95 Hard Would You Rather Questions Anyone Would Find Difficult to Answer

It doesn’t take a seer to see the essence of Would You Rather Questions. They are not only a great way to start a conversation but also a means through which people get to know each other better, express who they are, exchange views, and talk through the rationales upon which their set of beliefs are based. It creates the opportunity for people to question their deep-seated convictions as much as it stirs critical thinking, spurring one to see things from a fresh perspective.

Hard would you rather questions have become part of the pop culture and have manifested in various forms like the 2012 American psychological horror-thriller film, Would You Rather, and the BBC America panel game show Would You Rather…? with Graham Norton.

What Are the Benefits of ‘Would You Rather Questions’ and How do you Play the Party Game?

Based on the foregoing, the benefits of would you rather questions are quite glaring and not limited to the fact that they facilitate meaningful conversation across a wide range of topics. They are known to promote communication skills, as they encourage taking turns to speak and to listen.

While at that, they cultivate the habit of critical thinking via presenting two options that are different but equally appealing or unappealing. This makes people flexible with their thoughts patterns and compels them to consider other opinions rather than holding on to what they had always believed in. You get new information that warrants the re-evaluation of previously held views and take a stand.

The premise of the party game is a simple one: you ask a question that poses a dilemma between two good or two bad options. The players can choose to debate the rationales for each answer or not. At the core of its essence is to enable such interaction that provides recreation and entertainment.

Intense Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather eat the same breakfast for the rest of your life or give up the internet?

The internet is of huge value to us and indeed humanity at large. We think having the same breakfast is a fair price to pay.

2. Would you rather watch your parents have sex or witness a murder?

We know. You don’t want anyone murdered and definitely don’t want to witness how you were made, but you have to choose.

3. Would you rather be super smart or super-rich?

Being super-smart can make you super-rich, unless you become so smart you realize that wealth is overrated. That’s a possibility, right?

4. Would you rather live in a mansion all alone or in a crowded apartment with lively strangers?

What’s the point of being comfortable and lonely when you can embrace some level of discomfort and relish having interesting people around you?

5. Would you rather be a rock star or a hip-hop legend?

Whosoever asks this is simply interested in knowing if you like music and what genre attracts you.

6. Would you rather play basketball with Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

This is probably one of the hard would you rather questions that attempt to find if someone is more attached to the past than the present.

7. Would you rather have bad eyesight or bad hearing?

Your sense of sight or your sense of hearing, which one is more important to you? Which would have the least effect on your life and career if you let go of it?

8. Would you rather stay indoors for a year or attempt skydiving for the first time?

It’s probably the best way to deal with acrophobia. But if you are not ready to face your fear of height, a year isn’t too long a time, it’s only 366 days, tops.

9. Would you rather travel around the world or have a happy family in a remote village?

Some people would insist that family is everything, and nothing is better than having a happy one. Nothing, even exploring the world. What do you say?

10. Would you rather become Harry Potter or Spider-Man?

To a large extent, many would pick a choice based on the franchise they love most. But there is more to that. For instance, Harry is an orphan, and facts like that are why this is considered one of the hard would you rather questions.

11. Would you rather spend the rest of your life as a dog or as as a cat?

Again, people would make a choice based on which of the two is their favorite animal. We don’t see any problem with that, do you?

12. Would you rather not care about what people think of you or care about what they think of you?

A lot of people would go with the first option but no matter how much we claim not to care about people’s opinions about us, we do. And it is quite natural.

13. Would you rather always be underdressed or always be overdressed for an event?

For someone who does not like being noticed in a gathering, the two options are equally unappealing as they would both single you out.

14. Would you rather never eat any fruit or never eat vegetables for one year?

Of all would you rather questions listed here, this is the hardest for someone who loves fruits as much as s/he loves vegetables.

15. Would you rather be trapped in a room full of rats or a room full of spiders?

Of course, what would determine anyone’s choice here is musophobia, a fear of rodents, and arachnophobia, an intense fear of spiders.

16. Would you rather become very strong or become very fast?

What would you do with being very strong and what would you accomplish from being very fast? This question boils down to that.

17. Would you rather date someone who loves you or someone you love?

Before you decide, you should know there is a huge difference between being with someone you love and someone who loves you. But almost always, it is better to be with someone who loves you as much as you love him/her.

18. Would you rather never find true love or never have sex?

What does having to experience true love means to you and how important is sex to you? Which can’t you cope without?

19. Would you rather lose the ability to read or never listen to music again?

For some people, reading is as important as listening to music. So both of the two options have the same measure of misery attached to it.

Impossible Would You Rather Questions

20. Would you rather shed tears from your nose or talk out of your ears?

Would you rather questions can make you become very imaginative is a disturbing way and this question proves that.

21. Would you rather give up all your favorite food or give up sex?

If you give up all your favorite foods, you would likely discover others you like with time, but there are no alternatives to sex apart from masturbation.

22. Would you rather be happily married without kids, or unhappily married with adorable kids?

Everyone wants to be happily married, but not every couple wants to have kids. But even if you want kids, do you want them so much to sacrifice having a happy marriage for it?

23. Would you rather be colorblind or have no sense of taste?

A foodie wouldn’t have to think twice about this kind of would you rather questions, its food all the way!

24. Would you rather live life in slow motion or fast forward?

Slow can be frustratingly annoying and fast can be tragically dangerous. The former option is for those who wouldn’t mind living like a sloth and the latter is for everyone else.

25. Would you rather be completely free or always safe?

Freedom is desirous and total freedom, double so. How about trading it for always being out of harm’s way?

26. Would you rather become estranged from your mom or break up with your spouse?

This would be a tough decision to make for people whose moms are sweet and caring as much as their loving and supportive spouses. It is surely one of the impossible would you rather questions you want to answer.

27. Would you rather have to always lie to your friends or tell your enemies the truth?

Lies are necessary sometimes, but always having to lie to your friends can ruin your life as much as telling your enemies the truth can hurt you.

28. Would you rather save the lives of three members of your family or the lives of 500 strangers?

Nobody should have to make such a decision in real life; thankfully, this is just a party game.

29. Would you rather be always hot or always cold?

This should be one of the most extreme would you rather questions; it’s simply impossible to have a preference here.

30. Would you rather have your dream job or marry the person of your dreams?

Your answer depends on two factors: if you are career-driven or family-driven.

31. Would you rather be rich and not famous or famous and not rich?

Being famous can make you rich and being rich can make you famous, at least to some extent. But which would you prefer if you must either be rich or famous?

32. Would you rather have the power to pause your life or the ability to rewind it?

Wondering why one would want to pause his/her? Perhaps a lot of things are happening and s/he want to take a break from it all. Being able to rewind it means the ability to go back in time and fix your mistakes and poor decisions.

33. Would you rather live in a world free of disease or a world free of injustice?

A world where everyone is healthy and desirable as much as a world free of injustice would be amazing. But we can address all forms of injustices, several diseases have been uncurable for decades.

34. Would you rather read only books or watch only movies for the rest of your life?

Books are entertaining and enlightening, so also are movies but they tend to focus more on entertainment. It makes more sense to go for the medium that can offer both in great or equal measures. Nevertheless, it is one of the hard would you rather questions to answer for some people.

35. Would you rather fart out loud on your first date with your crush or during a presentation at work?

Both are embarrassing but isn’t it better for one person to witness such an embarrassment than a group of people?

36. Would you rather date someone handsome who doesn’t find you attractive or someone unattractive who thinks you are beautiful?

Any day, any time, we would go with the latter option.

37. Would you rather spend two weeks without a shower or a week without brushing your teeth?

Two weeks without a shower wouldn’t give you the discomfort of going a week without brushing your teeth, would it?

38. Would you rather give up your career or your love life?

Is it more important to you to love and be loved than to have a career? That’s the question you would be ultimately answering.

Deep Would You Rather Questions

39. Would you rather have the power to choose who dies or make anyone fall in love with you?

Wait, who would you make fall in love with you if you can? It seems cool to have the ability to seduce anyone, but choosing who dies can be a big burden.

40. Would you rather restart your life or continue with it as it is?

Some of us would love a fresh start, but then, we are also curious to see where all the life drama we have experienced would lead to.

41. Would you rather not go out at night or during the day for the rest of your life?

You might think it’s easier to do night until you spend a few weeks without any form of nightlife. We think night is as important as the day.

42. Would you rather never grow old physically or never age mentally?

It’s not hard to see how this is one of the interesting and deep would you rather questions to ask anyone. Both of the options are equally appealing or nearly so.

43. Would you rather be the second-best in many things or the best in only one thing?

We are often advised to be the best at what we do, but would you settle for the second-best in many fields rather than being the best in just one field?

44. Would you rather not be able to seek help or say thank you?

This is a difficult one, huh? Nobody is completely independent, we all need a helping hand at some point. And the inability to say thank you is a whole new level of being an ass.

45. Would you rather discover how to time-travel or a cure for a pandemic virus?

Discovering a cure to a pandemic virus is cool but as they say, prevention is better than cure. So how about traveling back in time to stop the virus from spreading?

46. Would you rather suffer a terminal illness or be physically disabled?

We don’t know who would be comfortable asking this, it is one of the most difficult would you rather questions to answer.

47. Would you rather be able to control someone’s mind or tell what he/she is thinking?

This is a tricky one, if we can tell what you are thinking, can’t we somehow control your mind with that?

48. Would you rather never be able to lie again or never be able to smile?

To smile is to live, probably as much as lying is part of life. But if the latter has caused you a lot of pain, do the needful.

49. Would you rather stop procrastinating or never take the easy way out of any situation again?

That book to read, that idea to develop, that project to start, and that set of skills to acquire. For us, it’s dealing with “later”.

50. Would you rather have the power to stop time or the ability to teleport anywhere?

What would you want to stop time for? The ability to teleport anywhere seems cool but choose for yourself.

51. Would you rather have more money to buy the things you need or never have to need anything?

What does it mean to never have to need anything? That all your needs would somehow be provided or being oblivious of what you need?

52. Would you rather have the people around you always ignore you or always mean to you?

What extent of rude behavior can you tolerate before it breaks you? Some of us don’t even want to be noticed.

53. Would you rather have another world war for world peace or sacrifice members of your immediate family to attain it?

The world as it is, might not survive another World War, the weapons we have around would leave next to nothing behind.

54. Would you rather die young and fulfilled or old and disappointed with the life you lived?

People do not only want to live but to live forever young. But being fulfilled has always been better than disappointments, or is this an exception?

55. Would you rather have the ability to change the past or the ability to change the future?

If all the time-travel films we have seen are anything to go by, changing the past would also change the future.

56. Would you rather have a world where people don’t feel pain or a crime-free world?

Pain can be rewarding; after all, no pain no gain. A crime-free world is desirable, there wouldn’t be any need to police anyone.

57. Would you rather be able to communicate with animals or speak all human language?

The ability to speak all human languages would be cool, but we love animals and it’d be really interesting to interview a honey badger.

Tough Would You Rather Questions

58. Would you rather have 12 kids or not at all?

You probably want to start a family someday with your dream partner and have some kids. Is having as much as 12 a deal-breaker or is it something to consider?

59. Would you rather know when you would die or how you would die?

This is one of the most common and tough would you rather questions and it is not difficult to see why this is so. The mystery of death is in not knowing when it would come knocking.

60. Would you rather be single all your life or be in a bad relationship?

People need other people and hardly would you find anyone who wants to live his/her entire life without a romantic partner. But perhaps, being alone is better than a bad relationship, right?

61. Would you rather have a photographic memory or become very imaginative?

There are many benefits to having a photographic memory as there are to being very imaginative, it boils down to your preferences and we will leave you to that.

62. Would you rather have a funny name or a funny face?

Having a funny face might not be funny at all, but you would find your funny name amusing once in a while. Besides, it is easier to change a name than a face.

63. Would you rather witness the beginning of the world or the end of it?

Almost all of the sentiments about how the world would end are apocalyptic; we think most people would want to find out if it all started with a big bang.

64. Would you rather never kiss your partner again or kiss everybody you meet?

How much do you enjoy kissing your partner? Is it something you like so much that you kiss whoever crosses your path to keep doing?

65. Would you rather be the president of your country for a week or become a billionaire?

Leading your country for a week can change your life forever if you make any meaningful impact with the opportunity and becoming a billionaire can make life much easier and happier for you.

66. Would you rather be able to predict the future or change history?

Depending on your answer, one might be able to tell if you are holding on to the past or looking forward to what the future holds.

67. Would you rather be unable to remember anything bad or unable to forget anything?

Being unable to forget anything can be a big burden, especially for someone who has had a lot of nasty experiences. The former is a state of bliss, we would go with that.

68. Would you rather betray your best friend or be jailed for a crime you didn’t commit?

This is probably the best way to put your loyalty to the test. What would it be? Take the fall or betray your most favorite person in the world?

69. Would you rather always know that someone is lying or always get away with a lie?

There are instances when one’s life might depend on lying and getting away with it. But then the ability to discern liars would save one a lot of pains.

70. Would you rather have a meaningful but boring life or exciting but unsafe life?

We think meaningful but boring makes more sense and would be more fulfilling than living an exciting but unsafe life. But decide for yourself.

71. Would you rather get one new good habit or get rid of one bad habit?

This depends on who you are. You should know yourself better than anyone. If there is a bad habit threatening to ruin your life, it’d be better to get rid of it.

72. Would you rather die before or after your spouse?

Happy couples who genuinely love each other desire to die together but if that’s not what fate wants, would you go first or after?

73. Would you rather be jailed for life or spend the rest of your life in a wilderness?

Jailed for life, you can still experience some measure of interaction with people but you would never be free again, but the latter is perpetual freedom in isolation.

74. Would you rather be laughing at a friend’s funeral or sad on your wedding day?

You may not agree with our sentiment but it might be healthy to have reasons to laugh at a friend’s funeral, we can’t say that about being sad on your wedding day.

75. Would you rather have a good job you love with a fair pay package or a job you hate with a massive paycheck?

This boils down to what’s important to you; what would make you happy: doing what you love for a living or just making lots and lots of money?

76. Would you rather have your mom or your dad choose your life partner?

Nobody should choose who you should spend the rest of your life with, but if it comes down to your mom or dad choosing for you, who would it be?

Extreme Would You Rather Questions

77. Would you rather be blind for the rest of your life or become deaf?

Not being able to see and not being able to hear is equally unfortunate. People love their sense of sight as much as they love their sense of hearing.

78. Would you rather have heaven in hell or hell in heaven?

Is there any difference between the two options? Would you like to have a good experience in a bad place or a bad experience in a good place?

79. Would you rather poop through your mouth or have taste buds on your butthole?

Sorry, you can’t unread that. You must now think about it thoroughly and make your choice. We think butthole tastebud is less nasty though.

80. Would you rather only be able to shout or only be able to whisper?

Imagine having to shout all through every conversation you have. You wouldn’t last a day before you end up in a mental facility.

81. Would you rather be buried alive or strangled to death?

To be strangled to death kind of ensures your death, but if one is buried alive, there is still hope. S/he might just be rescued before s/he expires.

82. Would you rather always feel like you are about to sneeze or have hiccups for the rest of your life?

Neither of the two options is tolerable, this is definitely one of the most extreme would you rather questions. You’d lose your mind with either option.

83. Would you rather always say whatever you are thinking or never be able to speak again?

Most people would settle for the first option. You just have to discipline your mind to not think of certain things. But then, you’d have to talk about what you are forcing yourself to not think about.

84. Would you rather be sexually attracted to fruits or have fingers as long as your legs?

Fingers as long as one’s legs would be one of the creepiest things ever. Fruits are sexy but to be sexually attracted to them would be very strange.

85. Would you rather never attend anyone’s wedding or be at a funeral every week?

Being at a funeral every week means having to lose someone now and then, doesn’t it? We think the first is a better option.

86. Would you rather burn to death or drown to death?

What anyone would consider is the less painful death. And most people would agree that burning to death is more painful than drowning and suffocating.

87. Would you rather be a child all your life or an elderly person your entire life?

Being a child all your life can be fun. You never get to experience the pains and frustrations of adulthood. But then, it also means never being free.

88. Would you rather become a cannibal or starve for the rest of your life?

To what extent are you willing to live? How far would you go to stay alive? It all depends on that and starving to death isn’t a painless way to die as it might seem.

89. Would you rather not be able to laugh or laugh uncontrollably everyday for 3 minutes?

Wouldn’t some health issues emanate from laughing uncontrollably for three minutes? Given that, not being able to laugh at all might not be too much of a sacrifice.

90. Would you rather be attacked by a shark or attacked by a bear?

Before you pick, you should think of the percentage of people who have survived a shark attack versus those who have survived a bear attack.

91. Would you rather lose all the money you have or lose all of your sweet memories?

You can always make more money, but can we say that about memorable moments? Perhaps we don’t value our sweet memories as much as we should.

92. Would you rather always have a slow internet connection or always be stuck in traffic?

A slow internet connection is as annoying as the feeling of helplessness when stuck in traffic. But for most people should find one of the options less miserable.

93. Would you rather become a drug addict or a sex addict?

Addiction has ruined many lives and being addicted to sex is as destructive as addiction to drugs. Or is any of the options better for you?

94. Would you rather be always angry or always hungry?

Someone who is always hungry would likely always be angry. And if you are always angry, you probably have to be removed from society. Are you still wondering why it is one of the hard would you rather questions?

95. Would you rather always have a nasty smell or be ugly?

Ugly can be relative but having a nasty smell is like speaking a universal language everyone understands. We think the latter is a better option.


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