manager. They initially have a strictly professional relationship but eventually started dating. Their relationship lasted for a while, but it was fraught with many challenges.

Christina had witnessed the ugly side of Jamie’s family and wanted nothing to do with them. When Jamie made it clear that he won’t throw his father under the bus to push his electoral ambitions, she realizes that he wants to continue his close relations with his family, something that she doesn’t want. That impasse marks the end of their relationship.

As fate would have it, Christina finds out that she is pregnant and reaches out to Jamie to inform him. One of his immediate worries is how his dad will react, and he appeals to Christina not to tell anyone yet until he can figure out a plan. Christina is obviously annoyed that he is choosing his family over the one they could possibly have, and she leaves him for good this time.

Christina eventually has a son but doesn’t inform Jamie of the boy’s birth. She only introduces Jamie to his son after finding out that there was a possible rift between Jamie and the Duttons, with Jamie having discovered that he was adopted as well as the identity of his biological father.

He Was Also Involved With Market Equities Staff, Sarah Atwood

Another woman that Jamie Dutton had a relationship with in Yellowstone is Sarah Atwood, an executive in Market Equities, a real estate company that is determined to score a chunk of Yellowstone Ranch for development purposes. Market Equities are not above going low to achieve their aims, and they draft in Sarah to bring ruin to the Duttons.

Sarah and Jamie end up sleeping together in Episode 4 of Season 5 of Yellowstone, and this marks the beginning of a serious affair between them. It transcends a sexual relationship as Jamie seeks out Sarah’s help in his ultimate showdown with his adoptive dad and sister, Beth. Given all the above, it is quite obvious that Jamie Dutton was not gay in Yellowstone.

Who Plays Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone?

Wes Bentley plays Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone. Wes Bentley is an American actor who was born in 1978. He is a native of Arkansas and was raised in that state, specifically the city of Little Rock. Wes Bentley started acting at the age of 17 and scored his breakthrough at the age of 21 in the award-winning 1999 comedy-drama American Beauty. American Beauty brought Bentley both fame and fortune, and he struggled to cope. As a form of escape, he took to doing drugs.

His dangerous habit lasted for years and cost him his first marriage as well as good movie and TV roles. He later realized that he was on the highway to death if he did nothing and eventually sought help. Wes was able to get clean before 2010 and set about rebuilding his career. One of the roles that he has scored in his rejuvenated era is his role in Yellowstone.

Is Jamie Dutton Gay in Real Life?

Jamie Dutton is not gay in real life. As pointed out above, the actor that plays Jamie Dutton is Wes Bentley, and Bentley is not gay but rather straight. He has been married twice, with his first marriage resulting in a divorce. Both marriages have been to ladies, and as such, it is not out of place to conclude that he is straight. Wes Bentley, however, gave the impression of being gay in American Beauty. His character, Ricky Fitts, only did that to piss off his homophobic abusive dad and wasn’t even actually gay.

Wes Bentley Shares Two Children With Wife, Jacqui Swedberg

Wes Bentley is married to Jacqui Swedberg, a Canadian film producer and director. Some of Swedberg’s credits include the TV series Corner Gas which she produced between 2007 to 2009. She is also credited as a second unit or assistant director on Sleepwalking (2008), Lullaby for Pi (2010), and Prairie Grant: The Tommy Grant Story (2006).

Wes Bentley met Jacqui around 2009 through mutual friends. He was in Canada filming a movie titled Dolan’s Cadillac while she was busy with Corner Gas. They had a mutual friend that invited them both to a concert by the British metal band Iron Maiden, and they were quite smitten with each other by the end of the concert. They started dating and got married in 2010.

Jacqui helped Wes to beat his drug habits, and they remain together to date. The couple has two children together, including a son named Charles, born in 2010, and a daughter named Brooklyn, born in 2014. The couple shields their kids from the spotlight, but they have no qualms about making joint red-carpet appearances.

Jamie Dutton
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His First Marriage Was To Actress, Jennifer Quanz

Wes Bentley’s first marriage was to Jennifer Quanz. Quanz is an American actress who appeared in one episode of the series Get Real in 1999, playing the role of Gaby. In 2000, she appeared in a movie titled 21 and played the role of Marci. Jennifer Quanz’s acting career has tapered off since that, and the only appearances she has to her name are appearing as herself in documentaries such as My Big Break and Carving Out My Name.

Bentley got married to Jennifer Quanz in 2001. This was two years after his American Beauty breakthrough, and he had already started struggling with drug issues. He continued to spiral downward after that and tried to hide his addiction from his wife. It eventually came out in the open, and they separated just five years after marriage. There was no coming back after that, and they finalized their divorce four years after the separation.


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