Does Eugene Die in the Walking Dead?

Eugene does not die in The Walking Dead despite his early reputation as a cowardly fellow who is scared of dying and would do anything to avoid that fate.

He survives various life-threatening situations to become one of the major characters still alive as the show wrapped up with the 11th season, which aired in November 2022.

Who Plays Eugene On The Walking Dead?

46-year-old American actor and comedian Josh McDermitt plays the role of Eugene on The Walking Dead. He has scored minor roles in several movies and TV series over the years, including Mad Men, Life In Color, Middle Man, Twin Peaks, The Kids Are Alright, and Creepshow. His most notable work, however, remains his portrayal of Eugene Porter in The Walking Dead.

McDermitt was first tapped to play the character on a guest basis in Season 4. He did a good job, and his character was upgraded to a regular one for the remainder of the show. In all, he appeared in a total of 85 episodes of The Walking Dead.

Josh McDermitt was praised for expertly going from a lying and cowardly individual to a courageous person who is loyal to his pals. On a lighter note, he was also praised for how well he carried his mullet hairstyle.

Does Eugene Die in The Walking Dead Season 11?

Eugene does not die in The Walking Dead season 11, which is the final season of the show. He survives the numerous onslaughts against his life and can live happily ever after with his lady love-turned-wife, Max, and their daughter named Rose.

One of the onslaughts against Eugene’s life in season 11 of The Walking Dead comes when he is tried for the murder of Sebastian. He is actually innocent, as Sebastian was killed by the zombies, but after the trial, he is found guilty and sentenced to die. While awaiting execution in the thriving Commonwealth community, Eugene is broken out of jail by rebels who overthrow the leader of the community. He therefore survives.

How Does Eugene Die In The Walking Dead?

Eugene Porter is billed as a high school teacher who is quite afraid of death. To survive, he lies that he has the cure for the zombie herd threatening the remainder of humanity. He, therefore, gets a high level of security from the likes of Abraham and Rosita as he tries to make it to Washington, D.C., where he believes he will be safe. His lies later unravel, but he remains friends with Abraham as he proves to be loyal when needed.

Given his trajectory, Eugene Porter encounters numerous dangerous situations, but he survives them all and does not die. For instance, in Season 4 Episode 16 of The Walking Dead titled A, Eugene and his co-travelers are captured by a hostile group residing in Terminus. They are, however, rescued in Season 5 Episode 1 titled Sanctuary.

In Season 6 Episode 1 titled First Time Again, Eugene overhears Carter plotting against his pals, Rick and Alexandria. Carter discovers his presence and is about to shoot him when Rick and Michonne intervene and save his life.

Eugene Porter also battles herds of murderous zombies in Season 8 Episode 8 (How It’s Gotta Be) and Season 6 Episode 9 (No Way Out) of The Walking Dead. He displays uncommon courage during these fights and is able to save his life as well as that of his pals.

Eugene, therefore, does not die in The Walking Dead TV series. This is in line with the comic books which form the basis for the series. The Walking Dead comics penned by Robert Kirkman, is the sourcebook, and in it, Eugene’s character does not die. He, however, suffers a lot. On one occasion, he is kidnapped and tortured by Negan, the evil leader of the Saviors group, but he survives as well.


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