Who Is Johnny Jett from Barnwood Builders and What Happened To Him?

Johnny Jett is an American reality TV star, craftsman and mechanist, renowned for his role on the Discovery Channel’s Barnwood Builders. Unfortunately, he was a victim of a death hoax with false rumors circulating about his demise. However, it is essential to clarify that Johnny Jett is indeed alive and in good health today.

As one of the original prominent cast members, Johnny Jett’s journey began in 2013 when he first appeared on the show. He made his debut in the premiere episode, collaborating with fellow craftsmen to salvage a barn associated with Abraham Lincoln’s uncle. With over a hundred appearances spanning eleven seasons, Jett has been a consistent presence on the show. Before gaining fame through Barnwood Builders, Johnny Jett pursued a career as a painter. His passion for art led him to establish a personal website where he showcases and sells his creations.

How Old Is Johnny Jett on Barnwood Builders?

Johnny Jett is currently 75 years old. He was born on April 28, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois, and spent his early years there before moving to West Virginia for career opportunities. His father, Gene Jett, is in his 90s and going strong, while his mother, Leota Hawkins Jett, passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. Johnny grew up alongside his brother, William Eugene “Billy” Jett, who sadly passed away in 1994.

Johnny’s fascination with machinery started at a young age, eventually leading him into the world of cabin building. He also served in the Vietnam War and worked as a maintenance worker for almost 25 years after returning from service.

In the early 1990s, he made a significant move to West Virginia, where he met Sherman Thompson and later Mark Bowe. Together, their shared passion for cabins and antiques led to the formation of Antique Cabins and Barns in 1998. Johnny’s artistic side is evident through his love for art, which he showcases on his personal website. His artwork often revolves around themes of nature and wooden structures.

Before becoming well-known public figures and reality TV stars in 2013, Johnny and his partners were deeply committed to preserving pioneer-era structures, particularly cabins and barns. Alongside his craftsmanship, Johnny Jett shares his talent as a painter by offering his artwork for purchase on his website.

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What Happened to Johnny Jett on Barnwood Builders?

Johnny Jett became the subject of a celebrity death hoax due to baseless rumors that circulated on the internet. These rumors were triggered by the discovery of an obituary bearing his name. However, it’s important to clarify that Johnny Jett is very much alive and in excellent health.

The confusion arose because there is another individual with the same name, residing in Houston, Texas, who sadly passed away on May 7, 2012, at the age of 62. The online obituary pertains to this person and not the beloved star of Barnwood Builders. The rumor was further ignited due to the fact that Jett is not very active on social media. His Facebook presence is primarily managed by family members and serves as a platform to promote his artwork.

Johnny Jett’s Obituary

A noteworthy incident unfolded when an obituary for a Johnny Jett, born May 3, 1950, who passed away on May 7, 2012, was published in the Houston Chronicle on May 18, 2012. His memorial service took place on Saturday, May 19, 2012, at Candlelight COC- 4215 Watonga, with visitation held from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. The funeral service commenced at 11:00 a.m., followed by interment at Houston Memorial Gardens.

Nine years later, an online search led to the rediscovery of this obituary, causing quite a stir among enthusiasts of Barnwood Builders. Fans of the TV reality star expressed their condolences to his family, sharing their sadness at the supposed loss.

One such condolence, written by Serenity Lopez on July 23, 2020, read: “I am a fan of the show, and I’m so sorry to hear of Mr. Jett’s passing. You all look so close like brothers. I’m sure he is missed every day! He looked like a very special soul, and his ponytail caught my eye. I was looking for a T-shirt like the ones you all wear to buy one and came across this. My belated condolences to Mr. Jett’s family and to the team of brothers.”

However, the truth is that this obituary belongs to a different Johnny Jett who shares a similar name with the TV reality star. Johnny Jett of “Barnwood Builders” is very much alive and in good health.

Is Johnny Jett Still on Barnwood Builders?

Johnny Jett is still an integral part of Barnwood. Despite the passage of time, he continues to bring his exceptional craftsmanship to the show.

Barnwood Builders, a beloved American documentary TV series that first aired on the DIY Network in late 2013, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. It offers an honest portrayal of a team of builders who specialize in transforming historic barns and log cabins into modern structures. This show quickly became a ratings hit upon its premiere and has remained one of the most-watched programs on the DIY Network. The series revolves around the work of a West Virginia-based crew led by Mark Bowe, who possesses the remarkable ability to turn pioneer-era cabins and barns into beautiful homes and luxury getaways.

Johnny Jett gained fame after joining the cast of “Barnwood Builders,” which originally aired on the Discovery channel. The show’s success led to Johnny becoming a television celebrity, attracting fans not only from the United States but also from around the world. He even has his own website, johnnyjettart.com, where he shares personal tips and ideas, connecting with thousands of visitors who admire his artistry and craftsmanship.

Before his “Barnwood Builders” journey, Johnny was already an accomplished carpenter and barn builder who sold his creations online. His exceptional skills garnered widespread recognition, catching the attention of people from all corners of the globe. This recognition eventually led him to the opportunity to join “Barnwood Builders” in 2013. Since then, Johnny has been an integral member of the team, showcasing his years of expertise as a barn builder.

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Who Is Johnny Jett’s Wife?

Johnny Jett is happily married to Donna Jett, and they’ve shared their lives since their marriage on July 30, 1972. The couple prefers to keep their relationship private, so not much is known about their love story or how they met. In 2018, Johnny and Donna celebrated their anniversary in a unique and charming way. They even made a special request on Facebook for Choco, their macho Chihuahua, to serenade them with a happy anniversary song.

Together, Johnny and Donna have one child named Johnny Gene Jett, and they’ve been blessed with two grandchildren, Nicholas Jett and Knoathan Jett.

 How Much Is Johnny Jett Worth?

Johnny Jett’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, and he earns a reputable salary of $50,000 from his appearances in Barnwood Builders. As a successful reality TV star and painter, the majority of his net worth comes from his earnings on the show.

However, Johnny’s income isn’t solely reliant on his television work. He has also bolstered his finances through the sale of his artworks. His craftsmanship is available for purchase on his personal website, with prices starting at around $70, contributing to his overall assets.

Where Does Johnny Jett Live Now?

Johnny Jett has chosen to make Fleming County, Kentucky, his home, remaining deeply connected to his Kentucky heritage. Despite being a valued member of the Barnwood Builders team, often described as “fun-loving West Virginians,” Johnny proudly considers himself a Kentuckian at heart.

In a memorable episode, the crew ventured to Johnny’s hometown of Morehead, KY, to salvage an aged barn. During this excursion, Mark presented a challenge to the younger team members involving handling logs. Johnny also imparted some local wisdom by taking them to visit an old grist mill situated near his cherished covered bridge.


What Year Was Johnny Jett Born?

Johnny Jet was born on 24 April 1949, which means he is 75 years old and his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Is Johnny Jett Still Alive?

Yes, Johnny Jett is still alive and in good health. The reports about him dying are false. He resides in Fleming County, Kentucky.

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