Does Laura Marano Have a Husband or Boyfriend? Inside Her Relationships

Laura Marano does not have a husband as she has never been married, and she also does not have a boyfriend to the best of public knowledge.

Marano is a popular American actress and singer. She is well known for the Disney series Austin and Ally, where she plays the titular Ally, a gifted songwriter and vocalist who strikes up a successful partnership with a talented musician named Austin. Austin and Ally was on the air from 2011 to 2016 and made Marano a household name. Many of her fans continue to ponder her love life, but the details are quite sketchy.

Is Laura Marano Married?

Laura Marano is not presently married. The Los Angeles native is only 28 years old and is in no hurry to settle down. She is busy working on building a successful career for herself. Aside from her strides as an actress, Laura is also making major moves as a singer.

From 2016 till date, she has dropped several singles and EPs. Her debut album, I May Be An Actress, but I Can’t Fake How I Feel, is set to come forth in September 2023. Marano certainly has a lot on her plate right now, but marriage and kids may still be in the future.

Who Is Laura Marano’s Boyfriend?

Laura Marano does not presently have a boyfriend, to the best of public knowledge. Her last known relationship ended in 2020, and since then, she has not confirmed any new romance. It is very much possible that Laura Marano has dated people in the time since 2020.

It is also possible that she may have a boyfriend now, but she has chosen to shield that part of her life. Therefore, nothing can be confirmed in that regard. Even Laura’s social media pages do not offer a clue as it does not reveal any special someone in her life.

Marano Previously Dated Thomas Maken

Laura Marano’s last known boyfriend was Thomas Maken, a musician and actor. He has worked on the soundtrack of two movies, namely Pitch Perfect 2 and Like A Boss. He also appeared in the 2003 TV movie, To Mars By A-Bomb: The Secret History of Project Orion. Thomas Maken was Laura Marano’s boyfriend from 2018 to 2020.

They had a good thing going and even worked together on the remix of her track, Run. They, unfortunately, broke up, but the break up was an amicable one as they didn’t allow it to stop their professional collaboration. Marano later described their work together as bittersweet and stated that even though it was now hard to listen to the song they made together, she still cherished it as one of her favorite remixes.

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She is Also Rumored to Have Dated Andrew Gorin and Trevor Berger

Laura Marano is also said to have dated fellow actors and showbiz personalities such as Andrew Gorin and Trevor Berger. However, these relationships have not been confirmed. There is also no reliable information on how long they lasted. It seems like a rumor that should be taken with a pinch of salt, but something must have spurred them in the first place.

Did Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Date?

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano never dated, much to the disappointment of their fans who watched them on Austin and Ally. Ross and Marano were the two lead stars in the Disney show, portraying two talented musicians with different personalities who later collaborated together.

Their characters also began a romance in season two of the show, and they exhibited such pure natural chemistry. Of course, by the show’s finale episode, they were married with two kids. Many wished that Ross and Marano would carry over their romance into real life, but this never happened. The two stars were even questioned about it multiple times, but they stuck to their guns and maintained that they were only pals.

Are Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Dating?

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano are not dating. The two co-stars are only good friends, and their friendship is one that has stood the test of time. They regularly meet up multiple times each year. Marano has also attended some of Lynch’s concerts to support him and his bands. She did so as recently as 2023. The two may yet date, but as of now, nothing of such has happened or ever happened.


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