30 Ideal First Date Questions You Will Ever Need

First date questions are questions you ask someone while going out on a first date. They are designed to help you learn more about your potential partner’s personality, interests, values, and ambitions.

First dates allow you to get to know someone better and gauge your romantic compatibility. The initial impression you make, as well as how well you and the other person interact, play a significant role in this differentiation. Making use of follow-up questions in relation to the response provides a glimpse of your interest right from the first date. The questions also give you the opportunity to make your date like you more.

Best Questions to Ask on a First Date

The best question that is suitable for a first date should be carefully considered. If possible, one should plan ahead of the date with questions of good interest. A proper prediction should be made on the right question that will suit the personality of your date. In making these predictions, consider questions that are perfect for your first date’s gender. Below are some good questions to ask a guy or a girl on a first date.

Questions to Ask a Guy on a First Date

What a guy is into is often the simplest place to start when it comes to questions to ask a guy on a date. Sports? Hobbies? Talents? It should be simple to get him to speak about himself (we all want to talk about ourselves). The question is reciprocated with a follow-up question that inquires how you are doing.

1. What are your life ambitions? 

This is perfect for a first date, and it helps open up a guy towards having a conversation with you. In reality, guys value people that are interested in their ambitions. In response to the question, he will be forced to admit to parts of his ambitions that he thinks he can’t achieve. Do not hesitate to give him some level of encouragement to pursue his ambitions, no matter how hard it may look.

2. Which sports do you like?

He gets the opportunity to talk about the kinds of sports he loves. Then he will share the little knowledge he has about such a sport. Always try to be a good listener and contribute if you really know something about the sport. Guys feel more relaxed when they notice you share the same sport with them. To make it perfect, if it is also the same sports club, there will be a perfect conversational flow.

3. Do you like music?

Most guys are music freaks. To have a wonderful first date with a guy, try to find out what kind of music he likes listening to. Have a brief discussion about it by sharing your opinion or knowledge of such music. The topic can automatically spur other serious conversations with him.

4. How many are you in your family and what number are you?

The question is asked when you want to know more about his family. He definitely will not have any restrictions on sharing information about his siblings with you. At this point, you are bringing a closer relationship to his mind. To make him understand more, extend the question to ‘I wish I could meet your family someday?’

5. What is your educational background?

Making inquiries about his educational career is also a good move on the first date. Only a responsible girl would want to inquire if her date is educated or not. You get the opportunity to know the places he attended school until his last educational level. Encourage him to continue his education if there are any other careers he wishes to pursue.

6. How do you view a healthy relationship?

Since you, as a girl, somehow see him as a guy you can have a relationship with. You can advance the conversation to learn his perception of the relationship. This will help you access his experience in relationships. It will let you know if he has other aspects of life that he is focusing on other than relationships.

7. What are the things that make you happy?

The question is aimed at finding out what makes him happy. Most guys access their happiness from different sources. Some can be from taking hard drugs or getting drunk. The question is not only looking at what makes him happy but also at his addictions.

8. Have you experienced betrayal from a friend?

The question takes him back to his past. The main aim of the question is to find out how he handled the betrayal, thereby helping you to access his level of maturity. You get to hear some of his stories that you may not have had the opportunity to hear.

Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date

The first date with a girl is something one should be very careful about, in order not to create the wrong impression. To get the best out of your first date conversation with a girl, start with simple, interesting questions, and then with time, you can advance your questions. Below are some of the most important first date questions to ask a girl.

9. How are you doing?

‘How are you doing?’ should be enough to start a discussion that you may get lost in. Although simple, open-ended inquiries may sometimes lead to the most interesting talks. A great first date will need the presence of two individuals who are both open to growing, unfolding, and intriguing conversation.

10. What makes you happy?

You’re looking to see whether the other individual speaks about topics they’re passionate about. A red sign is somebody who laughs at or dismisses the question. If you’re truly inquisitive about what makes people tick and your date thinks a question like this is stupid, it might be an indication that you won’t get along. After all, the purpose of the first date is to evaluate whether or not you want to go on the second.

11. How do you regularly enjoy your break?

This inquiry is also an excellent way to find out what you and your date have in common. This allows your date to share some of their hobbies, passions, activities, and joys with you.

12. What is your ideal relationship?

When it comes to addressing what you both presumably consider to be the perfect relationship, there is a lot to cover. You might not have to kiss on the first date. But it’s important to know that you both stand on the same page, and asking a more humorous question to get into that issue may make it a lot less comfortable.

13. What would you have in mind, hoping to see at a concert?

This is a simple and enjoyable subject to ask on a first date, particularly if they have previously demonstrated a preference for live music or comedy shows. This is a bit of the trail, but it is to achieve relaxed ground for other conversations.

14. What do you do for a living?

You might also ask them to expound on their employment if their online dating profile covers it. These kinds of questions are useful on a first date since they break the ice without being too weighty. It also helps you access her personality.

15. Which book have you read that you still wish to read?

If you’re concerned that the discussion may become strained, you can always frame it around beloved books, podcasts, music, or cuisine. Even if they don’t have a decent response, most individuals will answer the question. Soon, you’ll be able to carry on a discussion with each other while you also get to know what she likes and dislikes.

16. What is the latest movie you have watched recently?

A first date is usually only to check whether there is chemistry. It shouldn’t be too in-depth, which is why I feel inquiries shouldn’t be too in-depth. You never want your first date to seem like a therapy session. So, think about some movies you may have in common. And what if one or both of you haven’t seen anything new in a while? Then you have a great idea for a second date.

Funny First Date Questions

Funny questions on a first date go a long way toward eliminating the fear of running out of words. It gives your date a relaxed environment for conversation. Below are some funny first date questions to help you enjoy your first date.

17. How much do you love eating fried chicken?

This is a very crucial question to ask anybody you go on a date with. It will assist you in determining if they are a good fit for you. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate their reaction before choosing whether or not to go on another date with them. Though funny, it is also a way of knowing the kind of date you are likely going to have next.

18. How often do you talk to dogs?

I’m sure most of us dog lovers out there have tried chatting to our dogs, whether telepathically or in the more conventional method. Furthermore, it works, and they have a lot to discuss with us. The question may sound funny to your date, but it tells you if your date is the kind that pays more attention to dogs than people.

19. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen online?

I keep a running list of foolish things I’ve had to check up on online. Who knows, maybe your date is as ridiculous as you are. There’s no way to know until you ask! This is one of the strangest first date questions, so have fun with it.

20. If you didn’t know my name, what would you assume it to be?

Oh, you certainly look like… ‘is a sentence I’ve heard far too often. Still, it’s amusing to see what names others come up with for me. In reality, I can’t blame them; I often attempt to guess the names of servers in restaurants before they arrive to collect my order. It’s entertaining; you should try it someday.

21. What is the longest you have slept?

To stay on the subject of laziness (which, after all, is not a sin), I can guarantee you that certain individuals are absolutely impossible to out-sleep. What is the longest time you’ve ever slept? I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn that your date is still far from your winning time.

22. Which alcoholic drink reminds you of your worst drunk night?

For me, it’s the good old Baileys. I’ll never go near it again, and don’t even attempt to push me. I’m sure we can all recall that one night (you know the one I’m referring to) and that one specific drink that you never want to taste again. This is undoubtedly one of the fun first-date questions that will lead to a good story.

23. Do you think you can survive without your phone?

No, it does not. How am I going to maintain my Snapchat streak? My dearest friend will never forgive me for doing that. This question helps you understand the kind of personality your date has. If she is a social media freak, you will know what to expect.

Deep First Date Questions

First dates may be quite uncomfortable, but they can also be unexpectedly easy and invigorating. If you and your date click right away, you should think about pushing the discussion to the next level. This can only be accomplished by asking deep first-date questions.

24. How close are you to your childhood friends?

Does she remain in contact with people? This question tells you about their capacity to develop long-term connections. Is she capable of keeping friends for an extended period of time? You want someone who has her own friends and life. Not a chameleon that blends into the lives of others.

25. What do you regard as a good day?

Discovering someone’s everyday routine reveals a lot about their way of life. This one inquiry may disclose if your date is an early bird or a night owl, what their job schedule looks like, and how they use their free time. All of which can help you determine if or not your lives will mesh well.

26. Which song do you love singing loudly?

While this inquiry may disclose a mutual love of country or pop-punk music, the general tone, content, and intensity of the song they choose may also reveal something about their whole personalities.

27. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

This is a profound inquiry that views a spirit of adventure in a possible spouse as a desirable attribute. So, discussing tales about some daring encounters can just light that elusive flame. The reaction might give you an idea of how brave or adventurous your date is. Second, it typically results in a really fascinating anecdote.

28. What is your off-track talent?

Whether your date can play an octobass, is a skilled impressionist, or can execute an outstanding moonwalk, discovering more about their uncommon abilities is a sure way to spark some laughter, which is a vital advantage for bonding. You may discover whether or not they take themselves too seriously by asking this question, while still learning something unique and fascinating about them.

29. What is your opinion on doing charity?

This question not only lets you identify whether or not giving back is important to them, but it also sheds insight on the particular subjects that your date is most concerned about. Climate change, healthcare reform, animal rights, mental health awareness, and the homelessness issue are all examples of this.

30. Where would you love to travel to and why?

On a first date, this is one of the deep questions you can ask. This is because travel is a non-controversial topic that is fun to talk about and allows people to share unique and interesting personal stories.


An ideal first date is a date that is well planned, having in mind important questions that will spur conversations. The above questions are properly structured and segmented to give one the ideal first date they desire. Do well to plan your first date, making use of the questions above.


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