Is Sue Aikens Married and Who Is Her Husband?

Sue Aikens is not married and does not have a husband. She is, however, in a relationship with Michael G. Heinrich, a New York-based electrician. They have been together since at least 2020 and got engaged sometime in 2022. If they do get married, it will be the third marriage for Aikens, who has been married twice in the past.

Some sources even say that the reality TV star and long-time Alaskan resident has been married as many as three times. Whichever way it is, Sue has proven to be a capable lady and has amazed many with the courage and strength she has deployed to make a life for herself in the tough Alaskan territory.

Is Sue Aikens Married?

Sue Aikens is not married presently and does not have a husband. The 61-year-old reality TV star who originally hails from Chicago is flying solo in Alaska, where she has made a life for herself. However, it must be noted that while Sue Aikens is not presently married, she has been married a couple of times in the past.

Sue Aikens’ first marriage was to a man whose name has remained unknown. It lasted for some years until her husband unfortunately died of brain cancer. After grieving and coming to terms with her loss, Sue Aikens married for a second time to Eddie James Aikens, an Englishman and a barber by profession. This second marriage lasted for 17 years.

During their union, Sue and Eddie James spent some time living in Alaska. Sue was, of course, very much at home in Alaska and was thriving. It was, however, a different story for her husband. He couldn’t flourish, and so she decided to relocate with him to another place. The couple spent some time living in Oregon, and the pattern of life didn’t fit Sue. She ached to go back to Alaska, and Eddie James recognized this.

They, therefore, decided to part ways so that each person could pursue a way of life that was suitable for them. As Eddie James pointed out, he was more John Wayne, while Sue was more Grizzly Adams. Sue Aikens and Eddie James divorced after 17 years together. The split was an amicable one, and they remained friends until Eddie passed away on 24 November 2009 at the age of 53.

Some unconfirmed sources have it that Sue Aikens got married for a third time but that the marriage lasted for a short while before her husband left her for a younger woman. There is no confirmation of this, though, as Sue only mentioned two marriages in a 2013 interview with the Chicago Tribune.

Sue Aikens has Two Children from Her Second Marriage

Sue Aikens has two children from her second marriage to Eddie James Aikens, and they are a daughter named Jennifer Aikens Payne, born on 11 November 1984, and a son named Jesse Aikens, born on 16 December 1987. Both are grown up and are finding their own path in life. They also have kids, which makes Sue Aikens a grandmother.

Is Sue Aikens Husband Michael Heinrich?

Michael Heinrich is not Sue Aikens’ husband but rather her fiancĂ©e. The two have been in a long-distance relationship for some time now and are said to have gotten engaged in 2022. They have yet to get married, but they have a great romance, and it may only be a matter of time before we hear wedding bells ringing.

Sue Aikens and Michael Heinrich have known each other since at least 2018, but it is believed that they started dating in 2020. It was that year that they went public with their romance, with Aikens taking to Facebook to congratulate Heinrich on achieving a yellow belt in Haganah. She described him as a sweetie and said she loved and missed him.

The couple is in a long-distance relationship, with Sue in Alaska and Heinrich based in New York, where he is an electrician affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Flushing. It hasn’t been easy sustaining a long-distance relationship, but Sue has revealed they both make it work.


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