Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date: When Does the Anime Come Out?

Chainsaw Man Season 2 release date is expected in 2024; However, this is only fan speculation as the anime series has not been renewed for a second season yet. It is, however, believed that season 2 of Chainsaw Man will soon be in the works, given how successful the first season was when it debuted in October 2022.

Thanks to a winning combination of gory violence and raunchy humor, Chainsaw Man Season 1 was a big hit with the viewing public. The series now has an impressive fandom who eagerly await the second season.

When Does Chainsaw Man Anime Season 2 Come Out?

It is believed that the second season of Chainsaw Man anime will come out in 2024. It must, however, be stressed that these are all permutations, as a second season has not been confirmed. There may well be no second season of Chainsaw Man, but this is very highly unlikely.

The series’ viewing numbers were off the charts, dominating discussions on various internet forums. Its theme song, Kick Back, by Kenshi Yonezu, reached number 13 on Billboard Global 200 and achieved gold certification in Japan. It even spurned a parody porn video. Given all these successes, the studios behind Chainsaw Man will definitely want to produce more seasons of the show as it has been a money spinner for them.

Then again, there is the fact that Season 1 has barely grazed the story. Chainsaw Man manga, which is still running, has more than a hundred chapters, and Season 1 only covered 38 chapters. So, there are still many stories left to tell, and it is very likely that there will be a Season 2 of Chainsaw Man, and it will hit the screens in 2024 at the latest.

When Did Chainsaw Season 1 Come Out?

Chainsaw Man Season 1 came out on the 12th of October, 2022. It had a total of 12 episodes and continued airing until the 28th of December, 2022. Season 1 tells the origin story of the protagonist, Denji, an impoverished young man who experiences a change in fortune after dying and fusing with a devil dog known as Pochita to become the Chainsaw Man and hunt devils in society.

Unlike other heroes, Denji is not concerned with saving the world. He only wants to make money to escape poverty and indulge in his desires for women. While this may annoy some people, it is these exact qualities that have the critics praising the show for the protagonist’s simpler motivations.

How Many Episodes of Chainsaw Man are There?

There are currently 12 episodes of Chainsaw Man, and this makes up the first season of the show. These 12 episodes cover the first 38 chapters of the manga, and the story arcs therein include Introduction Arc, Bat Devil Arc, Eternity Devil Arc, and Katana Man Arc. There are still more interesting arcs, such as The Bomb Girl Arc, International Assassins Arc, and The Gun Devil Arc, which will likely be covered in Season 2.

How Many Volumes of Chainsaw Man are There?

There are currently 14 volumes of  Chainsaw Man. Each of these volumes contains several chapters of the story. As earlier pointed out, the Chainsaw Man story has not been concluded. The comic is still running, and by the time it comes to an end, it would have accumulated more than these 14 chapters.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man

You can watch Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll, a streaming platform that is dedicated to bringing premium anime content to viewers, and they are available in almost every part of the world. All you need to do is sign up for their platform by paying their subscription fees. What’s more, they also have a version of the anime dubbed in English.

Chainsaw Man has also been released on home media such as Blu-ray. One can also purchase a copy for their viewing pleasure at home.


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