What Happened To Wes Bentley’s Teeth and Does He Have A Scar?

Wes Bentley’s upper and lower teeth have been misaligned for a long time, and from what we know about his past, it might be related to his years of drug abuse. And aside from his teeth, the ace actor also has a scar on the lower left part of his stomach.

Though a lot of questions have been asked by his fans about his teeth and scar, the 45-year-old actor has chosen to be indifferent with his response about his unique body features. His unique set of teeth and scars has nonetheless garnered him loads of attention from fans and haters alike. Below is a clear narrative of the TV star’s unique physical appearance and why he has it.

The Truth About Wes Bentley’s Teeth

Although there have been several rumors about Bentley’s teeth, the Yellowstone star has remained mum on the issue, leaving lots of room for speculation as to why his teeth appear the way they do. While a group of people think that his crooked teeth might be a result of suffering from a variant of malocclusion, others think that the celebrity actor’s teeth may have become deformed due to childhood orthodontic work that went bad.

However, the truth behind the Yellow Stone star’s teeth may most likely be traced back to his nine years of substance abuse. Just at the prime of his youthful career, Wes Bentley plunged into a nearly decade-long substance addiction. Speaking of his years of addiction, Wes said that those were the darkest years of his life and had him taking substances like cocaine and heroin.

A prolonged indulgence in such substances can have a drastic effect on one’s oral and dental health, particularly leading to tooth loss, decay, and discoloration. Thus, Wes Bentley’s battle with addiction may have had an impact on the state of his teeth.

Did Wes Bentley Fix His Teeth?

Ever since he resurfaced from his battle with addiction, Wes Bentley’s followers have noticed a remarkable improvement in his smile and, consequently, teeth. In his recent red-carpet appearances, the actor’s teeth appear to be whiter, healthier, and even more properly aligned than they did before. This has left many guesses in the minds of his fans, most of whom think that the actor must have gone through a procedure to correct his teeth. However, the actor has maintained total silence over the issue, leaving his fans with nothing but wild guesses.

It is, however, not out of place to see actors and actresses undergoing procedures to correct and improve their looks. Thus if, indeed, Wes Bentley has undergone some procedures to improve his teeth, it is well within what will be considered the norm. Wes’ unique set of teeth, which set him apart from almost any other Hollywood celebrity and have been even described by some people as misaligned, now endears people to him.

While most other celebrities might have been vocal about unpleasant remarks about any part of their body, Wes decided to fully embrace his as a distinct part of his identity. And even when it appears there have been noticeable changes with his dentition, the actor still has not deemed it a good reason to comment. This decision has also earned him much admiration from fans who have admitted that Bentley’s teeth (before and after) only add to his uniquely handsome features.

Does Wes Bentley Have a Scar?

Yes, Wes Bentley has a scar. In July 2014, Bentley showed up shirtless at the Los Angele set of the upcoming movie Broken Vows. Besides the tattoos that adorned the actor’s naked torso, another feature that the public quickly picked up was the glaring scar located at the lower left part of his stomach.

The striking nature of the scar left many of Bentley’s fans concerned over his health as they pondered the story behind it. However, as much concern as Bentley’s scar has sparked among his fans, the actor has made no remarks on it and its history remains an enigma to all. Some people, however, assume that it might be related to his past life of drug abuse.


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