Does Gwen Die in Spider-Man and In Which Movie?

Gwen Stacy dies in Spider-Man 2. She falls to her death during a fight between Spiderman and his enemy, Green Goblin, bringing an unfortunate end to her beautiful love story with Spiderman.

Gwen and Spiderman, aka Peter Parker, initially start out as classmates in high school and then friends before beginning a relationship. Theirs is a romance fraught with several issues, especially regarding Peter’s efforts as a vigilante, and they even break up. They later get back together until Gwen’s unfortunate demise.

Does Gwen Die in Spider-Man 2?

Yes, Gwen died in Spider-Man 2, the fifth theatrical film to be released in the Spider-Man franchise. The proper title of the movie is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The others are Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Spider-Man 3 (2007), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man (2014), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021).

A common thread through all these movies, asides from Spider-Man fighting wrongs, is that he usually has a major love interest. That love interest for the Amazing Spider-Man and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Gwen Stacy. She however died in the second installment of the film.

Who Killed Gwen in Spider-Man?

Some people believe that it is the Green Goblin that killed Gwen in Spider-Man. Others, however, argue that it was Spiderman that killed Gwen, his lady love, in the Spider-Man film. Spider-Man and his enemy, the Green Goblin (his former best friend named Harry Osborn) were locked in a battle finale in the movie and the Green Goblin abducts Gwen and takes her to the topmost point of a tower.

He and Spider-Man battle it out and then Gwen falls to her death. Some people argue that it was actually the Green Goblin that pushed Gwen to her death and so was the one that killed her. Some others however say that it was Spiderman that killed his girlfriend while attempting to rescue her.

As Gwen was falling to the ground, he tried to use his web-spinning ability to catch her. The web caught her but she suffered a whiplash effect from the web stopping her suddenly. This caused her neck to snap and she dies. It is however pointed out that if Spiderman hadn’t stopped Gwen’s fall, she wouldn’t have survived the fall. As such, he didn’t really kill her.

Gwen Stacy
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How Did Gwen Die in Spider-Man?

Gwen fell to her death in Spider-Man 2. In the course of the movie, she and Spiderman break up but later makeup. Meanwhile, Spiderman’s very best friend, Harry Osborn, contracts a terminal disease that can be cured with blood of Spiderman. Spiderman, however, refuses to confess his identity to Osborn, and Osborn resorts to other means to cure himself.

One of these means is to inject venom from some genetically modified spiders and his health is restored but it turns him into the Green Goblin. Harry eventually discovers that his best friend is Spiderman and is infuriated by the fact that he wasn’t given the blood he needed. He sees Gwen and Spiderman together and abducts her away to the top of a tower clock.

He and Spider-Man engage in a battle and during this period, Gwen is knocked off the roof and she falls to her death. It is instructive to notice that there is no blood visible on the ground after Gwen falls and it is believed that the actual cause of her death is either whiplash or shock.

Why Did Gwen Stacy Die in the Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Gwen Stacy died in Amazing Spider-Man 2 because she had already died in the comic version. Gwen was killed off in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man comic issue #121 published in 1973. While many comic book characters often come back to life, she was never resurrected. It, therefore, means that Gwen Stacy was fated to die in any movie that she later appeared in.

The person that killed off Gwen Stacy in the comic is Gerry Conway. He believed that she was too perfect to be with a damaged guy like Spiderman. Conway took over writing the Spider-Man comics in 1972 from Stan Lee. When he came aboard, he declared that a perfect blonde like Gwen won’t end up with a damaged guy. He, therefore, concluded that killing Gwen was a totally logical if not inevitable choice.

Gwen’s death devastated Spider-Man and he ended his career. This situation persisted for several months but he later resumes his duties motivated by the speech that she delivered as valedictorian during high school graduation.

Who Played Gwen in Spider-Man?

Emma Stone played Gwen in Spider-Man i.e. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). She is billed as a smart, charismatic, and rebellious daddy’s girl. She is not just Spiderman’s love interest but also plays a central role in the movie. Following her death in Spider-Man two, there were plans to resurrect and bring back Gwen’s character for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

The plan was that Harry would bring Gwen back to life and turn her against Spiderman. Emma Stone was quite onboard with the idea of reprising Gwen but this failed to materialize as the two movies never saw the light of day.

Meanwhile, Spiderman has had different love interests and girlfriends over the years and these characters have been portrayed by different actresses. The first love interest for Spiderman in a theatrical film is Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man (2002). Her character also appears in Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007).

The actress that portrayed Mary Jane Watson on that occasion is Kirsten Dunst, an American actress who has been featured in many movies and TV series. She has received multiple Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award nominations. She also has an Oscar nomination.

In 2015, Sony and MCU reached an agreement to make Spider-Man a part of MCU. Since then, there have been three Spider-Man movies, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). In these three films, Spiderman’s love interest is Michelle Jones-Watson namely MJ.

She becomes his love interest in 2019’s Far from Home. MJ’s name pays home to Mary Jane Watson – the first Spider-Man love interest. Zendaya portrays Michelle Jones Watson. She is an award-winning American actress with a Golden Globe and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Zendaya’s casting caused a minor uproar as she is half black but this did not stop her from giving an excellent performance.


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