Who Plays Billy in Stranger Things and Does He Die?

29-year-old Dacre Montgomery plays Billy in Stranger Things. His character, however, dies in the Season 3 finale, i.e., Season 3 Episode 8 of the hit Netflix show.

Stranger Things revolves around the inhabitants of the fictional town of Hawkins as they contend with the fallouts of mysterious scientific experiments, including supernatural forces. These supernatural forces are often malevolent in nature, and one of them, named the Mind Flayer, possesses Billy, Dacre Montgomery’s character, in season 3. It uses him to develop a small army of zombies, but in the end, Billy performs the ultimate heroic act to save his town.

Who Plays Billy in Stranger Things?

Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery plays Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things. Dacre joined the cast of Stranger Things in the show’s second season, which was released in 2017. His character, Billy, is portrayed as a rebellious and antagonistic individual who often clashes with other characters in the series.

Dacre fell in love with acting early in life and, before the age of ten, already had some theater and TV credits. His talent shone through, and his classmates concluded that he would be the one amongst them that will probably emerge as a Hollywood star in the future.

Despite this early vote of confidence, Dacre didn’t have it all smooth. He dealt with anxiety issues and weight issues. He also failed his exams in high school, and even when he went to drama school, he was asked to leave. Many dimmed his dreams as unrealistic, but he continued pursuing them and eventually made it to Hollywood.

Asides from Stranger Things, Dacre has appeared in several movies, including 2017’s Power Rangers and the 2022 biopic Elvis. The actor has been open about his early struggles and uses it to inspire others.

What is Dacre Montgomery’s Age?

Dacre Montgomery is 29 years old. The Stranger Things star, who plays the character of Billy Hargrove, was born on the 22nd of November 1994. His birthplace is Perth, Australia, and his full name at birth is Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey.

While Dacre was born in Australia, his father, Scott Montgomery-Harvey, is a Kiwi from New Zealand, while his mother, Judith Barrett-Lennard, is from North America, specifically Canada. The actor has one sibling, a younger sister named Saskia.

How Old Is Billy in Stranger Things?

Billy was 17 years old in Season 2 of Stranger Things when he joined the show and 18 years old in Season 3 of the show. His biographical information shows that he was born on the 29th of March 1967, which is 16 years before the events of Stranger Things unfolded in Season 1, which is set in 1983. His character did not appear in Season 1 but in Season 2. This explains his being 17 years old in Season 2.

The 17-year-old Billy is portrayed as a high school hell-raiser who drives recklessly and drinks outrageously. He also quarrels with most of his peers and generally makes the life of his younger step-sister named Max a living hell.

Billy is the atypical high school bully, and Dacre Montgomery pulled off the role perfectly despite not being in his teenage years. There is a five-year age gap between Dacre Montgomery and Billy, the character that he portrays in Stranger Things. The Aussie actor, however, gave a good account of himself.

Montgomery also did a wonderful job, given how far the role was from his real-life circumstance. He was the one bullied for his weight in school, but on the screens, he turned into the ultimate bully and gave a very convincing performance.

Does Billy Die in Stranger Things?

Billy died in Stranger Things after being stabbed in the chest by the Mind Flayer, one of the feared villains in Stranger Things. The Mind Flayer is a gooey monster that wants to take over the whole world and would stop at nothing to implement its plan. It gets ahold of people through its sticky goo, and it infected Billy in Episode 1, Season 3.

Billy began doing the Mind Flayer’s biding from then onwards and helped bring other people that it can infect. These persons formed the army of zombies that the monster would use to achieve its nefarious purpose.

Billy later turned against the Mind Flayer after coming to some profound realization, and this made the Mind Flayer kill him.

What Episode Does Billy Die in Stranger Things?

Billy died in Episode 8, Season 3 of Stranger Things. This was the final episode of that season and originally aired on the 4th of July 2019. It was titled the Battle of Starcourt in reference to the mall where much of the pivotal action takes place.

The Mind Flayer uses Billy to go after Eleven and her peers because he knows she is the only one that can really stop his grand visions. They resist him as much as they can, and Eleven finally uses her powers to give Billy some memories of his happy early childhood years.

He also sees his beloved mom (it was Billy’s abusive dad that made him turn into an evil bully). All this causes a change of heart in him, and he decides to give up his own life to protect his younger sister, Max, Eleven, and their peers.

How Does Billy Die in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things’ Billy died after being punched in the chest by The Mind Flayer in a gripping set of events. The Mind Flayer controlled Billy all through Season 3 of Stranger Things, and the young man did his bidding without question. In the Season 3 finale, the Mind Flayer tasks Billy with bringing him Eleven and her peers, and he pursues them to the mall for that purpose.

They initially evade him, but towards the end, Billy lays his hands on Eleven. When he is about to offer her on a platter to the Mind Flayer, Eleven uses her powers to show him the happier days of his life, his beloved mother, etc. This makes Billy realize the wrongness of his action, and he releases Eleven.

He turns to fight the Mind Flayer, and the enraged monster stabs him in the side on several occasions. The Mind Flayer then punched a hole through Billy’s chest, which was the fatal assault that killed him.

Does Billy Come Back in Stranger Things?

After dying in the Season 3 finale, Billy made a brief comeback in Season 4 Episode 4 of Stranger Things titled Dear Billy and originally aired on May 27, 2022.

Billy’s younger step-sister, Max, is still reeling with grief over his death, and a villain named Vecna takes advantage of this.

He pencils down Max as one of the targets to kill, and as a precaution, she writes farewell letters to her loved ones. One of them is to the late Billy, and she goes to the cemetery to read it to him.

While there, Max experiences a hallucination in which Billy appears to her. He accuses her of experiencing some happiness for his death and fingers this as the source of her guilt (This is in stark contrast to Billy’s death scene in Season 3, where he apologized to Max for all he did for her). Max is confused by all this, but the confusion is quickly cleared up when the supposed Billy reveals his true identity as Vecna.


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