What Happened To Dr David Jeremiah and How Old Is He Now?

Dr. David Jeremiah, a well-known American evangelical Christian speaker and author with a significant following, raised concerns about his health after experiencing a fall during a conference cruise in the Caribbean in January 2023. Despite initially thinking he had fully recovered from the fall, the 83-year-old underwent a procedure to address lingering issues stemming from the injury.

Due to health concerns, Dr. Jeremiah’s medical team recommended that he take a break and clear his schedule of any travel commitments in the months after the incident. Dr. Ralph Sexton, an experienced figure in end-time prophecy, was one of those who were called in to replace him in some of his scheduled events, like the “Singing In The Sun” event in Myrtle Beach. Jeremiah’s challenges and journey through difficulties are detailed in his book “When Your World Falls Apart.”

Dr. David Jeremiah has deeply impacted millions with his powerful messages of faith, hope, and spiritual guidance. Over more than five decades, he has remained a respected figure in the Christian community, imparting wisdom and inspiration through his sermons, writings, and television programs.

What kind of cancer did David Jeremiah have?

David Jeremiah received a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer affecting the lymphatic system, at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, back in 1994. Subsequently, he underwent treatment at a local hospital in La Jolla, California, under the care of oncologist Dr. Alan Saven, who became his primary medical provider. Dr. Saven, alongside Dr. Charles Mason, the physician overseeing his stem cell transplant, played crucial roles in Dr. Jeremiah’s recovery journey.

Upon reflecting on his cancer battle, Dr. Jeremiah expressed appreciation for his medical team and recognized their expertise in aiding him through the life-threatening condition. In 1999, he underwent successful stem cell therapy, leading to his complete recovery. He shared his experience later in the book “When Your World Falls Apart,” recounting his journey through this period of adversity to provide support to those facing challenges.

In the book, Dr. Jeremiah discussed his cancer battle and the comfort he discovered during a 2020 podcast interview hosted by Dr. James Dobson. This discussion allowed him to connect with a broader audience and provided insights into his journey of illness and recovery.

Years after his battle with cancer, David Jeremiah unfortunately was involved in a fall during a Caribbean conference. He was initially thought to have fully recovered, but later, it became apparent that additional surgery was imperative to address the lingering effects of the injury. 

Following medical advice, he opted to take the entire month of April off, canceling any vacation plans and ensuring a comprehensive and thorough recuperation before resuming his demanding schedule.

Who is David Jeremiah?

David Jeremiah is a prominent figure in American evangelical Christianity. He is acknowledged as a successful Christian author, the visionary behind Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, and the esteemed senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. Located in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, Shadow Mountain Community Church is distinguished as a Southern Baptist megachurch.

As a respected speaker, he hosts Turning Point live events in cities across the country, showcasing his unwavering passion to reach the lost and aid Christians in spiritual growth. With over fifty years of dedicated study and teaching of the Word of God, he believes in dreaming bigger than our memories. He trusts God to accomplish significant things through Turning Point’s global ministry.

Beyond his dynamic preaching and teaching, He is an exceptionally prolific author, earning numerous awards for his books, including bestseller recognition in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today. He has also been honored with the ECPA Medallion of Excellence Award and two Gold Medallion Awards.

How Old is David Jeremiah?

David Jeremiah, born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio, is 83 years old in 2024. He is one of four children born to James and Ruby Jeremiah. His family moved to Dayton, Ohio, during his childhood, where his father, James T. 

Jeremiah, served as Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church. In 1953, they moved to Cedarville, Ohio, as his father became the President of Cedarville College, now Cedarville University.

He grew up in a pastor’s home, where he felt called to enter full-time ministry during his senior year at Cedarville College. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1963 and married his college sweetheart, Donna Thompson, the same year. Moving to Dallas, Texas, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary and received his Master’s in Theology in 1967. Additional graduate work at Grace Seminary led to the Doctor of Divinity degree award from Cedarville College in 1981.

In 1969, David and his wife, Donna, started a church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, growing to 1,300 members over twelve years. The church planted Blackhawk Christian School and launched The Bible Hour television program. In 1981, the Jeremiah family moved to California, where David became the senior pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church, now Shadow Mountain Community Church, one of San Diego’s largest churches.

David initiated Turning Point for God in 1982, which has turned him into an international leader in radio and television broadcast ministry. Despite facing lymphoma diagnoses in 1994 and 1998, he demonstrated resilience through treatments, including a stem cell transplant in 1999. His experiences during this challenging period are detailed in his book, “When Your World Falls Apart.”

At 82, David Jeremiah is a parent to four children and grandparents to twelve grandchildren. His oldest son, David Michael, is the president at Turning Point, and another son, Daniel, transitioned from an NFL scout to an analyst with the NFL Network.


What Denomination is Dr. David Jeremiah?

Dr. David Jeremiah identifies with the Southern Baptist Christian denomination in the United States. He was born to a father who was a pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, and he has gone on to do extensive work in the denomination.

What Nationality is Dr. David Jeremiah? 

Dr. David Jeremiah is an American. He was born and raised in the U.S. state of Ohio to American parents.

Where to Watch David Jeremiah?

Dr. David Jeremiah’s teachings, sermons, and programs are available on Turning Point Television, Turning Point Radio, YouTube T.V., and popular T.V. networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

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