Are You The One Season 6: Where Are They Now?

Some of the cast members of Are You The One season 6, such as Clinton Moxam and Michael Dean Johnson, have gone on to become fitness trainers, while some others, such as Geles Rodriguez and Audrey Diaz, have become popular personalities on social media.

Are You The One season 6 is currently available on streaming platforms, and MTV is also planning to drop new seasons of the show. It follows a group of single individuals as they try to figure out the perfect love match for themselves, already pre-determined by experts. Rarely do any of the couples last long term, but it is nevertheless a fun watch and continues to inspire interest.

When was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?

Are You The One Season 6 was filmed in mid-2017. The filming of the show took place over several weeks, and it was eventually aired from 20 September 2017 to 6 December 2017.

Are You The One Season 6 was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. It remains the only edition of the reality TV show that was filmed in the intercontinental United States. The producers expressed their pride that they had been able to do so and used the opportunity to showcase both the common sights as well as the hidden gems in New Orleans.

Other seasons of Are You The One have been filmed in places such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

List of Are You The One Season 6 Cast

Are You The One season 6 cast members were 22 in number, comprising 11 males and 11 females. The target was to split them into 11 heterosexual couples, but the show has since become more LGBTQ-inclusive.

Are You The One Season 6 Male Cast Members

  • Anthony Martin
  • Tyler Colon
  • Ethan Cohen
  • Joe Torgerson
  • Clinton Moxam
  • Dimitri Valentin
  • Keith Klebacher
  • Malcolm Drummer
  • Michael Johnson
  • Kareem Fathalla
  • David Shad

Are You The One Season 6 Female Cast Members

  • Uche Nwosu
  • Alexis Eddy
  • Nicole Spiller
  • Keyana Land
  • Alivia Hunter
  • Diandra Delgado
  • Audrey Diaz
  • Jada Allen
  • Zoe Pugh
  • Geles Rodriguez
  • Nurys Mateo

Are You The One Season 6 Matches

Cast members of Are You The One Season 6 really found it hard to decipher their perfect matches. They fumbled that ultimate task for much of the show and risked losing the $1 million prize as they were only able to figure out just one perfect match.

They, however, put up an amazing performance in the finale of the show and figured out the remaining ten matches in one night on 6th December 2017. This was tagged the greatest comeback in the history of Are You The One. The list of Are You The One Season 6 matches is as follows;

  • Nicole Spiller and Tyler Colon
  • Geles Rodriguez and Clinton Moxam
  • Audrey Diaz and David Shad
  • Zoe Pugh and Ethan Cohen
  • Alexis Eddy and Anthony Martin
  • Keyana Land and Michael Johnson
  • Nurys Mateo and Dimitri Valentin
  • Alivia Hunter and Malcolm Drummer
  • Diandra Delgado and Kareem Fathalla
  • Uche Nwosu and Joe Torgerson
  • Jada Allen and Keith Klebacher

Are Any of the Matches from Season 6 of Are You The One Still Together?

None of the matches from Are You The One Season 6 are still together. This doesn’t come as a surprise, given that they only figured out most of the perfect matches on the final day of the show. As such, these perfect matches didn’t get a chance to bond and know each other well.

However, it should be noted that Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam from Are You The One season 6 are still together and are married. Though they were not a perfect match (Nwosu’s perfect match was Joe Torgerson while Clinton’s was Geles Rodrigues), the chemistry between them was undeniable, and they started dating after the end of the show.

They dated for about two and a half years before getting engaged in June 2020. They then tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony held in Chicago on 5 September 2021. Fellow Are You The One Season 6 contestants such as Nicole Spiller and Anthony Martin were in attendance at the wedding.

Where is Tyler from Are You The One Season 6?

Tyler from Are You The One season 6 is now a fast-rising singer and songwriter under the name Tai Verdes. His music career only took off in 2020, about three years after his reality TV appearance, and it was on Tik Tok.

In the midst of the pandemic, Tyler shared a single titled Stuck in the Middle. It resonated with members of the public and soon went viral, garnering millions of streams. The success of Stuck in the Middle inspired Tyler to put out other hit tracks such as A-O-K, Sheesh, and Drugs, all of which equally became popular.

Tyler from Are You The One season 6 now has a full-length album to his name as well as a recording deal with Kobalt Music Group. His music has been spotlighted by the likes of the BBC, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Apple Music.

Tyler got into music as a child, thanks to his mother’s influence. He initially dropped out of school to pursue music, but when he couldn’t make much headway, he headed out to Los Angeles. He applied to shows such as The Voice and American Idols. He wasn’t picked and so tried out for Are You The One season 6, where he was successful.

After his reality TV appearance, Tyler tried to use his prize money to push his music but didn’t make much headway. He had to make a living and so continued working in fashion, film, and retail. Of course, his music took a back seat during this time. The pandemic later shot down these aspects of Tyler’s career, and this inspired him to once more focus on music again, and he experienced viral success.

It is not known if Tyler is dating anybody at the moment, as his social media accounts don’t give an insight into his personal life. He was a perfect match with Nicole Spiller on Are You The One, but that relationship did not last for long or even go beyond the show.

Where is Are You The One Season 6 Alexis Now?

Alexis from Are You The One Season 6 is dead. She died about two years after appearing on the MTV reality TV series, and her death made the headlines. She was aged 23, and police reports show that she died of a cardiac arrest.

Alexis Renee Eddy was survived by numerous relatives, including her parents, Denny and Leanna Efaw, as well as four sisters, Aeriss, Tessa, Taylor, and Brea. Her family paid her tribute as a sweet and gentle soul that lit up any room she walked into with her radiant smile. They also described her as a lover of animals and children.

Alexis’ death also led to tributes from MTV, the network that produces Are You The One. Prior to her death, Alexis Eddy was a summer event coordinator at Harley Davidson Motor Company in Mannington, West Virginia.

Where is Ethan from Are You The One Season 6?

Ethan from Are You The One season 6 is now a rapper as well as a Hollywood casting producer. The Sonoma County native has always been passionate about rap music and even started exploring the underground hip-hop scene before making it to reality TV.

He later used the money from TV to fund the production of some of his albums. Some of his albums are E-Money, From a Corner Store Griffter to a Boss, Affiliated, and Everything Is Fine. Some of his songs are No Way, No Love, Free Again, Like You, and Let It Go.

Ethan, stage name- E-Money, also works for the L.A. company Casting Duo as a casting producer. He basically helps them scour for enigmatic candidates for reality TV shows and has cast not less than ten shows.

Where are the Other Cast Mates of Are You The One Season 6 Now?

1. Anthony Martin – lives in California and is a popular social media personality with more than 100k followers on Instagram. He has two daughters but the identity of their mom is not known.

2. Joe Torgerson – lives in Portland, Oregon, and got engaged to Mikala Thomas, Are You The One season 4 contestant, in February 2021.

3. Clinton Moxam – is now a fitness trainer based in Florida. He is married to fellow castmate Uche Nwosu.

4. Dimitri Valentin – is a personal trainer and fitness model and is signed to MN2S agency. His Instagram handle is @dimitrivalentin.

5. Keith Klebacher – is certified by the National Academy of Sports Science as a Performance Enhancement Specialist & Golf Fitness Specialist. His Instagram handle is @keithk93. He lives in North Carolina with his wife named, Amber, and they are expecting their first child in September 2023.

6. Malcolm Drummer – is an aspiring musician and has released some original music on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud.

7. Michael Johnson – now goes by Michael Dean and can be found online with this Instagram handle. He is a fitness trainer and has founded mdeanfitness. In his own words, he helps men shred body fats as well as build muscle. Michael Dean has scored deals with some apparel brands and has more than half a million followers on Instagram. He also appeared on the TV show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as a shirtless bartender.

8. Kareem Fathalla – is a personal trainer, fashion model, actor, and entrepreneur. He lives in New Jersey and has more than 50k followers on Instagram.

9. David Shad is an accomplished mechanical engineer and also holds master’s degrees in real estate development and business administration. He lives in the San Diego area, where he works for SC Engineers. He is also an assistant professor at the University of San Diego. Shad has also given a TED Talk and is focused on energy-efficient solutions.

10. Uche Nwosu – is now married to fellow Are You The One Season 6 cast member named Clinton Moxam. She penned an essay about their soft black love story in 2023 and has advocated for more wholesome portrayals of black love in the media space.

11. Nicole Spiller – is also a digital content creator, and her work covers style and beauty as well as life and travels. She describes herself as a New England girl in her Instagram bio.

12. Keyana Land – is a social media marketing specialist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has previously worked as a cocktail server, content creator, and sales assistant. She can be found on Instagram as well.

13. Alivia Hunter – Alivia Hunter was an architect major at the time she went on Are You The One Season 6, and she did not allow the show to derail her. She continued her studies and completed her degree at Clemson University in 2018, a year after the show. She is now based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida, and is an interior design assistant at A Concept 2 Design.

14. Diandra DelgadoDiandra Delgado went on to appear in another reality TV series, Ex On The Beach, between 2018 and 2019. The TV personality is presently based in Los Angeles and is a content creator as well as a dancer. She remains on good terms with the likes of Nursy Mateo and shares hot pictures of herself with her followers.

15. Audrey Diaz – Audrey Diaz lives in Dallas and is a digital content creator with more than 70k followers on Instagram alone. Her content focuses on lifestyle, makeup, aesthetics, etc. Audrey Diaz has also offered her followers a sneak peek into her personal life, such as her pregnancy journey. The Are You The One Season 6 alum shares a daughter named Ariana with her loving partner.

16. Jada Allen – Are You The One’s Jada Allen is now a human resources assistant and is based in the New Jersey town of Carteret.

17. Zoe Pugh – Zoe describes herself as a public figure. In May 2022, she revealed on her Instagram account that she had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, a fitness trainer named Frank Feola.

18. Geles Rodriguez – Geles Rodriguez has gone on to appear in other reality TV shows such as Ex On The Beach. She is now an internet personality. She shares food reviews and make-up tips with her more than 100k Instagram followers. Geles got engaged to Michael Putzel in June 2022. They plan to get married in August 2023.

19. Nurys Mateo –  is a model and TV personality as well as a fitness and lifestyle blogger. She has more than 200k followers on her Instagram account and regularly shares her exploits with them. Nurys Mateo has also gone on to appear in other reality TV shows after Are You The One. They are Ex On The Beach and The Challenge. She has scored sponsorship deals with fashion-nova and Manscaped, a male grooming company that produces and distributes male grooming tools and hygiene products under the Manscaped brand. Nurys remains good friends with Kareem Fathalla and sometimes comments on his social media posts.


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