Ralph Macchio’s Ethnicity, Nationality and Parents

Ralph Macchio’s ethnicity is a mix of Italian and Greek although his nationality is American. Ralph Macchio’s dad, Ralph George Macchio Sr., is a retired businessman with Greek and Italian roots, while his mother, Rosalie Macchio (nee DeSantis), is of Italian ancestry.

Ralph Macchio’s parents played a pivotal part in their son’s career, enrolling him in dancing school when he was quite young, which marked his first foray into the performance arts. They remain his biggest supporters to date and never cease to express their pride in him.

Where Is Ralph Macchio From?

Ralph Macchio is a native New Yorker and is from Huntington, Long Island, Suffolk County, New York. The actor was born there on the 4th of November 1961. Macchio spent his formative years in New York and attended school there.

He later moved out to Los Angeles in pursuit of his career but later returned home as a result of developments in his personal life. He makes his home in New York to date but frequents Los Angeles as a result of his career.

What Nationality Is Ralph Macchio?

Ralph Macchio is an American national. He owes his American nationality to the fact of his birth in the country as well as the fact that his parents are Americans, though with diverse ethnic roots. Ralph Macchio has previously revealed that his father, Ralph Sr. is half Italian and half Greek, while his mother is of Italian ancestry. His dad was born in the United States, specifically Brooklyn, but it is not clear if his mother was born there as well.

The actor has previously stated that he has family in Naples, Italy. It is, therefore, possible that Ralph Macchio’s mother, Rosalie, is from Naples. It is also possible that this is not the case. Whichever it is, Ralph Macchio has Italian and Greek ancestry but remains an American national.

Meet Ralph Macchio’s Dad, Ralph Macchio, Sr.

Ralph Macchio’s dad is Ralph George Macchio Sr. He has Greek and Italian roots but was born and brought up in New York, specifically Brooklyn. He obtained a good level of education and spent many years making an honest living for himself.

Ralph Macchio’s dad owns and runs several businesses. The first is a Laundromat which was opened in 1961. Another one is a wastewater disposal service known as RGM, which was also born in 1962. Ralph Sr. majorly ran his business on Long Island, but it also expanded to other locations such as Florida, New York, and Indiana.

Ralph Macchio Sr. is quite distinguished in his industry, namely wastewater management. He is a pioneer member of the Long Island Liquid Waste Association. He also played a major part in the formation of the National Association of Waste Transporters.

In 1998, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Pumpers Trade Show. Ralph Macchio Sr. still makes his home in Huntington, Long Island. He also owns a home in Lake George also in New York.

Who Is Rosalie Macchio, Ralph Macchio’s Mom?

Ralph Macchio’s mom is Rosalie Macchio (nee DeSantis). Rosalie is of Italian ancestry, but her birthplace is not clear. She may have been born in the United States of America to Italian immigrants. She may have also been born in Italy and later migrated to the U.S. Rosalie has, however, spent the majority of her adult life in New York and supported her husband in the several businesses he has founded.

In fact, she has been actively involved in the running of these businesses and has been honored with a Lifetime of Support Award by the Association of Liquid Waste Transporters. Rosalie and her husband are renowned for running a clean, tastefully decorated laundromat with up-to-date machines.

Forward-thinking, they have also added some extra features to their business, including a LaundryCares Family Read, Play & Learn Space. In 2019, former President Bill Clinton visited their laundromat to read to children. Just like her husband, Rosalie’s date of birth is not known but given the time when she got married, 1959, she may have been born in the 1930s.

Ralph Macchio
Ralph Macchio’s parents and brother during Bill Clinton’s visit to their laundromat in 2019. Image Source

Ralph Macchio’s Parents Have Been Married For Over 60 Years

Ralph Macchio’s parents, Ralph Macchio Sr. and Rosalie DeSantis got married on the 25th of July 1959. It was a catholic ceremony held at our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church in Wyandah, Long Island, New York. The couple later settled down in Long Island and built a wonderful life for themselves.

On the home front, they welcomed two kids. On the professional front, they joined hands to set up multiple businesses and nurtured them to success. The couple were also very active participants in their community and upheld many positive values.

Ralph Macchio’s parents have been able to sustain their marriage for 60 years now, and their longevity has been praised by many people. For instance, back in 2009, when they marked the 50th anniversary of their marriage, the milestone was brought to the attention of the New York State Senate.

The state senate passed a resolution extending their congratulations to the couple. The resolution enumerated all the sterling qualities that Ralph and Rosalie had been synonymous with and described their longevity as an event of personal triumph and joy as well as a testament to the devotion and admiration that they possess for one another.

The Couple Also Have Another Son Named Steven

The marriage between Ralph George Macchio Sr. and Rosalie DeSantis produced two children. Their first is the famous Ralph Macchio, who was born in 1961. Their second is Steven Macchio, who was also born in the 60s. Steven Macchio has joined the family business of wastewater management. He is based in Lindenhurst, New York, and owns several wastewater treatment facilities in places such as Orlando, Florida, Lindenhurst, and Elkhart, Indiana.

His facilities treat different kinds of liquid waste, such as restaurant grease trap waste, septage, sewage sludges, portable restroom waste, and even nonhazardous industrial wastewater. Steven Macchio is a distinguished member of the National Association of Wastewater Transporters. He is married to a lady named Deborah, and they have four children, namely Gino Steven (d.2018), Sabrina Hade, Savanna Loren, and Nicolette Jolie.

Ralph Macchio
Steven and Deborah Macchio Image Source

How Ralph Macchio’s Parents Kick-Started His Acting Career

Ralph Macchio partially owes his successful acting career to his parents. When he was just about 4 to 5 years old, they enrolled him in dancing school to build up his confidence. He initially didn’t fancy it at all, but the art grew on him, and he dedicated himself to it. He eventually caught the attention of a talent agent, and this opened the door for him to start appearing in commercials and then movies.

He is now a big star, and his parents have supported him. He appreciates this, of course, and this has led to a close relationship between them. He and his family, comprising his wife, Phyllis, and children, Daniel and Julia, often spend weekends with his parents. His brother and his family also join them, and this has helped to strengthen the bond between them all.


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