Dexter: New Blood Season 2: Will There Be A New Release?

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 remains a possibility, but there is no indication that production has started. There is also no release date for the series, which continues the gripping tale of a young man who has instinctive homicidal tendencies and, in a bid to overcome them, decides to become a vigilante hunting down serial killers, all the while holding down a job as a forensics detective.

Dexter: New Blood is a revival of Dexter, a TV series that aired on ShowTime from 2006 to 2013. It has been as interesting as the original, and fans are curious as to when they will get new installments, all of which is unpacked below.

Will There Be A Season 2 of Dexter New Blood?

Although there is no official confirmation yet, it is believed that there will be Season 2 of Dexter: New Blood, though it may come under a new moniker. When Season 1 of Dexter: New Blood finished airing in January 2022, the immediate announcement was that there was not going to be a season 2 of the series. However, given how successful it was with high ratings, the producers decided to have a rethink.

They announced in February 2023 that there would be a new Dexter series that would now focus on Harrison, the son of the titular character. The plotline is that Harrison also has the same homicidal tendencies as his father and will flee to New York, where he will try to keep it under control.

When Is Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Release?

There is no release date yet for Dexter: New Blood Season 2. 2023 is already far gone, and one now has to look toward 2024 or beyond if the show were ever to be made. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of the series and would love to see more Dexter action in the interim, then you can hunt for the original TV series, which aired on ShowTime from 2006 to 2013.

It received glowing reviews from critics and was nominated for many awards at the Golden Globes, The Primetime Emmy Awards, etc. It also averaged millions of viewers each week, a testament to how good it was.

Is Dexter New Blood Over?

Dexter: New Blood is over for now, but there is a huge possibility that the series will come back in the near future. As pointed out above, it may come under a new title and not necessarily New Blood, but it will continue from where New Blood left off. Following Dexter’s death in the Season 1 finale, any new series will now focus on his son, who has the same homicidal tendencies as him.

How Many Episodes Of Dexter: New Blood Would Season 2 Have?

If it were to be produced, Dexter: New Blood would likely have about ten episodes, which is the number of episodes that Season 1 had. The producers of the show may also opt for a higher or a lower number of episodes. One cannot really tell. One thing that is for sure is that the showrunner, Clyde Philips, is very much psyched about a new season. He has revealed that no matter how packed his schedule is, once he gets a call from ShowTime, he would readily come back for a new installment of Dexter: New Blood.

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Where To Watch Dexter New Blood

Dexter: New Blood has ended its original run on TV, and the best bet for watching it now is through various streaming platforms and other online avenues. Fans can be able to watch Dexter: New Blood on Paramount Plus. The streaming service merged with ShowTime in 2023, meaning that they both have the right to air all ShowTime originals.

Fans can also stream Dexter: New Blood on any platform that has a prior agreement with Paramount+. This includes Paramount+ Apple TV Channel, Paramount+ Amazon Channel, and Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel etc. Fans can also catch the series on Showtime Amazon Channel, Showtime, and Spectrum On Demand. Etc. If you want to out rightly purchase a copy of Dexter: New Blood, then head on over to Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu, or Microsoft Store.

Dexter: New Blood Cast

  • Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay)
  • Jack Alcott (Harrison Morgan)
  • Julia Jones (Police Chief Angela Bishop)
  • Johnny Sequoyah (Audrey Bishop)
  • Alano Miller (Sergeant Logan)
  • Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan)
  • Clancy Brown (Kurt Caldwell)
  • John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell / Trinity Killer)
  • Michael Cyril Creighton (Fred Jr.)
  • Gregory Cruz (Abraham Brown)
  • Shuler Hensley (Elric)
  • Oscar Wahlberg (Zach)


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