Who Is Ezra Shipman Based On in Real Life?

Ezra Shipman is a fictional character from The Last King of the Cross, an Australian television ten-part crime drama series available for streaming on Paramount+.  The fictitious character is played by Tim Roth, an Oscar-nominated British actor, and is not specifically based on any real-life person.

Based on John Ibrahim’s autobiography, The Last King of the Cross, the show tells the story of two brothers, Sam and John Ibrahim, who start off together but eventually drift apart as they climb the ranks of the criminal world. The focus is on John Ibrahim’s journey from being a poor immigrant with no education or money to becoming a notorious nightclub owner in Sydney’s Kings Cross. This area is known for its criminal activities and is often compared to a smaller version of Atlantic City. Ezra Shipman in the show, is a notorious gangster and reigning king of the Cross who controls the lucrative “river of gold.”

The Last King of The Cross is Loosely Based on True Events

Although the Last King of the Cross draws inspiration from real events, it is uncertain to what extent John Ibrahim’s book reflects reality. The credits of the show include a disclaimer stating that certain characters, names, businesses, incidents, locations, and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Younes clarified that the series is not a biopic, and he is not portraying John Ibrahim directly. Instead, the show takes inspiration from the essence of Ibrahim’s memoir to shape its narrative.

Is Ezra Shipman a Real Person?

Ezra Shipman is not a real person; he is a character in Paramount+’s Australian drama TV show, which premiered in February 2023. The Last King of the Cross is a TV series that draws inspiration from the autobiography and real-life experiences of Don John Ibrahim, a significant figure in the Australian criminal underworld. The show chronicles Ibrahim’s journey, beginning as an immigrant and showcasing his transformation into a renowned nightclub owner and drug dealer in Sydney, Australia.

Who is Ezra Shipman in Real life?

Although Ezra Shipman is a fictional character and not based on a real-life person, the character draws a lot of criminal inspiration from an Australian bookmaker and casino owner, George Freeman.

Born on 22 January 1935, George David Freeman was an Australian figure known for his involvement in various illicit activities. He worked as a bookmaker, had connections to the racing industry, and operated illegal casinos. Freeman’s name came up in multiple Royal Commissions investigating organized crime, particularly his association with the Sydney drug trade during the 1970s and 1980s. He also had ties to American crime figures.

Freeman had a history of criminal involvement, serving several prison sentences between 1951 and 1968 for theft. However, he managed to avoid trial for subsequent alleged crimes, facing only monetary fines for operating illegal SP bookmaking in the mid-1980s. In 1979, Freeman survived an attempted murder. He was married twice and battled asthma and pethidine addiction, which ultimately contributed to his death in 1990 from heart failure.

Despite being accused of various crimes, including murder, assault, race-fixing, bribery, illegal gambling, and drug trade involvement, Freeman’s only criminal convictions after 1967 were related to SP bookmaking. In 1983 and 1986, he was fined $500 and $5,000, respectively. Freeman documented his life in an autobiography titled “George Freeman: An Autobiography,” which was published in 1988.

Who Is Ezra Shipman Based On in Real Life?
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Is Ezra Shipman Still Alive?

Ezra Shipman is not alive. The character Ezra Shipman died in the final episode of The Last King Of Scotland Miniseries. He was shot to death by a corrupt detective who had gone to prison for Ezra’s sake.


Is Ezra Shipman’s Character Based on George Freeman?

Ezra Shipman is a fictional character in the series who takes inspiration from several notorious individuals from Sydney’s past, including George Freeman, an illegal casino owner with ties to organized crime who managed to evade legal consequences despite his links to criminal organizations.

How Did Ezra Shipman Die?

Ezra Shipman died in episode 10 of the season finale of The Last King of The Cross. Brian Crellan, a corrupt police detective, shot Ezra Shipman to death but made it look like a suicide by planting Ezra Shipman’s print on the gun.

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