What Happened to Blippi and Why Was Stevin John Replaced?

The original Blippi actor, Stevin John, has not been replaced. Rather another actor named Clayton Grimm was added on to occasionally portray Blippi.

Both John and Grimm interchangeably bring the beloved children’s show character to life on screens, and while they are doing a good job, some parents still continue to voice out their displeasure over the change.

What is Blippi All About?

Blippi is a children’s educational program that started on YouTube in 2014 and has since expanded to major TV networks such as Moonbug and streaming platforms. The titular character is an energetic and bubbly young man who wears bright orange and blue outfits whilst teaching and entertaining kids.

There are often trips to different places, such as zoos and theme parks, and Blippi offers lessons to the kids about each place. Blippi was created by American YouTuber named Stevin John, who was motivated by the need to create high-quality YouTube videos for his nephew and other kids. The show has been a major success and has spurned live theatrical productions, merch lines, toys, etc.

What Happened To The Original Blippi?

For several years after creating Blippi, Stevin John was the only one that portrayed the character both on YouTube and TV. However, in May 2021, the network airing the TV program, Moonbug, announced that the original Blippi actor won’t be the only one playing the role and that a new Blippi actor would be added.

The name of the new Blippi actor is Clayton Grimm, and he has some experience as he previously played the role in a live theatrical production of Blippi in 2019. Despite this possession of requisite experience, the unveiling of the new Blippi caused a small storm on social media. Someone wondered whether the real Blippi can stand up, while another wrote that their three-year-old immediately figured out that Clayton was not Blippi.

Why Was Stevin John Replaced?

Stevin John has not been replaced as Blippi, rather, another actor has been brought on that would occasionally take his place. In the statement released by Moonbug following the backlash that greeted the original announcement, they made it clear that Stevin will continue to play Blippi while a new Blippi will be added to perform on the new YouTube show.

Many have pointed out that this is a good development as it means that kids can expect more Blippi content than they are used to getting. They also view it as a teachable moment that parents can use to inculcate in their children that change is a constant thing in life and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Some people have, however, criticized Moonbug for how they handled the whole thing. They feel they should have been very vocal about the changes from day one rather than trying to sneak it past the kids, perhaps believing that they are gullible. They have also pointed out that having two Blippis can be confusing.

Did Stevin John Sell Blippi?

Stevin John sold Blippi to Moonbug Network in 2020. Moonbug is an entertainment company that is focused on providing content for kids. It was founded in 2018 and has since become a multi-million dollar company. One of their strategies is buying up premium kids’ content on YouTube and scaling it. Asides from Blippi, they have also purchased the popular Cocomelon brand.

Stevin John reached a deal with Moonbug for Blippi in 2020. While the exact terms and money involved are not known, the network is now the primary owner of the show. There is, however, a chance that Stevin John didn’t sell all his stake in Blippi but retained a small percentage. There is also the possibility that he negotiated to retain creative control as well as to continue being the lead star of the project on the screen.


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