When Is Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix and Will There Be Season 7?

All 13 episodes of Better Call Saul Season 6 will be available on Netflix from 18 April 2023. There is no Season 7 of the show, as it ended after Episode 13 of Season 6, which originally aired on 15 August 2022.

Better Call Saul is a legal crime drama about a morally duplicitous lawyer named Saul Goodman who defends drug dealers amongst other criminal elements. Better Call Saul is a prequel and partly a sequel to the award-winning crime drama, Breaking Bad, which is about a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who turns into a drug dealer. Better Call Saul was a hit, just like Breaking Bad, and this has made many fans yearn for what will come after, but all indications show that the franchise ends with Better Call Saul.

When Will Better Call Saul Season 6 Be on Netflix?

Better Call Saul Season 6 will premiere on Netflix on 18 April 2023. This is exactly a year after the series premiered on its original network, AMC, on 18 April 2022. All 13 episodes of Better Call Saul Season 6 will drop on Netflix on that premier day, meaning that fans are in for the binge-watch of their lives.

Previously, only Better Call Saul Seasons 1 to 5 were available on Netflix. However, the final Season is now on its way to the streaming platform. Better Call Saul episodes usually aired on Netflix a day after airing on AMC, but a different arrangement was reached for Season 6. This is understandable. As it is the final season, AMC would want to profit from it as much as possible.

How Many Episodes are in Better Call Saul Season 6?

Better Call Saul Season 6 has a total of 13 episodes. It is the Season with the highest number of episodes, as Seasons one to five have ten episodes each. The fact that Better Call Saul Season 6 has the most number of episodes in the series doesn’t come as a surprise given that it is the finale Season.

The producers wanted to tie the whole plot together and provide much-needed resolutions, and they did exactly this. The title of Better Call Season 6 episodes are listed below;

  • S6E1 – Wine and Roses
  • S6E2 – Carrot and Stick
  • S6E3 – Rock and Hard Place
  • S6E4 – Hit and Run
  • S6E5 – Black and Blue
  • S6E6 – Axe and Grind
  • S6E7 – Plan and Execution
  • S6E8 – Point and Shoot
  • S6E9 – Fun and Games
  • S6E10 – Nippy
  • S6E11 – Breaking Bad
  • S6E12 – Water Works
  • S6E13 – Saul Gone

When was Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date

Better Call Saul Season 6 was originally released on 18 April 2022 on AMC. This was the date that the first and second episodes aired on AMC. After this double offering, the remaining 11 episodes of Season 6 then aired weekly from 25 April to 15 August 2022.

Overall the first episode of Better Call Saul, i.e., Episode 1, Season 1, aired on the 8th of February 2015. The remainder of Season 1 then aired from February 9 to April 6, 2015. Better Call Saul Season 2 originally aired from 15th February 2016 to April 18, 2016.

Better Call Saul Season 3 was released from the 10th of April 2017 to the 19th of June 2017. The fourth Season of the series aired from 6 August 2018 to 8 October 2018, while the fifth Season was on TV from 23 February 2020 to 20 April 2020.

Season 6 was originally supposed to be released in 2021, but the covid-19 pandemic, as well as a heart attack that lead star, Bob Odernkik, suffered on set, interfered with production.

How Many Seasons of Better Call Saul Are On Netflix?

All six Seasons of Better Call Saul are on Netflix. The streaming platform acquired the rights to air the award-winning series following the conclusion of Season 1. Given that Season 1 was such a hit, Netflix immediately entered into negotiations to bring the series to the platform, and they were successful in 2015.

After the Season 1 finale of Better Call Saul aired in April 2015, Netflix started showing it to their subscribers in their territories other than the U.S. From Seasons 2 to Season 5, things were even better. There was no delay, and they aired it a day after AMC did so. In the U.S., Netflix only began showing Season 1 of Better Call Saul in February 2016.

The entire five Seasons of Better Call Saul are now on Netflix. Once the sixth Season is dropped on the platform on 18 April 2023, all episodes of Better Call Saul will now be on Netflix.

Where to Watch Better Call Saul Season 6

You can watch Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix from the 18th of April, 2023, as all 13 episodes will now be available on the platform. You can also watch Better Call Saul Season 6 on AMC+, the streaming platform of AMC, the original producers of the series.

You can also purchase Better Call Saul Season 6 on Amazon, Google Play Movies and TV, and Microsoft Store. You can also watch it on Prime Video, TVDB, Apple TV, Sling TV, VUDU, YouTube, and Redbox.

Fans of the series can also purchase a complete DVD set of the entire Better Call Saul from Seasons 1 to 6. It was issued on DVD in December 2022. It has 19 discs, and you get an additional large number of hours of bonus features that people won’t see on TV or on streaming networks.

Will There Be Better Call Saul Season 7, or Is Season 6 the Finale?

There won’t be a Better Call Saul Season 7, as Season 6 is the finale. Season 6 Episode 13 is the final episode of the entire series, and it is titled Saul Gone. It originally aired on 15th August 2022, and in it, the lead character Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill, aka Gene Takavic, faces the repercussions for the crimes that he committed under these three identities.

For instance, as Gene Takavic, he devised a scheme to sell the identity of rich single men for money. As Saul Goodman, he went to unethical and illegal lengths in defending drug dealers.

In the end, Saul is sentenced to 86 years. While in jail, his longtime love interest and a fellow lawyer named Kim come to visit him, and they share a cigar. The final episode of Better Call Saul received good reviews, with some hailing it as a masterful conclusion. Others called it one of the best series finales of all time. Saul’s redemption and reconciliation were seen as a full circle.

The season 6 finale of Better Call Saul resolved many issues. As such, a Better Call Saul Season 7 is not envisaged at all. Even the creators of the show, Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan, have made it clear that they have no plans to do any further seasons or even a further show in the breaking bad universe. This means that Better Call Saul will likely not get any prequel or sequel.

The creators of the show want to leave when the ovation is loudest and not spoil the mercurial record that they have going for them. They do not have any plans to do anything anymore in the universe in the foreseeable future. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out entirely.

Fans continue to yearn for more from the Breaking Bad universe and have even listed characters that should be explored further. If the networks notice this interest and how profitable it can be, they may produce some more shows tied to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.


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