Was Bill Burr in Breaking Bad and Which Character Did He Play?

Bill Burr was one of the actors who appeared in Breaking Bad, where he played the character of Patrick Kuby, a member of Saul Goodman’s legal team who was also involved in various illegal activities. The American stand-up comedian’s character made sporadic appearances towards the end of the series, providing some comic relief in the often tense and dramatic storyline of the show.

Breaking Bad is a critically acclaimed American crime drama television series. The show follows the character of Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer who turns to a life of crime and starts producing and distributing methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future before he dies.

Bill Burr Was a Recurring Cast Member of Breaking Bad

Bill Burr was not one of the early cast members of Breaking Bad, as he only got to appear in the latter seasons of the show that ended in 2013. He appeared in different episodes across season 4 and season 5 of Breaking Bad.

Better known for his comedic work, Burr caught a lot of people, including his fans, by surprise with his role. Before appearing on Breaking Bad, he had only one major acting role to his name, which came in 1996, when he was part of the main cast of the ABC sitcom Townies. He played the role of Ryan Callahan.

Burr’s other acting credits in non-sketch comedy-related TV show roles up until the time he appeared in Breaking Bad were minor ones. The first came in a 1998 episode of Two Guys and a Girl titled “Two Guys, a Girl and a Party” where he appeared in the role of Fitzey. The next one was a role credited as Jogger in the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode titled “Maledictus.”

How Did Bill Burr Get On Breaking Bad?

A huge fan of Breaking Bad throughout its first three seasons, Bill Burr pleaded with his agent to somehow get him onto the show, and he ended up appearing as Patrick Kuby.

Bill Burr must have gone through an audition process to get the role. Breaking Bad’s creator, Vince Gilligan, and the casting team would have auditioned several actors, with Burr’s audition impressing them enough to cast him in the role. It’s worth noting that Burr’s background as a stand-up comedian and his unique comedic style may have contributed to his casting in a role that provided some comic relief in the series. His character was known for his sharp wit and his willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done.

Bill Burr has since credited Vince Gilligan for being the reason he has been able to have an acting career after his time on Breaking Bad. He has since appeared in several other popular films and television shows, including The Mandalorian and F Is for Family.

Bill Burr’s Breaking Bad Character

Bill Burr played the recurring character of Patrick Kuby in Breaking Bad. Kuby is a no-nonsense, street-smart, and somewhat unscrupulous character who works as a fixer and enforcer for Saul Goodman, the morally flexible lawyer who represents many of the show’s criminal characters. Kuby is often seen working alongside Huell Babineaux, another of Saul Goodman’s associates.

Kuby is portrayed as a pragmatic and resourceful individual who is willing to bend or break the law to achieve his goals. He is skilled at carrying out various tasks, including intimidation, bribery, and evidence disposal. Despite his involvement in criminal activities, Kuby maintains a dry sense of humor and a laid-back demeanor, which adds a touch of dark comedy to the series.

Bill Burr’s character is involved in several memorable scenes in Breaking Bad. One of his notable moments occurs when he helps Saul Goodman with the cleanup after Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend, Jane Margolis, dies of a heroin overdose. Kuby and Huell remove evidence from Jesse’s apartment, making it look like an accidental death. Kuby also assists Saul in various schemes and operations throughout the series.

Bill Burr in Breaking Bad
Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby – image source

Bill Burr’s Breaking Bad Episodes

Bill Burr appeared in a total of five episodes of Breaking Bad across season 4 and season 5.

1. Season 4, Episode 3: “Open House”

In this episode, Walter discovers a surveillance camera in the lab, prompting concern. Skyler White aims to buy a car wash as part of the money laundering scheme for the drug operation. She enlists the help of Saul’s con artist, Patrick Kuby, who poses as an EPA representative to trick the owner into selling.

2. Season 4, Episode 11: “Crawl Space”

After their escape from the cartel, Jesse drives a weakened Gus and wounded Mike to an improvised emergency room. Gus recovers quickly, leaving Mike behind in Mexico. Jesse is told to take over meth cooking but insists Walter remains unharmed. Later, Hank pressures Walt to drive him to investigate Pollos Hermanos and an industrial laundry. Walt deliberately crashes the car to avoid the laundry.

Skyler seeks Kuby and Huell’s help to extort Ted, who attempts to flee but knocks himself out. Walter confronts Jesse, but they part ways. Walter is fired by Gus and threatened with his family’s murder. Panicked, he chooses to vanish with Saul’s help.

3. Season 5, Episode 5: “Dead Freight”

Walter installs covert listening devices in Hank’s office while feigning sadness about his failing marriage to Skyler. The crew interrogates Lydia about a tracking device on a methylamine barrel, suspecting her of betrayal. It turns out it was placed by a DEA team in Houston. Lydia offers access to a large methylamine supply, proposing a train heist.

Jesse motivates the crew, and they plan to replace the methylamine with water during the heist. Skyler agrees to keep Walt’s secrets to protect their children, and Walter’s crew successfully executes the train heist. However, Todd shoots a young boy who stumbles upon the scene, shocking Jesse. Kuby helps block the train during the heist.

4. Season 5, Episode 10: “Buried”

Walter White desperately tries to contact Skyler, who meets with Hank at a diner. Skyler suspects Hank’s intentions and leaves in panic. Walter, angered by Skyler’s actions, turns to Saul Goodman. Walt has Kuby and Huell deliver his money to him in seven containers and buries it in the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation. Marie confronts Skyler about Walt’s criminal activities and slaps her.

5. Season 5, Episode 12: “Rabid Dog”

Walter White searches for Jesse Pinkman, who has vandalized his home with gasoline, but is nowhere to be found. Walter tries to cover up the smell of gasoline but moves his family to a hotel. He secretly meets with Saul and Kuby, who suggest killing Jesse, but Walt refuses. Skyler confronts Walt about Jesse and eventually suggests he should eliminate Jesse for their safety.

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