Black Adam vs Shazam: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

Black Adam and Shazam have the same strengths and abilities as they are linked to the same ancient wizard, Shazam. With neither of them stronger than the other, it is difficult to say who would win if they got into a fight, but each has something special that can give them the edge. 

In the DC Universe, Shazam and Black Adam are among the most known and strongest superheroes. While Black Adam is a villain and former slave, also known as Teth-Adam, Shazam, the hero, is known as Billy Batson. They have a lot of things in common, including their sources of power and even their costumes, save for the color and other minute differences. This has got fans of DC to wonder who is the stronger of the two and if they get to slug it out in a fight, who is likely to have the day. 

Is Black Adam Stronger Than Shazam?

No, Black Adam is not stronger than Shazam. The two men have the same strength because they access the same power even though from different sources. Needless to say, Shazam fought and beat Black Adam a number of times, but that is not an indication that he is the stronger of the two or that the latter couldn’t have taken the day.

The way that Sahazam gets to become stronger than Black Adam is if he is able to get him to say the words that will take his powers away. He taps into his childhood creativity to get Teth-Adam to say the words and then he will have the edge. If his creativity does not come into play, he will have to depend on a backup to help him stand stronger than Black Adam.

While their powers are similar, one of the things that can easily make people think Black Adam might be more powerful is because he is the more brutal of the two. He often gets to the extreme once he finds a reason to do so, but it is different with Shazam who is always cautious and less brutal.

You cannot talk about the strength of the DC villain without mentioning the fact that explosives have zero effect on him and he is also completely bulletproof. Nothing can pierce into his tough body. But so also is it with Shazam, which places them on the same level here also.

How Strong is Black Adam?

Black Adam is extremely strong as he gets his strength from six different Egyptian gods. With his excessive power, Black Adam once made the mistake of releasing the seven deadly sins that caused the death of many. It was after this that he was locked away by Shazam for five thousand years.

Black Adam and Shazam
Black Adam (Image Source)

His powers can help him rip things apart even those as mighty as airplanes and send people flying miles away. Also, Black Adam can use his strength to cause shockwaves. He can lift things that are impossible for mere humans by all laws of physics such as apartment buildings and giant statues.

The only thing that can make him weak is anything containing Eternium. There was a point when this was able to cut into his skin, but he simply healed himself with a touch. The problem is more than that, though. Once he comes in contact with anything containing the mineral or if it is close to him, it makes him weak so much that he cannot summon his powers.

Also, as stated, if he says the words that take his power away, it is the only point that he gets to be weak until he is able to summon his powers again.

How Strong is Shazam?

Captain Marvel, who is also referred to as Shazam, is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, even though he is often underrated. His power puts him in the class of superheroes such as Superman, the most powerful superhero in DC, and Wonder Woman.

Shazam has the strength that makes it possible for him to catch an aircraft carrier that was thrown at him by Superman. In the comics, it is not a surprise that Superman once submitted to Shazam after he had the chance to be Shazam for a brief period, as he considered them to be of equal power.

Shazam has been hit with a lot of things including a bomb, but because of his powers which are limitless, he walks away without as much as an injury. Even when he gets injured, it is instantly healed and he does not ever get exhausted. No matter the magical powers that are sent against him, the powers that Shazam has been able to keep him immune.

One more thing that makes him powerful is the speed that he has which he got from Mercury. In the DC comics, this is something that came in handy for him when he needed to stop Flash the fastest man alive.

Needless to say, what makes Shazam exceedingly powerful is not only his physical powers but also his inner strength which is easy to recognize even by other superheroes including Superman. Billy’s inner strength is clear in his decisions and the choices he makes in very difficult situations.

He also has what makes him weak just as Black Adam. Shazam is vulnerable to electricity so when he gets hit with a high velocity of electricity, he loses his powers and turns back to Billy and not Shazam.

Difference Between Black Adam and Shazam

The main difference between Black Adam and Shazam is in the gods that they draw their powers from. The two have a lot of things in common but their differences are also quite striking because while Black Adam ties himself to the Egyptian Gods to get his power, Shazam is tied to the Greek Gods.

The gods that Shazam draws his power are Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, while the Egyptian gods, Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen, are the sources of Black Adam’s powers.

Another significant difference is that Black Adam whose family is no longer alive is corruptible while Shazam whose family is still alive is not corruptible. He always tries to help people as against Black Adam whose desire for power led him to kill his nephew. More to this is the fact that while Shazam will do all in his power to never kill, Black Adam does not have issues killing whoever gets in his way.

One more thing is that while Billy who grew up as an orphan has always been poor and not well known, Mighty Adam is the opposite. He was the leader of Kahndaq in ancient times and in the present times, he seized back his kingdom from Asim Muhunnad who led the people and victimized them, for a long time.

Are Shazam and Black Adam The Same and Are They Related?

No, Shazam and Black Adam are not the same but they are related. As indicated, they are two different characters who have many differences. They are referred to as two sides of the same coin.

One of the first points of being related to each other is that both Shazam and Black Adam are linked to the same council of wizards. It is because of this that they use the same word, SHAZAM, to access the power of the Gods. Whenever they scream the word, they both are struck by lightning and that is how they access the godly abilities. What this means is that they have similar abilities, strength, wisdom, and courage.

It is important to note that even though they are linked to the same council of wizards, the gods from which they draw power are different, as indicated.

Why Does Black Adam Say Shazam?

Black Adam always says Shazam because it is the name through which he gets to access godly abilities. When he calls out the name, he is not referring to his rival Billy, but rather, it is an acronym for the gods that give him his powers.

While S stands for the Shu, H links him to Heru or Horus, and A ties him to the Amon. The letter Z is for Zehuti while A is for Aton, and finally, M stands for Mehen.

All the letters of the word he yells stand for an Egyptian god from which he draws a certain power. Shu is the one who gives him his invulnerability and stamina while the god Horus gives him speed and ability to fly. He also gets balance from this god. Next is Amon who is also referred to as Amun-Ra, the ancient Egyptian god of the sun and air. Adam’s strength comes from this god and that is why he is among the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe.

The god of Zehuti who is in charge of wisdom, intelligence, and magic, is behind the the wisdom of Black Adam as well as his enhanced senses. He is gifted with senses of hearing, sight, and smell that supersede what can be gotten from any man. This is what makes it quite easy for him to find those who wrong him.

Aton is the next god from which Adam draws some strength. The sun god gives Black Adam his lighting abilities thanks to which he can cause thunder strikes and lightning bolts. Mehen, the Egyptian Snake God, also empowers Adam with the ability to carry out magical spells.

Shazam Also Says The Word Shazam For A Similar Reason

Even though it is his name, Billy also says Shazam in order to activate certain powers and tap from god-like abilities. Just as it is with Black Adam, each alphabet of the word is an acronym to the name of a god from whom he draws power.

As indicated, his name is a representation of the Greek gods and mythological beings; Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Billy Batson gets his Wisdom from Solomon and it is from ercules that he draws his strength when he says the word. Atlas grants his stamina, Zeus makes him powerful while his courage is drawn from Achilles, and Mercury is the one who gives him speed.

Between Shazam vs Black Adam Who Would Win?

While, as stated, the two DC superheroes get their powers from the ancient wizard Shazam, which means they are equally powerful, a fight between the two will not end in a draw. The likelihood is that Black Adam will take the day for many reasons.

For one, Black Adam happens to be a better combatant when compared to Shazam. He has more durability and is wiser. There is nothing to suggest that he has more abilities, but he makes use of his power in a different way from Shazam.

Yet another thing that is worth understanding is the fact that Black Adam has been around for thousands of years and in those years, he has been in possession of his powers. On the flip side, Shazam has not been around for that long and has not been in possession of his powers for that long either.

This means that while they two might have the same or similar powers, Black Adam may have the edge here because he has had the chance to explore his powers and have mastery of them to a greater extent than Shazam who is still yet to understand the extent of his powers.

In a duel between the two men, Black Adam may likely have the slight edge because he has no borders to the things he can do, as already pointed out. He is dangerous and can kill anyone at the slightest provocation. This means he can go to any extent in a fight against anyone including Shazam, but Billy has a greater sense of control, which means no matter how it gets, he will still measure his actions before taking them.

Nonetheless, Shazam has proven himself in the past that he can fight Black Adam and win.


Is Black Adam Shazam?

No, Black Adam is not Shazam even though they have many similarities,, including their powers and how they operate.

Is Shazam in Black Adam?

No, Shazam is not Black Adam. The two have a lot in common but while Shazam who is also known as Billy Batson is the hero, Black Adam is the villain and an antihero.

Is Black Adam Shazam’s Enemy?

Yes, Black Adam is the enemy of Shazam. This statement is only because the two superheroes are after different things and have separate purposes, as hero and villain.

Will Shazam And Black Adam Meet?

It is not clear if the two DC superheroes will ever get to meet, but from all indications, it will be difficult before we may get to see them collide.


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