How to be Friendly and More Likeable as a Person

Being friendly might sound like an easy thing to pull off but given that humans are complicated in their thought pattern, this trait is not easy to portray. This is because if you intend to be seen as friendly and approachable, you ought to take intentional steps towards that path. You don’t necessarily need to fake it but you definitely have to work on yourself for your good side to stand out whenever you are around people.

One’s day-to-day troubles will actually be a whole lot easier if you are surrounded by friendly people who make you feel comfortable and confident around them. More so, one can never go amiss when you have the right kind of support and all that can be triggered by friendly gestures.

What Actually Makes A Person Friendly?

Everyone is easily attracted to a person who is friendly and has an open demeanor however, such persons who stand out in a group most of the time have mastered the skill of putting the interest of others first. Below are some admirable traits friendly people possess and can serve as practical ways that will help you to be friends with almost anyone:

1. Greeting with enthusiasm

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Although greeting people is termed a very common form of courtesy, it is an easy way you can use make people like you whether they are meeting you for the first time or not. So when you meet people show that you are excited to see them by greeting them with enthusiasm. However, have in mind that actions speak louder than voice, so your smile, cheerfulness will definitely make people know whether you like them or not. Give and return greetings with a sincere smile and this will draw people to you.

2. Remembering people’s name

A person’s name is melodious to his hearing, as a name is associated with one’s presence and personality, that’s why when you call people by their name it is natural for them to answer you. Generally,  when you remember people’s names it shows that you value them to be able to save their names in your precious memory and that you are willing to get acquainted with them.

3. Be a good listener

Trust me most people like to talk about themselves especially when they meet
someone who cares to listen, and they connect with such person. However, friendly people usually do the opposite that is, when they meet people, they get them to talk about themselves. You can always start by getting to know them and what their interest is by asking questions like:

  • What is your full name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do for a living?

As they answer your questions, pay attention while they speak make eye contact, and avoid distraction.

4. Showing genuine interest in others

People are always keen to know how much you care about them and this can be shown in various ways. However, you can basically start by learning to share in people’s moments of joy and sorrow. At such times, you don’t have to pretend or fake anything, rather just allow the flow of goodness, kindness, and compassion through you.

5. Being generous

Living is giving, use your resources to benefit others. You can win someone’s heart
through help rendered, as people tend to remember the good done to them. A friendly person knows what it means to give and does not deprive anyone of help if you are capable of helping. So if that’s your aim, contribute to people’s lives and success stories – be generous with kind words, with money, time, and energy.

6. Avoiding unnecessary criticism

Criticism is dangerous it can destroy a person’s pride and self-esteem. Criticism
stirs resentment and people do not associate with critics. So if you want to be
friendly, don’t be hasty in judging people, put yourself in their shoes, this will
make you give your judgment in a considerate manner.

7. Appreciating and admiring people

Research has shown that there is always a desire in people to be accepted, admired, and appreciated for what they’ve done no matter how little it may seem. Well, it won’t harm to rub a person’s ego a little bit for what they’ve done, so, learn to praise people, it will boost their self-esteem and motivate them to be better. More so, this will make them be around you because you value, and appreciate them because you help bring out the best in them.

Is There Anything Such As Being Naturally Likeable?

A lot of things are considered when a person’s gauge of friendliness is being measured. While some persons’ ability to interact with people can be linked to their personality type – that is, some persons especially extroverts naturally have a great outgoing personality that attracts people however, introverts who are reserved tend not to come off as being friendly as they are usually not outgoing.

More so, being a likable person can be influenced to a great extent by how you were raised which affects your perspective of life. People whose childhood days were characterized by a lot of affection and love, tend to exhibit such friendly traits easily however that may not always be the same for people who had a traumatic upbringing. This is because being likable is about you connecting with people around you and conveying emotions. So, in as much as one can be referred to as being ‘naturally friendly’, so many key factors must have contributed to such behavior.

How Can I Be Likable Instantly?

As aforementioned, there is no hard and fast rule about becoming a likable person because all you have to do is to let your good side shine whenever you are around people. More so, by applying several tips about making friends

1. Choose your words wisely

When interacting with people endeavor to use kind, considerate, and encouraging words. This will definitely make you appear approachable and someone people can be comfortable around. In most cases, people find it very offensive when the opposite happens that is using insulting words and making sarcastic comments to bring people down or bruise their self-esteem.

2. Always give a cheerful smile 

Smile is a language that is understood universally. People can sense if they are
welcomed or not by the authenticity and cheerfulness of your smile, so be generous
with it.

3. Don’t be an attention seeker

If all you want is to just get people’s attention you might mess things up by doing
wrong things like making fun of people to make others laugh, saying dry jokes,
excessively talking about yourself, etc. People can easily sense when you are
trying to use them in such cases. However, when you strive to be likable with clear motives you will easily get people’s undivided attention all the time.

4. Always show courtesy 

Being courteous comes with a lot of pleasant things and one of those things is making people like you. Endeavor to always exchange pleasantries with people no matter whether they are just casual acquaintances and if they happen to be close friends and relatives, don’t take your relationships with them for granted – do the needful by greeting them cheerfully whenever you meet them. More so, you don’t need to wait for others to initiate the process, take the first move to greet people, and don’t ignore or snub when you are greeted.

5. Cultivate a good sense of humor

People like to laugh and if you are able to pull off this trick among your family members,  friends, and colleagues, you would definitely be a likable person they would want to hang around. More so, research has proven that a good sense of humor in guys does not only make you a likable person but can improve your chances of starting a romantic relationship with any woman you fancy.

Indicators That You Are A Likable Person

If you exhibit all the friendly traits as aforementioned, you will definitely observe a lot of changes in the way people treat you and how they generally respond to your contributions be it in the office, school, or even at home. Below is a quick list of indicators to look out for to confirm that you are a likable person:

• People are easily attracted to you – A friendly person does not seek an audience, rather the reverse is the case as people tend to warm up to such a person whenever they show up.

• People can easily connect with you – Being friendly to people can easily make them to have smooth conversations with you and confide in you. Many a time what people just want is someone to talk to and share their thoughts with.

• You get pleasant comments from people – A friendly person always has people who admire them and in some cases, they might not even know them on a personal basis. You might just notice that every now and then, someone will say things like ‘You are fun to be with’, ‘I love your smile’,  or ‘I admire you’.

• You have lasting friendships – Beyond just treating people nice, a likable person is a keeper and you will notice that you are such if you have friendships that have stood the test of time, or distance.

• You get invited to a lot of functions – People love to share their moments (good or bad) with those that really care about them. So, if you constantly get calls from people to share in their joy or grief, know that you are considered friendly and likable.

Why Is It Important To Be Friendly?

The reasons one should be friendly cannot be exhausted because life is all about extending thoughtful gestures to people – strangers or besties. It is also a proven fact that you can never go wrong by being friendly and the numerous benefits that come with being such a person include the following:

1. You tend to make friends

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In a world full of hurdles, rejection, and surrounded by harsh circumstances, people love to be around and are naturally attracted to cheerful folks who will ease their stress, with whom they can share their worries, and who can offer them help when necessary. So anyone who is friendly will naturally and effortlessly make friends anywhere they go.

2. You get the chance to influence a positive lifestyle

It is believed that to change people’s behavior, habits, or thinking patterns and thus
improve their lifestyle, one of the things to do is to change their circle of friends.
This is because people can easily get adapted to a belief or concept that is thriving among their circle of friends. You can therefore influence a positive lifestyle on people by
being just being friends with them.

3. By being friendly you might be saving lives

Many people have issues and you might not know the lasting effect of the kind words
said, a nod of approval, a pat on the back, a hug given, a meal shared, or a time
taken to listen to someone’s plight and give encouragement. More so, a lot of people have
been able to avoid commuting suicide because someone cared to either listen to
them, say kind words to them, accept them, or admire them when they felt

4. You will never lack help

Life is about getting back what you give, if you are friendly most people will naturally return your kind gesture. Although this should not be a major motive for being friendly, but it is undeniable that whatever you sow is what you reap. For instance, some people hear of or get opportunities from strangers curtsey of a friendly discussion.

5. You can get love

Many romantic relationships started as a result of a friendly gesture such as a
friendly conversation, help rendered, patience exhibited, or even kind words that were spoken when a harsh one was expected. Moreover, no one wants to be with a grumpy, mean, harsh, and inconsiderate fellow – so being friendly can get you the man or woman of your dreams because you can make a lasting impression of friendliness on someone that can result in a happily ever after story.

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